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  1. Multiva debit cards cannot be used for any online payments, only in person payments and only up to 20,000 pesos. I have one and learned this afterwards so I opened an HSBC account as well which will allow online use of debit cards
  2. Mine just arrived at Ishop, so about a 3 week turn around !
  3. No longer a for sale sign and the southern facing wood doors are looking bad and sad
  4. Whenever I drive towards Mescala and stop at a beach the water is sooo much cleaner looking, IF I were to swim in the lake it would definitely be east of Chapala. But walking through the muck and mud...no thanks.
  5. I ordered some photo quality paper to try in my printer, but my printer is not high end, we'll see. I think the print shop next to Cafe Negro can do it for you
  6. Yes, pretty easy. Recommend going to Ishop when you have everything ready, they know the routine. I sent mine about ten days ago and the people at Ishop said to expect a return in about 6 weeks ( i guess thats what they are seeing )
  7. I recently sent mine off by the "mail" method using the government fedex instructions.....probably the easiest way with minimal risk
  8. Ever heard of anyone being "caught" ? Who cares here ? Who checks ? ( unless you commit a crime that is ) If I were financially "challenged" I would totally live here without fear of deportation. Even the most modest of incomes will probably benefit Mexico more than it hurts...Its not like jobs are being taken away from locals.
  9. "but many , many will not" understatement of the day....they put cars on rollers while testing.
  10. Thanks for the info. Ok, yes my van will require checks twice per year, which is 4 times more often than California would require, ridiculous imo.
  11. Like the optimism ! but I doubt it
  12. So lesson learned is if you absolutely positively have to be there the same day, get a direct flight
  13. My last Volaris experience for a round trip to Texas through Mexico city: Sat on the tarmac for about an hour due to fog...when we finally got airborn and were close to DF I asked one of the flight attendants about missing my connection...she replied oh not to worry, they will delay your connecting flight as well. Also when we land they will make an announcement that will allow me to get up to the front of the plane before the other passengers. Announcement never came...surprise. Walked to the nearest flight announcement board and couldn't see my connecting flight to Texas..surprise. Walked half a mile to the Volaris ticket booth and waited behind a lady who also missed the connecting flight and she said that they told her that they found a different flight to get to San Antonio....never happened. When I finally get to the counter they tell me that the only way to get to San Antonio was the following day ( not an option for me because I was scheduled to return the same day and didn't arrange for pet sitting ), and because the delay was due to fog they would not pay for anything. I asked to buy a return ticket to Guadalajara and they didn't have any returning flights for the rest of the day. Now I get on the internet looking for a return flight and Aeromexico has one in the afternoon. I ask where Aeromexico ticket counter is and they say to go outside and take a bus. So I walk outside and ask where to catch the bus but was told that I could take the trolly upstairs. I walk upstairs but was stopped from boarding the trolly to the next terminal area because I didn't already have my boarding pass....walk back down to the street for the bus and I asked how much is the bus because I only had 20 pesos in change ( rest of money was large bills ) . Official person told me the bus was 20 pesos....Got on the bus and was informed the rate was 30 pesos...but have a seat anyway. We get to the terminal and the lady with a badge walked me to a place where I could pay the 30 pesos in a machine using a credit card, but all I had was a debit card and it wouldn't accept it. I offered my 20 pesos but she just walked away.. Walked up the the large Aeromexico ticket area....waited in line but when I got to the counter I was told that I needed to go to a small ticket buying office instead. Got there and bought my ticket and was told to check in at the large area where the machine asked me what seat I wanted...no option for a free seat, have to pay for a seat. Flight back was smooth and comfortable, but what a day.
  14. Who knows, maybe some day they won't issue registration tags without the smog checks ( like in California ).
  15. When I drove to Texas for the first time, I found using directions from the phone maps invaluable. Lots of tricky turns which I would have missed otherwise.
  16. Have a collection of CD's you don't want anymore ? I'm interested in buying them, let me know what you have. Thanks
  17. Have a collection of CD's you don't want? I'm looking to buy, let me know what you have Thanks
  18. I finally got a smog check on a vehicle I'm trying to get Jalisco plates for and when I gave the certificate to Luis at Spencer's office he said that soon smog checks will be required twice per year ! Just passing on what he told me and if true it will be a major PIA considering the millions of vehicles all needing to get smog checks at very few locations. It took months to get my appointment. What is the official ticket amount for not having up to date smog again ?
  19. I don't fit in Volaris seats, my knees are jammed into the seat in front of me. AeroMexico seats are much better
  20. a new episode for "Locked up abroad " !
  21. "what do I need to bring?" "Large amount of small change" 😆
  22. About a bag per month too based on every 6 day wash. Hilarious that I'm spending over double the $ in salt per year vs property tax. I do think I need to adjust the valve on top of the tank, the water feels a little too slippery.
  23. How often are you regenerating your water softener ? I had mine set for every 6 days , but I'm going through salt like crazy. At least my flush is not going into my tank
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