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  1. Just interested in how much the bank charges to use their machine. I guess I didn't make myself clear. Actually 25- 50 is not definitive enough, nor is there a name of a bank (location). I'll try to be clearer next time.
  2. Which ATM has the cheapest peso withdrawal fee? TIA
  3. Just couldn't resist, could you? LOL
  4. We have a debit card at Citibanamex and when we go out of the country, we use it to pay all bills online. Been doing that for years.
  5. Many of those who come to Mexico forget to bring "common sense" with them. After all, more and more people these days seem to never have acquired it.
  6. I think if bags are stolen from your cart, you forgot the #1 Golden Rule in Mexico: ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings !!!
  7. She is suffering more than you are. She has earned you doing the right thing for her.
  8. The increase in populations puts more and more of these people among us. Locos tambien.
  9. I see you have more problems than just this business.
  10. One would think that an in person visit every so often (especially if they have your valuable things) would be in order, no?
  11. Wife and I went to Chapala Dental Care for cleanings this week. Both Dr. Barragan and wife, Cynthia, were booked until March, so we used Dra. Consuelo and Dra. Christie. While in the office, we learned some interesting information, you may already be aware of. Dra. Consuelo and Dr. Barragan are partners in this Clinic. Dr. Barragan has his wife as one of the dentists, and Dra. Consuelo has her daughter, Dra. Christie, as one of the dentists. I thought that was very interesting, and the reason the Clinic does not bear the Barragan name. So, officially, it is not Dr. Barragan's Office. BTW, both cleanings were 700p each and excellent.
  12. We always drive the free roads and only on a Sunday thru Wednesday. Never seen any sign of trouble. We cross at Laredo. No night driving.
  13. We opened and used the ATM on the same day, but that was a long time ago. Hope it all works as well for you.
  14. Excellent. Thanks to both.
  15. Have looked but can't find current phone numbers for the offices of Dr. Barragan and Dr. Haro. Also, if you know current price for regular cleaning, I would appreciate that. Needed to pass on to friend. Thank you !
  16. Just a FYI, we don't put our payments on "automatic", but I go in on the chromebook and pay them each month( or 2). Just feel better about doing it like that, but maybe we could do "auto" but don't want to. I do get notified by Telmex and CFE when their bills are available to pay. Not water, but I know the date to check for the bill.
  17. We pay no fees, but we keep a balance so we always have money to pay the bills. You would need to ask them. I always do everything on my computer (chromebook). I don't use a smart phone. We pay water,electric, telmex internet. I'm sure you could pay more, but that is all we use.
  18. We have used Citibanamex for over 15 years without one drop of problems. We receive a new card in the mail a month before the old ones expire. Never a problem. You do what you think is best for you. This is what works best for us and I don't believe you will find another way that is "easier". Been here at Lakeside since 1997. Good luck.
  19. Open a small saving account and get a debit card. Easy to pay your bills online with that debit card. Just put some money in it to keep from paying a monthly fee. Been doing that for years, here and when we are NOB. EASY.
  20. So, you think within a year the cost of living Lakeside will be very similar to SMA? Mexican friends there for years have not been able to buy food there and have to go to other pueblos to buy twice a month. The Mexicans have been priced out.
  21. "Unlimited for 200p per month gives you very little use of the Internet. Therein is your problem. Whipstock is "right on ".
  22. Have used Lewis & Lewis Insurance on the Internet for years. GREAT. Excellent coverage and the best rates. Good luck.
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