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  1. Most rentals here come furnished, so finding an unfurnished place is tougher, but possible. If you ship your own furniture down, you may have to rent a storage unit.
  2. I just wish that if they're going to do it, that every country would change on the same date. Would make it much easier for when you want to call relatives back home.
  3. What part of the carretera will be closed off during the race? East of the Libramiento or west?
  4. Did you ever stop to think that some of us who need hearing aids can't afford to get them? I'd love to be able to hear conversations clearly!
  5. That place seems to be the 'location of death' for restaurants. Not sure why though. There have been at least three or four restaurants open and close there in the last four years.
  6. Usually, La Floresta has great trash pickup service, sometimes twice a day! For some unknown reason, we haven't seen their trucks come by at all. All the garbage cans in La Floresta and La Villita are full and overflowing. That's very unusual for them. And the La Floresta gardeners have not been around for several days either.
  7. Adelita's is open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.
  8. Make It Cash out in west Ajijic had three different recliners for sale when I was there yesterday. One in a neutral fabric, one burgundy leather, and one off-white fabric one. If I remember correctly, the neutral fabric one was 3500 peso, the leather one was 6500, and the off-white was 6000, I think. If interested, you should go and check them out. They're upstairs on the second level of the store. Make it Cash is located in the plaza across from Don Pedro's restaurant and the French bakery on the lakeside of the carreterra.
  9. Where is it? Never heard of it before....
  10. So it sounds like I was getting ripped off with the money I was paying for caregivers. They weren't nurses, and as I stated before, we couldn't even communicate very well with them.
  11. When my partner was sick and needed full-time caregivers, I was paying 1200 pesos per day (two twelve hour shifts). They didn't do much, except for give him his pills when needed, and adjust his pillow. Most of the time, they were sitting in a chair, texting on their cellphones. We had difficulty communicating with them, because most of them didn't speak or understand any English at all, and our Spanish was limited.
  12. Ours were mounted by Salvador in the Plaza Bugambillas. Does a great job!
  13. Has it been kept indoors, or is it outdoors in the sun and the breeze? If so, that will definitely affect the canvas. My partner had several prints on canvas stretched over wooden frames a few years ago and they haven't stretched or shrunk. They are just as tight as they were when they were originally finished!
  14. I know, right? I thought I'd give them a chance, but I'm going back to my favorite restaurant, Alex's, where the pasta is made fresh, and the sauces actually have flavor!
  15. I went there for lunch yesterday, ordered rigatoni bolognese. Packaged pasta with a flavorless bolognese sauce. Lots of meat, but bland, bland, bland! The service at lunchtime was a joke. All the servers either standing around trying to figure out what they're supposed to be doing, or running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Very disappointing!
  16. It is in the same location as La Mesa used to be. Located 19A Caraterra Pte (Across from Vinos Americas) Phone 376-766-2948
  17. Arroyos, can you give the rest of us the link to the website that you are talking about? You said "go to the following website", then no website link or name!
  18. suegarn

    Tater Tots

    I would love to find frozen cubed hash browns (not the shredded potato type). I've never seen them anywhere in Lakeside!
  19. It's located where the old La Mesa restaurant was, on the mountainside of the carretera, just west of Juarez.
  20. Actually, in the Maritime provinces in Canada, the government DOES regulate the price of gas. All the stations, whether it's Irving, BP, Esso or any others, all have to charge exactly the same price as everyone else. The government decides when the price of gas can be raised or lowered, depending on market conditions.
  21. Thank you to the people who gave me helpful information about my question!
  22. Obviously, you didn't take the time to read my correction before you posted this. Yet, a minute later, you read the second sentence in my post?
  23. Sorry for misprint in title ( should be cohetes). Darn spellcheck! 😄
  24. Does anyone know if we're celebrating another Saint? Or any other reason for them?
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