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  1. 19 hours ago, Susy Wilson said:

    We used Dr. Moya for my mothers care when she came down to visit last December. He had her hospitalized at the Sanatorio hospital in Guad as well. I had to stay with her 24/7 as there was no assistance for her to get to the bathroom or anything else for that matter. They were very nice but no actual nursing assistant services at all of course. Her treatment consisted of diuretics through an IV. That was the only treatment she had. No other medications, no other treatment.  Instead of the hospital giving us a bill that we could pay as we left the hospital Dr. Moya got the bill. I asked repeatedly for the bill and asked daily if there was any sort of information I could have as to what the cost might be and Dr. Moya just kept putting me off. Finally he brought the bill to us 2 days after mom was discharged from the hospital. The total was $5150 US dollars and It was  only $13000 pesos for the hospital and $98,000 for Dr Moya. He saw her twice and did a EKG at our house before she was hospitalized. I know the cost for the full hospitalization would have been more NOB but I did think that Dr. Moya's bill was quite excessive:/ We would not return to him under any circumstances. I did not appreciate that he did not give us much information the whole time and we felt we were sort of in the dark through the whole situation and as a retired RN I was very unsatisfied with his level of care and sharing of information:/ Just how things worked out for us. 

    I had a totally different experience with Dr. Moya.  I was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Guad, received a stent and stayed overnight in the ICU.  Full care from the nursing staff (even bathed me in the morning!).  Dr. Moya then drove me home to Ajijic himself!  The itemized bill from the hospital included all the surgical costs and hospital stay.  Dr. Moya never billed me anything, even with a couple of house calls post-surgery!  I was so amazed and I double-checked the bill to see where his fee may be.  He never received any money!

  2. I agree with Senoir D.  One year ago, I had a heart attack (main artery totally clogged).  Dr. Moya was my cardiologist.  Took excellent care of me after my surgery (even drove me home to Ajijic himself when I was released from hospital!).  Then he actually came to my home for three follow-up visits.  After that, I was able to take the bus to his clinic for further check-ups!  I highly recommend him!

  3. Building a roadway out in the lake is probably the most practical solution for the traffic congestion in Lakeside.  The lake is shallow enough that building a road (bridge-style with concrete piers) could work very well.  It could carry traffic all the way from Chapala to Jocotopec.  Like a highway, it should only have enter and exit ramps in about five or six places (Chapala, San Antonio, Ajijic Centro, San Juan Cosala, and Joco, for example).

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  4. 23 minutes ago, tomgates said:

    Maybe timjwilson would be wise to invest in an automobile!

    tomgates, I find your comment to be insensitive and not helpful to timjwilson and others in his position.  I'm sure if he could afford one, he would have considered that a long time ago.  Not everyone can afford to have a vehicle, including me!  Or maybe his disability prevents him from being able to drive.  

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  5. 16 minutes ago, luvsdawgs said:

    It is amazing to me that so many "holier than thou" people are on this board. So many perfect people who never, ever have made a mistake. It is called an "accident" for a reason.


    1. an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.
      "he had an accident at the factory"
      synonyms: mishap, misfortune, misadventure, mischance, unfortunate incident, injury, disaster, tragedy, catastrophe, contretemps, calamity, blow, trouble, problem, difficulty;
      "he was involved in an accident at work"
    2. an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause.
      "the pregnancy was an accident"
      synonyms: chance, mere chance, coincidence, twist of fate, freak, hazard;

    , I doubt she did it on purpose.

    No one is saying she did it on purpose.  She admitted that she was confused.  As we get older, our reflexes usually slow down.  Her reaction time could also be impaired due to medications she may be taking. The driver should have to take a complete driving test just to make sure that she is capable, so that she doesn't hurt herself or others.  

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