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  1. On 11/9/2022 at 12:58 PM, Dab said:

    Does anyone know how to go about getting an RFC# that's now required  by CFE and Tel Mex to be registered with them?

    I would like to avoid going into Guad if possible.


    Ana Siller, lawyer, in Chapala will get you one without going to Guadalajara.

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  2. 20 hours ago, Natasha said:

    Update this morning at my house  with Richie's brother Carlos.

    1.  Both hands, wrists, and multiple fractures in one arm all done during Thurs night surgery. As of last night docs very concerned he'll ever regain much, if any, use of right hand.  These boys have amazing focus and determination, so if it can be done, Richie will do it..... tho' could take a lot of time.

    2.  No question at all... driver has admitted being totally at fault. Meeting with Carlos, lawyers for ins. companies, and police yesterday indicated that while much re-imbursement will be forthcoming at some future date, for now family has to keep paying all up front. And of course wife and baby have to eat, rent needs to be paid, etc.

    3.  2 hours in San Antonio Hospital (many know what I think of that place 😡) was $25,000 alone, to get out the door and off to Guad hospital.

    4.  For all the up-front costs family is facing, Carlos stepped up and put his own "super-deluxe too fancy for me to comprehend" racing-mountain bike as a raffle prize . Mexican family/friends/word-of-mouth meant all 70 tickets ($1,00 each) are sold (money not all collected yet) and raffle will be put on a video for all participants to see so nobody will doubt veracity.                                                                                                                                                               ***He uses this bike to take his own dog clients to the hills so puts big limits on him, but that's the kind of guy he is***.

    5.  IF any of Richie's clients have tried to reach him, his cell phone was also destroyed so no chance to hear anything that way.

    6.  Donations via bank, Oxxo, and   one more (?) can be made and as soon as Carlos gets those details to me I'll post. Meanwhile I handed over the          cash I've received so far, and please accept family's most sincere thanks.

    Question, $25,000 pesos or USD.

  3. 23 hours ago, ajijicbound said:

    10 years ago someone at Handy Mail installed ours. We had an old system and replaced with a Steren model. It was a handy man they recommended. 

    Ours was for an outside doorbell and to unlock the gate. I think you are looking for an inside the house intercom?

  4. 5 hours ago, ibarra said:

    The papeleria that Natasha mentioned charges 100 pesos.  I doubt Ann Siller will do it for that small amount.  Also, ajijicbound, where did you hear that a Constancia was only good for 2 months?  I don't believe that as the numbers on that document never change therefore no need for a new copy.  If a new one is needed every two months we would be constantly taking new copies to all of the businesses that require them.   

    I was told this by a lawyer. If you get a password, you can update and print as many as you like without going to a facilitator. Work status changes, if you become a landlord, for instance, you would need to update your constancia, since now you are earning money.

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