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  1. What about all the locals that I see walking around Ajijic drinking juices out of a plastic bag with a straw? What are they going to do when this ban takes effect?
  2. I notice that gcaschetta disappeared from this discussion. Maybe because he realized that he was being rude and condescending?
  3. solajijic has the best advice. Better to have a friend supervise, at least in the beginning.
  4. Well, another restaurant checked off my list! It's one thing to let your pets eat off your dishes at home, if you are okay with it. But DO NOT let your pets eat off a plate in a public restaurant. That's just disgusting!
  5. That helps if you actually have lost or had your card stolen. The OP didn't lose his, it was in his checked luggage, which they wouldn't let him retrieve before going through the immigration point. What does he do in that case, Spencer?
  6. If you want better food and a fabulous view, take your guest to either La Vita Bella or La Sima del Copal, up on the mountainside.
  7. Parking was so difficult there. Unfortunately, they probably didn't have enough customers to survive. It's too bad, because their food was delicious! I hope they can open in a new location.
  8. Tried every combination of words to find their Facebook page.....even called them. Still can't find the page. Does anyone here have the correct info for the Facebook page?
  9. Where are they located?
  10. If the power goes out while you're uploading, you'll probably have to start from the beginning again. If uploading a 15 minute video takes you anywhere from 15-20 hours, then probably not a great idea to try it during the rainy season. Also, you may want to look into whether or not you can get a faster internet connection!
  11. suegarn


    I just called their number to find out, and they are definitely still open.....376-766-1066
  12. suegarn


  13. My son has two long-haired cats. One is a lion mane cat, the other is a ragdoll. Even though he combs him weekly, the lion mane cat has to be shaved down every few months, except for the head, legs, and tip of tail. He gets terribly matted due to the undercoat that breed has. The ragdoll never has to be clipped. Her fur/hair stays mat-free with just weekly combing!
  14. Aren't they full? I heard that there is a large waiting list to get a storage unit there.
  15. suegarn


    And you wonder why some people get confused. This thread is supposed to be about the Smoke House restaurant, not a carniceria! If you want to have a discussion on cuts and price of meat, start a new thread!
  16. There are some Facebook rental groups as well. Lake Chapala Rentals, Ajijic Rentals, Lake Chapala Rentals by Owner. If you use Facebook, check them out.
  17. I still don't understand why rents are charged in USD. We are in Mexico! Everything else in priced in their national currency, pesos. Rents should be priced in pesos as well. If someone was trying to rent a home in the U.S., they would certainly expect rents to be listed in USD, because that would be the national currency there.
  18. I don't think they'll want to do this, especially if they're going to include all expats, including Canadians, Brits and Europeans. I think that you're wrong when you use the term 'vast majority' are Americans. In Ajijic, I think that there are almost as many Canadian expats getting resident visas as Americans.
  19. "All expats?" That wouldn't be fair to Canadian expats who are getting slammed by the U.S. as well on steel and aluminum import duties. Sonia! I think you need to rephrase your sentence.
  20. Alex from Alex's Pasta Bar seems to be able to handle having lunch and dinner hours six days a week, and he's over 80! Bobby should have hired a manager and a chef that he can trust, so that when he can't be there, the restaurant is still open and functioning properly.
  21. I've eaten there a few times, and their food is good (for a moderately-priced restaurant). You aren't going to get fabulous wines and fine dining, but their fish and chips are very good! I think they season them with lemon pepper. They have indoor seating, outdoor covered patio seating, and seating out in the garden area as well. Very nice atmosphere!
  22. 1. Alex's Pasta Bar.....love everything on the menu, and their wine is excellent! 2. Los Telares....love the garden setting. Their Margarita salad is fabulous, and their wines are very good. 3. Paninos....Mondays, roast beef dinner, and Wednesdays, turkey. Consistently delicious, and the restaurant is always busy, but with great service. 4. Brew House....good food and wine......excellent service. 5. La Vita Bella.....views to die for! Good food and wine as well.
  23. Yes, that's correct, johanson. I get the recorded message, but have never been charged a single peso. I've had this plan for about two years now.
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