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  1. Great idea! Make them just as visible as the 'No Smoking' signs!
  2. Why do people that insist on taking their dogs to restaurants feel that they have more rights than the rest of us? It's been stated over and over again that it's illegal to take pets into an enclosed restaurant area. There are plenty of open, outdoor patio restaurants to choose from.
  3. ibarra, you should ask the homeowners in El Dorado about how bylaws need a vote of the residents to be changed 'legally'. They'll tell you the horror story of their fight for the last 8 or 9 years!
  4. Sounds very interesting. What kind of crepe fillings are you going to serve?
  5. Yep, and come June, those dry climate plants are going to have awfully soggy feet! 😁
  6. What others are trying to teach you, is that looking it up on Google by yourself is WAY faster than writing out a whole question on here and waiting for responses that may be accurate or not. They aren't trying to mock you, but give you a better way of finding out things.
  7. gringohombre, I was in the Ilox office, and the woman there told me that there were only about 9 or 10 channels in English. The rest are in Spanish with English subtitles.
  8. Once you figure out where people would meet, and on what day, please send me a PM. Hard to make a commitment until we know where and when it will be held.
  9. You consider three restaurants, 'so many'? Out of over 100 to choose from here in Lakeside?
  10. Sushi made properly with the correct rice doesn't need cream cheese to hold it together. Anyone who has to use cream cheese for structure or taste is not a master sushi chef! That's one thing I definitely miss living here in Lakeside......delicious, properly made sushi!
  11. It's not a matter of 'false pride' or the notion that it 'ages' you for many people like myself. It's a matter of not being able to afford decent hearing aids, plain and simple. If I could find a hearing aid that I could afford, and it actually worked, I'd be wearing it with pride!
  12. Could be interested in joining, depending on where they meet to play, and on which day and time of the week. Haven't played conventional cribbage in years, but I play online cribbage.
  13. When I first moved down, I made a list of the restaurants I went to, and the days they were closed (updating the list when necessary). After a while, it becomes easy to remember which places are closed on which days.
  14. Mine was a 3-tooth bridge as well, done by Dental Express. I was charged less than $300 USD, and that was with the extraction of two teeth, and several adjustments and fittings.
  15. That sounds awfully expensive. I had a bridge wired in two years ago by Dental Express, and it was less than $300 USD. And that included two extractions, and several fittings and adjustments.
  16. Your link doesn't work. You have to belong to that Facebook group in order to access the link.
  17. According to the channel guide with Ilox, it shows three Fox sports channels, one Fox news channel, and the regular Fox entertainment network channel as well.
  18. Why would hotels want Fox over the other networks?
  19. https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/tequila-international-womens-day-mexico/
  20. My partner and I had the same problem (only in reverse) when we moved to Lakeside several years ago. He had a blue and gold macaw that he had raised from a chick that was 29 years old when we decided to move. He knew that he would not be able to bring him down, so we had him re-homed about six months before we moved. That way, the new 'parents' had time to get him settled in their home while we were still there to help them with any issues that might have arisen. Luckily, he settled in very nicely, and we kept in touch for a couple of years after we moved.
  21. Hmmmm, several Fox channels, but no CBS, ABC or NBC?
  22. What I'd like to find out, is do they offer the regular network channels (CBS, NBC, ABC)? I see Fox listed on there, but not the others.
  23. I agree with your last sentence, lakeside7. The Real Marigold actors were certainly not shown what it's like for the average Lakeside resident. I was hoping to see more of them doing the things we all do here, like walking along the malecon, having coffee at the plaza and chatting with friends, and shopping at the tianguis. Most of us have never had the opportunity to attend penthouse parties or 'members-only' nights at the theatre.
  24. So, by the look of that map, that means the carretera will not be closed in either direction, just the libramiento?
  25. suegarn

    New restaurant

    I agree. It seems as though it's time to shut this thread down.
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