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  1. Oooops.I could not send you a PM. It says, "your inbox is full. You must delete some before you can send any more. " I guess that's your inbox. I don't think there is much in mine, and I don't know how to empty it. Just tell her the person she cleans for in Vista Alegre. I told her that I gave Jeanne her number. She said, "Esta bien."
  2. I have a really good maid who will have availability for 2 wks a month during Dec, Jan, Feb, and March from 9-1 on Thursdays. She does not speak English. She is fast, and she is good! I She lives on Ocampo not far from Colon and takes the bus to my place, is always on time, very efficient. If you speak Spanish, call her at 331-070-6355. and I have PMd you further ID of me so that she will know who sent you.
  3. This painting has been on a wall for a year that apparently has a moisture problem. There is now a musty smell to the canvas, and you can see mold on the back of the painting. How can I remove this without damaging the painting? It's a painting of peace lilies and foliage, and I don't know if it's acrylic or oil. My best guess is acrylic. I need to remove the smell and the mold!
  4. I've been going to her weekly for 2yrs. She is amazing, very knowledgeable, and very good at what she does. She has remediated shoulder, neck, and sciatic issues for me. I go for 1 hr 15 min (and pay 500 pesos) so that she can also do reflexology. She is the best I've had lakeside by far. She is at Hotel Perico # 15 around the back Thurs thru Sunday each week.
  5. I went to Escalera today. Carlos was wonderful. The light came on because of a fuse. Simple fix. He also told me not to let anyone steam clean the engine because it could damage the sensor. Thank you all for the help, and I'll note gas cap issues. Good info!
  6. I have a 2009 Toyota with 57000 km on it, and the check engine light has come on for the third time. Both previous times I took it to local (here and in Manzanillo) non-Toyota mechanics who put it on their little hand-held diagnostic machines, said everything checked out fine, and that they think it was just the sensor. I want to sell the car so want to make sure that all is okay with it. Do I need to take it to a Toyota dealer in Guad so that they can check it out officially and perhaps set that engine light so that it does not come on again until the next maintenance is due? Is there more than one Toyota dealer? If so, which do you recommend? Anyone have experience with Dalton's service dept? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  7. I have called Joseph Rafael Morales for car detailing. The message is that the phone is temporarily not available or out of service. He probably needs to add minutes. (not good for his business). Does anyone have a home phone for him or know him personally that you could tell him to contact me? If the latter is true, PM me and I will give you my contact info. Thank you. Or if you know of someone else, let me know. I will want someone Tues or Wed.
  8. I don't agree with MexJerry. PM me if you want.
  9. Does anyone know what he charges for stem cells and how many he gives at at time, that is 10 million or 50 million? I cannot seem to get him on the phone. I am dailing 766-1244. Is that the right number? Does anyone have a cell phone for him?
  10. I have friends who bought from him, and all was well. I have a 2009 Toyota Avanza for sale if you are interested.
  11. I am looking for a place on a walkable beach for one senior female (walkable as in sand and not rocky like the malecon area of Puerta Vallarta). Need kitchenette ,wifi and secure/offstreet parking. No frills is fine, budget style, but not a dump for Dec, Jan, Feb. Dates are flexible. I know it's late to start looking so need help! Prefer Manzanillo Las Brisas area (which is the south end of the bay close to the shipping lane) but will consider other areas. If you have stayed some place that you enjoyed, let me know. Thank you in advance to this group who is always so helpful.
  12. There is a denomination called the Christian Church, just as there is a denomination called the Baptist church, Lutheran church, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc. I thought that's what the poster meant. Yes, all of the above are Christian, as in followers of Christ, but there is also a denomination by that name.
  13. I may not be able to fit all my belongings in my car. If you or someone you know is going to or through the St Louis area anytime between now and ? and could take an Electrolux sweeper, a box of glassware, and a kitchen-type wooden chair (or at least the sweeper) let me know. Thank you. I may be able to fit everything in, but I'm looking for a backup just in case...
  14. I'm not on facebook and don't want to be, and I am greatly in need of someone to post for sale items for me on Beg, Barter, Buy, Sell Chapala. I think things sell best if you include photos, and I would be happy to pay you to come to my home in Vista Alegre, take photos and post for me. Is it possible to tell interested parties to contact me instead of you and give them my email address and phone number? I wouldn't want you to have to be bothered by this after the initial listing except to remove items as they are sold. Thank you sooo much.
  15. I have a bunch of stuff for sale (cheap) as I must downsize drastically! Come over and take a look or tell me what you want. Most of mine are Swanson brand. I know I have red clover, dandelion, goldenseal, butcher's broom, black cohosh, astragalus and on and on. I am in Vista Alegre. I have lots of household things for sale, too!
  16. What became of the guy in the red truck who used to clean cars with his wife in the vacant lot just to the west of Hole in One? He also made house calls. Is this the guy who got the inside of your car wet, Computer Guy? Is he still working here? do you have his number?
  17. Worst airport ever. No signage. A bottle of plain (not designer water) is $6. They wanted 1000 pesos to take me "20 minutes" to my departure gate where I was leaving for Orlando, which was only about 2 minutes away actually. The free shuttles to the next building leave very infrequently, so I had to take a cab to make my flight. Rip off airport! I'll never fly through Cancun again!
  18. I am driving tomorrow to Manzanillo headed for Las Brisas beach. Are there toll roads? What's the best route? Anything to beware of? Any and all pointers, directions, tips will be greatly appreciated.
  19. Go see Esteban at Electroventa in Riberas across from Car City. He will tell you about MMS and that it takes care of dengue and that the sooner you treat it the better, in order to prevent damage to various organs. It costs only 300 pesos and lasts a long long time.
  20. A friend rents and no bills are in her name. She was told to take the lease and recent bills to a notario and get a copy of the lease notarized for proof of address. I'm thinking, tho, that there is an office in the municipal bldg in Chapala on the second floor where you can take those documents and get that job done. Is that so? If so, what is the name of the office, and can this be done Mon-Fri, 9-3PM?
  21. I highly recommend Beatriz. She does a great job; your pets will love her; she loves all animals except gators, and she has excellent references; is honest, reliable, etc. She is fluent in Eng, Span, Fr, dogspeak, catspeak, and will also take really good care of your plants. Contact for Beatriz Socorro Castillo Castellanos is beatrizsocorro2@gmail.com It's definitely best to email, but in case that does not work,PM me for her phone number.
  22. Ruben at Computerland is really good and very reasonable. He is right next to Tepua Treasures Bazar on the lake side in Riberas, Hidalgo 100A. Mon-Fri 10-4. 765-7595 repairyourcomputer@hotmail.com
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