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  1. If you pay it, you lose.
  2. Actually, some brands are much more B12 than others. Read the labels.
  3. So? Who cares? I watched it, that is all that counts for me.
  4. As an Astros fan, Congratulations to the Rangers. Texas had the best 2 teams in all of baseball this year !
  5. Not sure what you mean by "sacrificing quality" but I have read recently about a flood of fake meds being sold in Mexico as real meds. I would think that that would be found in the smaller "corner" farmacias, not the major chains.
  6. No need to apologize when you are better than others....
  7. Hector Haro, then Eloy Barragan. No others.
  8. I got it for about 4 times from the same location and the 5th time I asked the same lady to show me the bottle it came from. Said it was B6, not B12. She said that was all they had and every time I had asked for B12, but she gave me B6. You better ALWAYS double check, if your life is important to you. Mexicans would rather make a sale that tell you they don't have it.
  9. Which, of course, means the yen is really Strong now.
  10. Since she received the receipt, obviously her bank sent the "ok". So, it seems that the ultimate scenario happened: "The other rare possibility which happened to me once is that the money is actually dispensed but gets jammed in the dispensing mechanism. In this case the ATM should go out of service. The next time the 3rd party comes to fix or balance the machine there's the cash which can easily slip into a pocket. In that case you're out of luck."
  11. Everyone that still lives here loves it, although several are constant complainers about one thing or another. The other 50% that returned to their original country after some time, left because they hated it, or for other reasons. Whatever, they are no longer here. 50% is pretty typical for those who move to Mexico. Don't break all your ties where you will be coming from in case you are the latter 50%.
  12. Neither one. What a waste of your life.
  13. Agree. My Mexican wife from GTO made me aware of that in our first year of marriage.
  14. Lake, you need to speak only for yourself. The comment "because we have significant discretionary income" certainly does not apply to my wife and I, nor several people we know here from NOB. So, if you want to pick up the slack from what we can afford and what you can afford, feel free to do just that. BUT, please, speak for yourself here; don't include those of us who are in the row boat with one paddle, not in the cabin cruiser with you and your friends. Fortunately, we do sleep good at night.
  15. My bet is on the person(s) who restock the money in the machines. The local bank has no connection with them at all. In the past they have put 200p notes in the 500p slots, etc. It is a crap shoot if you are the one getting them.
  16. Same problem, almost same amount, same CI BANCO, except in Leon, Gto. 4 months ago, using Schwab. Schwab said I got the money and was denied. I'm only 80, but so far have not robbed any banks either. Use BanBajio now. Excellent, but only 10,000 p at a time.
  17. It takes so little time and effort to just stand at the truck and see them zero out to start and then read the final amount. Then, never a question. You have no "actual" proof that your tank did not take 222L, yet you accused him of cheating you. I say "shame on you" for not doing your due diligence. Things are not how they seem sometimes, so take care of your responsibility and stop leaving it to others.
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