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  1. Skype you can pick an area. For me I picked central Florida that is where most of my family lives.
  2. I know Skype has SMS but have never used it. I have a US phone number about 8 bucks a month.
  3. I use my Dolarapp debit card on ApplePay. You have that choice.
  4. I will say again. I use Dolarapp. Right now...17.32 buy 17.30 sell. Easy to change pesos into dollars. You get a Master card and just take dollars out of ATM in the US. So no worries crossing and having to declare.
  5. I have Bee and another app recent movies and the newest series. I have not watched network in over 25 years. So movies and just series is enough for me. When I travel I put the FS in a sandwich zip lock bag works anywhere there is internet.
  6. Call Rich Ritchy and get one of his Firesticks you have a life time of stuff to watch. I was scrolling through some old series and came across Residient Allen. Stupid, silly but makes me laugh.
  7. Lakeside and Guadalajara both have poor air quality. Just different kinds. Guadalajara is from cars and trucks, buses. Lakeside from burning, farms, dust.
  8. I like the Dolarapp. I only keep a few hundred dollars there because it is a form of crypto.
  9. I like the Dolarapp. I only keep a few hundred dollars there because it is a form of crypto.
  10. I moved. The traffic was one of the biggest reasons. I moved to Ajijic in 2001 then Jocotepec. I am now in an area where the summers are extremely hot but, a friendly expat community and no traffic lights and few topes. Plus I will open a nursing home here. It's in the works.
  11. I agree. I have a lifetime of stuff to watch. When I travel I put in a zip lock sandwich bag and take it with me.
  12. I am using dolarapp. A good exchange rate. When you add dollars or transfer pesos to dollars. It is a crypto currency so I only add a small amount of money. Check it out and see if is right for you.
  13. What I think is from my experience are a lot of people in our age group are entering Alzheimer's and dementia and don't realize it....yet. I only wish I could ask them to see a neurologist. I have facts and names from years past of people doing strange things and turn out to be just that. We should be patient and remember we are retired.
  14. Areas where I lived before There was some dust. I now live in the Country Club. I have a carport but less dust. Just curious why did you move?
  15. I think I read where climate can affect the life of a battery. When I was in the Lakeside area my batteries seem to last a long time. Here in San Carlos where it can be very hot not so long. About a month ago my battery died. Took it to Auto Zone where they changed it. The price for a new. battery was over 3000 pesos (gasp) they really have increased in price. Sense I bought mine a year and a half before I got an adjustment cost me 1500 pesos.
  16. Check out Dolarapp. I did not misspell. It is a Mexican company hence dolar.
  17. They have their venders to stock their own products hence Walmart does not have to pay stockers, self check out less cashers, buy your own bags, have elderly pack your bags for tips only. All Walmarts and Sam's are painted with the same paint a savings I am sure. In Mexico lower wages.Employees have attitude when you go down an isle like you are bothering me. Prices about the same. What a profit maker. My first job 16 years old bagging groceries for Publix Super Markets. Paid 1.60 dollars an hour. Taught customer is important. Smiles, etc.
  18. When people ask me why I moved to Mexico 22 years ago. I just say Tequila and women. Seriously the cost of living here in San Carlos is rising a lot. I have cut back on eating out. However I do like the air here at sea level. One small help is I just got my Bienestar debit card. Not much but helps. Wahoo.
  19. I burned my beds and threw out all linens pillows etc. Sprayed the rooms with just plain old bug spray. I also threw out my wife and extended family.
  20. Got mine done at IMSS free plus free meds. Made an appointment one week later done. 20 minutes pain free.
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