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  1. I used to get weekly notifications from an individual who listed where and when you could find live music that week. I need to know how to contact that person, or at least where to go for live music on Friday, March 8 thru Monday, March 11. Interested in dinner and dancing. Thank you.
  2. Dra Elizabeth: 766-6113. Store is called El Jardin de Elizabeth. She's good.
  3. Jeri, thank you for your help, but i called that number yesterday (found it in my addy book), but it was just an individual not associated with Upscale Resale. I think it might have been someone who used to run it. Upscale needs to update their fb page.
  4. Thank you, MtnMama, but I'm not on facebook. I went there but couldn't see any contact info because I couldn't get into their page. I hate to think about driving from the west end just to ask a question, but I may have to.
  5. Does anyone have a phone number for them? Do they still have a website? I thought it was UpscaleResaleBazar.org, but that's not it, and it's not dot com dot mx either.
  6. He is very good, IMO, but his chiro treatment is "aggressive." If you have small, delicate bones, then he is probably not for you.
  7. No problem at all in Manzanillo 2 days ago at the gas stations, and since then plenty of traffic on my street, so I don't think there is a problem at all here.
  8. I highly recommend Beatriz. She does a great job; your cat will love her; she loves all animals except gators, and she has excellent references. She is fluent in Eng, Span, Fr, dogspeak, catspeak, and will also take really good care of your plants. Contact for Beatriz Socorro Castillo Castellanos is beatrizsocorro2@gmail.com
  9. Does anyone know when Spencer will be open? I emailed his office on Dec 23 and called today and got answering machine. I need a liquidacion done for an employee.and want to make sure it's legal. If he is going to be closed for several days, do you know of someone else who would do this for a reasonable charge?
  10. The concentrator uses LOTS of electricity I am told. I was checking into this for a relative who wanted to come for a visit. You will probably be in the DAC rate for your electricity bill if you need a concentrator!
  11. I was in Super Lake late this afternoon. As I walked in, I noticed an older Anglo with a full cart slowly handing each item to the young clerk one by one to be rung up. She seemed to be examining and considering each purchase as she was slowly handing it to the cashier. My passing thought was that this checkout was going to require great patience and a long time! Sure enough, after shopping for several produce items that I had spent time carefully selecting and searching for another item, I got behind this lady who was still there and just finishing up, slowly fishing coins from a coin purse, having already handed paper money to the young cashier, whose name is Rubi Berenice Flores. The lady didn't have enough money to cover her purchases and then offered a bag of something so that the cashier could reduce the total. Before I could ask the lady or Rubi how much the shortfall was, Rubi said to her in Spanish, "That's okay, I'll pay for it." I was amazed! Rubi took 17 pesos out of her shirt pocket to cover the shortfall, and at the same time, the owner came up, put all the purchases in the cart and offered to help the lady out with her now very full, piled up cart. As he did this, I explained to him what Rubi had done and told him how impressed I was with her kindness. He retrieved his clipboard and asked her how much the shortfall was so that he could reimburse her, or else I would've. The older lady went on out. In the past, I have given Susanna, who used to work there, a nice bit of cash as a Christmas gift because she was always so smiling and happy, efficient, eager to please, and absolutely honest. This year, I will write a note to Rubi and tell her how much her kindness to this older Anglo meant to that lady and to me, etc and enclose a cash Merry Christmas gift with it. I never expected such empathy and generosity from a young cashier, especially one who had already had to patiently go through a long, drawn-out checkout process, which had probably taken 15 minutes!
  12. I have a free mother -in-law tongue (lengua de serpiente) in a faded plastic pot and a few for sale that I described in a PM to you.
  13. To Lakeside 7, it seems clear to me that Vista Lake is saying that the owners of these mountains are the indigenous people who don't like to work with any government agency, and if they have a nice offer for their land, they sell it, just as we do with our property. Their concern is not what the new owners might do with the property or how development might ruin the view or the environment.
  14. I just got a call from Dr Garcia at 333-157-4741. Thank you all for your help.
  15. Al Berca, do you have a phone number for Dr Garcia?
  16. I called Integrity Clinic for a doppler ultrasound. The receptionist said that the do not do ultrasound and referred me to the PSH Clinic on the Libramiento. (I'm assuming that's the Interlago Plaza). I'd like to hear from anyone who has gone there for ultrasound or anyone who might have any info on this place as to its competency, etc. I'm not even sure I have the initials correct. The number the Integrity receptionist gave me is 766-4635 for the PSH Clinic/Lab.
  17. I know where there is a brand new propane heater for sale and think the tank is full of gas, 3600 pesos.
  18. I just yesterday drove past Citi Express in Manzanillo, and it's right on Playa Azul on the Manzanillo Bay about in the middle or maybe a bit closer to the north end because you can clearly see Las Hadas. It looked like a nice hotel, fairly new, not an ancient beach relic as some of them are. You will be close to Walmart, Soriana and Sam's Club and probably plenty of places to eat. Availability might be an issue as it was for me. I finally resorted to taking a house 10 min or so from a beach. Las Hadas is more expensive as is Dolphin Cove and El Tesoro, but availability with them is also probably an issue. I've been told that you can walk Melaque and probably Barra de Navidad and find lots of rentals but maybe not right on the beach.
  19. Is there a place Lakeside that sells gas space heaters on casters so that you can easily roll it from room to room? If so, where, and if you know the price or phone number for the store that would be useful as well. Muchas gracias
  20. I can find "La Manzanilla Message Board" but can't come up with anything for Manzanillo. Does anyone know of a webboard for Manzanillo?
  21. Thank you all for your help. She has a nice, new place a few driving minutes from the beach in Manzanillo at budget and will check out the Santiago areas and Cuyutlan to see if something on the beach opens up. And she's taking some warm clothing thanks to Camille!
  22. A friend (non-smoking, non-drinking, no pets, no parties) needs a Pacific beach rental for Dec, Jan, Feb and maybe March (for health reasons). Paying rent Lakeside and at the beach means a limited budget of about $600 USD/12,000 pesos per month. Need a frig, cooktop, bed, bathroom, off street parking, and on the beach would be great. Reply to this posting or PM me for her phone number.
  23. Looking to rent at the beach (any beach on the Pacific) from Dec 1 thru Feb or March but need something in the $600US/12,000 peso range. Need kitchenette (at least a frig and a burner or two), bed, bathroom, offstreet parking, and on the beach would be great.
  24. I can't even find it, let alone empty it. Help!
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