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  1. They accomplish the same thing......slow you down or ruin your suspension
  2. I have a large canister of pepper spray I brought down for "what if " and if it comes down to a life threatening situation I'm not going to give a damn about legality. I think guns are even allowed for at home protection but the complications of dealing with a dead intruder versus one with burnt eyes are night and day.
  3. Went to Walmart. Bill was 630 pesos so I pulled out a blue 500 and a green 200 and started putting items in my bag waiting for 70 pesos back.......except it wasn't a 500, it was a blue 1000 bill and the lady alerted me to my mistake. Nice !
  4. And what is happening to the crooks that sold her the fake sticker..........?
  5. Apparently it is in Tlaquepaque but I haven't been there yet so I don't know specifics
  6. According to Luis at Spencer's office, out of state vehicles must first go through emissions testing before the process of changing plates to Jalisco. I'm currently going through this process myself and just getting the emissions test is a PIA, but I have a diesel which apparently can only be tested at one facility. I contacted Luis months ago and the whole process is sloooow.
  7. I second this recommendation. Go Solar has been great with follow up service on the solar water heater I purchased, even helping me solve a problem which was my mistake.
  8. I recently took my Iphone to a small Telcel shop directly across from the bus station in Chapala for repair. Job well done. They were recommended by the large Telcel branch office .
  9. Or where you can buy rigid foam in bulk....everything on ML is memory foam.
  10. The outdoor rattan furniture place at the east of riberas is no longer, so wondering where I can get outdoor cushion made...
  11. Bancomer cut me off because I withdrew too much cash within one year....I was hoping to get my foto on their wall of thiefs with my eyes blacked out lol. ( why the hell do they black out the eyes if they want them to be identified ?... morons) HSBC from now on
  12. Don't know but I stopped by their shop before getting some suspension work and asked them if they had the equipment and their answer was "no, but we get really close"
  13. And they don't have alignment equipment.
  14. I want to get a precision alignment at at shop with computerized machines... Prefer not going all the way to Guad.... Anyone know the closest shop with such equipment ? Thanks
  15. Here you can buy a shower drain with a built in mini trap to prevent air escaping, but the volume of water it holds is very small so good idea just to run water into them every so often
  16. I have a nice clean used one for for free to anyone in need of one
  17. And they recently put an ATM inside Walmart too
  18. LOVE this store. Like a mini Home Depot lol I was recently in the market for a high end tool box. Bought one Mercadolibre but the seller dropped the ball so I canceled the order and went to Tool Town. They special ordered the same box and gave me a 30% discount for any purchase over $3000 ! Saved over 2000 pesos and got the box in a couple of days.
  19. And going up tomorrow he said....
  20. Juan from Los Altos showed up quickly and I emptied his truck...Nice guy
  21. Need gas and don't have a direct number to a driver serving Riberas. any recommendations ? Thanks Searching only seem to yield numbers over a year ago...
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