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  1. I know this is an old topic but I just came back from Europe and most countries are backtracking on solar credits, the rules are changing now that you are hooked to solar energy and government run energy companies which is the case in most countries, will get a piece of the action through fees or whatever they decide to get you pay for your privilege to use solar energy. Sounds familiar??
  2. Canadian banks in general charge you 50$ to send an electronic payment and most have a restrictive amount they can send. Putting in your personal check is the cheapest way, usually fee free at both ends.
  3. As a client you probably have certain privileges, if you are interested make an appointment and talk to one of the Officers, they all speak English and are very helpful. I have received Intl. wires, never paid any fee at the incoming bank however the outgoing bank charges 50 CAD$. To avoid any bank charges of this kinds I use the old fashioned check which I deposit as needed for my cash flow. No idea how this works in the US who's banks are less regulated than in Canada.
  4. Not even locals know how this will all turn out, hopefully they will install the right lights to make sure we can turn left and or right on a proper signal.
  5. The Canadian snowbirds will come, better here than stuck in the snow, US citizens have choices within the USA they might use those choices instead of Mexico.
  6. No Russian vaccine for me and even less a Chinese one who let that darn virus loose on the world, no thanks.
  7. INTERCAM is a good bank if you have an account with them.
  8. Actually in many States Casino's are open but Churches are closed which means HELL WON!
  9. Many in the medical profession prefer cash and no bill to avoid paying taxes, depriving the government of much needed cash!
  10. I would never ever trust this hospital for personal bad experience.
  11. My experience years back he prefers cash and no bills but he is a good surgeon.
  12. Its nice to see life to go back to almost normal, again time for celebrations which make Mexico so much fun.
  13. Most general physicians have them, I always get it from mine. Last year's cost was 500 Pesos!
  14. I would not bet on that one, the coming flu season might be tougher than the previous one.
  15. I just came back from the Lakeside Cardiology Clinic and I was so well and professionally treated that I feel like the members should know about it. If interested you find their website under www.lakesidecardiology.mx
  16. Had a nice walk on the Ajijic Malecon this morning, me and my friend seemed to be the only people wearing a mask, looks like a good reason to another lockdown.
  17. Yes just check with the airlines, there might be some unknown to you such as Air Transat and others. The canadian embassy has a good info site on available flights, however they will not get involved with booking!
  18. I talked to my friendly canadian broker that I send a government refund with a friend, she agreed and when it was mailed from within Canada to her she put it into my account.
  19. shaving foam works well too, it works also great on mirrors.
  20. What exactly do you mean with "silly gringo rumors"? If its to what I reported its not a rumor its a fact and by the way I am not a gringo!
  21. Great to know but did take no chance and went to Soriana instead, store much better organized than WM and all back on the shelves without employees blocking the passage like it seems the rule now at WM.
  22. Agree long back in the past this did happen regularly except in large stores of which we had none at Lakeshore.
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