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  1. Dr. Alberto Don Olivera.... Don is his family name, not his first name, nor is it a nickname. Olivera would be his mother’s name. Some years ago a good number of his patients, including me, had to talk to Dr. Garcia, in order to get our money back from Dr. Don. Others just sucked it up. He had so botched the work he’d done. And had not kept complete records (ok, not uncommon at the time, a lot of doctors didn’t). Many dentists were aware they were fixing problems created by Don. I certainly hope he has improved in the ensuing years.
  2. What is this spider? Looked at the North American spider site... can’t really tell what she is. Some sort of orb spider perhaps. But I’d estimate she’s about 3.5” to 4” or so long. Her nest is messy messy messy, very strong threads, and a collection of food? Or something....
  3. Perhaps this could be translated into Spanish? The people in my barrio are very concerned, and Mexicans have lost pets as well. I think what you are doing is so important! Thanks.
  4. can you let me know which fumigator?  Very sorry you lost so much money.

  5. Marie Sonalet Jarvis

    cell 33-2111-0902


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