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  1. Look for a rural area. Do not move to Mexico for peace and quiet.
  2. I had hernia surgery in the little hospital before Jocotepec about 5 years ago. Double hernia with endoscopic surgery $500. walked in and out in 20 hours. I had no serious pain. Sent home with pain pills only took the first day. I had a molar pulled in Guaymas Sonora at IMSS one week wait for the appointment in and out 45 minutes. 4 months ago. So far so good.
  3. I am posting for a friend which lives in West Ajijic. He has visual problems and needs a driver to pick him up and drop off then pick up and take home later.
  4. I am sad to hear this. My deepest sympathies.
  5. Go to settings and then cellular scroll to bottom.
  6. San Carlos had some problems also. It is everywhere. In 22 years living in Mexico I have not change my life except I don't stay out late anymore. That is because of my age not crime.
  7. This is great news. At Walmart they make the vendors stock their on items on their shelves, no more people bagging your groceries, no more bags, self check out so less cashiers and now no more import taxes. I am sure they will lower their prices.
  8. Thanks to all. I written again. I guess wait and see.
  9. I have been having difficulty contacting the FBU. I have gone to their website sent email for an appointment no response, plus no luck calling the number they list for appointments also. Is anyone else having these problems? I know there is a Town Hall soon of course I will be there. I just don't want to compete with so many others. I would like to just have questions answered. I am tired of pulling my hair out it is thinning just fine on its on.
  10. This is an excellent suggestion. In my nursing days we helped locals pro bono.
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