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  1. When it comes to streaming services, the words "free" and "legal" aren't usually found together.
  2. I believe you are thinking of A Good Year with Russell Crowe... It was set in France and they used lavender on the window sills to repel scorpions. Good movie. My wife calls me an idi0t savant when it comes to remembering things like this... stressing the word idi0t .
  3. Gee, Don, in my gated community one-third of the residents are upper middle-class Mexicans. I wonder if they would share your views? The last time I spoke with a few of them at a party, they seemed very pleased with the food at many of the upscale "non-Mexican" restaurants in Guadalajara and in the USA. Maybe they don't know how to "enjoy Mexico" like you.
  4. I don't think that the family of the person you shot in self-defense is going to let you off the hook. Staying alive after that is the tricky part.
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