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  1. Spencer McMillon can do that. Chapala attorney.
  2. Dra. Mariana Diaz at Quality Care is an opthomolgist. Maybe she can get you in. I was happy with her.
  3. I have seen it at Panchos, in the past. Amazon mexico has it.
  4. Ana Siller, lawyer, in Chapala will get you one without going to Guadalajara.
  5. If you don't mind paying, you can get one at the hospitals here, including Ajijic Hospital. 800 or 750 pesos for the quadrivalent. Better for seniors.
  6. 10-15% of the rental and also 15%-25% for taxes to mexico for income.
  7. They are not harmful. I have read that aphids and the milkweed beetles are good for the plant. https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/flowers/milkweed/milkweed-bug-control.htm
  8. There are a lot of references from 2016 on google.
  9. The current business card I have says 376 766 2300 ext 32 for the respresentative
  10. Ours was for an outside doorbell and to unlock the gate. I think you are looking for an inside the house intercom?
  11. 10 years ago someone at Handy Mail installed ours. We had an old system and replaced with a Steren model. It was a handy man they recommended.
  12. Here is an article on the Lady Bird beetle. https://www2.ipm.ucanr.edu/natural-enemies/mealybug-destroyer/
  13. These really are magical and many people kill them because they think they are mealy bugs.
  14. These are mealybugs killers. You want them in your yard. They can eat scale and mealybugs in a night. The are the larva of the lady bird, not lady bug.
  15. I was told this by a lawyer. If you get a password, you can update and print as many as you like without going to a facilitator. Work status changes, if you become a landlord, for instance, you would need to update your constancia, since now you are earning money.
  16. If you already have an rfc#, make an appointment with Ann Siler in Chapala, and she will do it online for you and give you a password for SAT so you can make your own updates. Reasonably priced, The constancias are only good for about 2 months, so if you need another one printed, you would be able to do it yourself instead of going to a papaleria.
  17. Yes, just get a log in name. You will need your account number.
  18. I just use the web, cfe.mx, no app
  19. The Queen of the Lake, the virgin of Zapopan, will be arriving around 10:30am Sunday the 10th. She probably won't be visiting San Antonio, but we will have big crowds this weekend.
  20. Pvc gutter and downspout work great. And you can paint them to match your home.
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