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  1. Safe from physical harm from bad players, not from seaworthiness of the ferry itself.   My son wanted to cross into Mexico from AZ in his van a few  years back, and the border agent told him to stay out of that area, that it was way too dangerous to take the ferry. He would not even allow him into Mexico, told him to enter through CA. This time he's on a motorcycle.

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  2. This is a  2017 Hoda Fit Hit.  Can the odometer be reset to show miles instead of kilometers?  Miles are shown at about every 10 mile interval on the spedometer, but I want to  have accuracy down to the tenth of a  mile.  

    Thank you for your replies and thank you all for all the replies regarding Mexican plates in the  US.  I really liked the suggestion of a US dealer plate holder or even an NFL or NLB team!  Go Cards! Go Chiefs! Go Blues!

  3. To renew a driver's license, I think you need your CURP.  My CURP is printed on my driver's license, but will I also need the piece of paper, which I originally  copied off the internet (which they say is the original but looks like all the copies)? 

    If I need that piece of paper, can I go online and get a copy? If so, what's the web address?  Thanks to anyone who helps me with this.

    Oh, and is Ocotlan still doing license renewals?

  4. The scent was very potent to the point that it made me nauseated.  If the bag is sealed as it should be, then no musty or other odors or insects should be able to get in.  I would hope that unscented would at least be available.  The ubiquitous manzana (?) scented toilet tissue and facial tissue also are repugnant to me, so maybe it's just me.  I'm learning to be much more careful before inadvertently making purchases of scented stuff.

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