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  1. Earl

    I am looking for a medical professional who could prepare pureed food that would drip from a bag directly into a stomach port.  Food must be nutritionally balanced and each 750 ml feeding needs at least 800 calories. 

    Call Cheryl at 766-1865 or email itaut29@yahoo.com

  2. Why are you installing a cattle fence charger and disconnecting the one you have? I am in the process of getting estimates for security wiring and need to know if there are better or cheaper options.  It's going to cost 12,000 pesos for the security wires at my house. I'm moving there on the 23rd so need to do something quickly.  Thanks for your help

  3. Person needing help with Kindle Fire is Cheryl at 766-4151.  She has also forgotten the PIN so can't even unlock it.

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