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  1. Yes, that's why I turned on the the defrost with AC. Wet dog inside was fogging up the windshield inside big time, but I didn´t want ice cold air. Good tip to keep the compressor libricated.
  2. Pretty sure my mistake was entering my real number when I bought a bus ticket online......Never had a problem doing that with airline tickets, but right after the bus ticket purchase the calls started, sometimes as early as 7am. I can't change my settings to only receive calls from my contact list because of deliveries from Amazon and Mercadolibre... Hopefully the registry will stop the calls.
  3. Not here. Guadalajara only has a two number area code as well as Mexico City, and Monterrey. Rest of Mexico has three digit area code. According to Wikipedia Website accepted my entry using only two numbers for the Lada. 33
  4. Its been a while since I had to change to this setting in my car. Fresh !
  5. So I finally was able to enter my cell number into the "no call" system After researching , the area code ( "Lada") of a local cell number is the first TWO numbers not three. According to Wikipedia, Only Mexico city, Monterrey, and Guadalajara have two digits as the area code, the rest of Mexico has three digit area codes. This explains why I always hear local Mexicans reciting their numbers is sets of two. I'm still in the habit of reciting my number as xxx-xxx-xxxx. Anyone expats recite there numbers as the locals do ?
  6. No, its 10 digits. Didn't we used to have 045 0r 044 not too long ago before the ten digits ? I thought those were the area codes...which are no longer needed. So the first three numbers of the cell number are the area code , ok When I go to the website and enter my number accordingly using the first three numbers as the LADA the site crashes with the following message : <script language='javascript'>alert('El número telefónico 3334615332 no es correcto. Favor de verificarlo o comunicate al teléfono del consumidor.');location.href='registrar_telefono.jsp';</script> Maybe the website is having a bug right now
  7. He's wrong about registering a cell phone number because the website requires area code which does not apply with a cell phone # and the site won't work if you enter a cell number.
  8. ea93105


  9. A friend wants to buy a house or land in the Roca Azul area of Joco. Any "off" MLS listings for sale by anyone ? Could be just land or a house ( fixer upper preferred ) Thanks
  10. What I'm going to make of it is that maybe god will give me something ( well almost something 🙂) for going out of my way to let a middle aged Hispanic man enter the freeway in his brand new BWM X5. Zero acknowledgement from the guy as he races into traffic in front of me. When he gets to the libramiento intersection he passes all left turn traffic only to pull in front of the line to turn left in front of everyone else. "Tolerance" I tell myself, a Mexican gift.
  11. Proform 325csx recumbent bike, two years old in excellent perfect working condition. Smooth magnetic resistance. $6000 pesos ( $14,000 new ) Sunny Rowing machine, 4 months old. like new $4000 pesos ( $7000 new )
  12. Nobody will believe this: They are mounting the big truck on a metal stand ( not osha approved )
  13. Free of overhead wires ?? LOLLLLLL
  14. All glass façade for the whole building, fancy I guess we know it won't be a car repair facility, thankfully
  15. Yes, it seems "Factura Original" is favored here even though there may have been multiple owners of the car. My insurance agent told me that in case of theft or total write-off, the insurance company will write the check to the owner on the Factura. So either that's incorrect, or Mexicans just roll the dice ?
  16. Wow, its almost unbelievable that they would put soo much effort into building that nursery illegally, so I guess the whole place will be gone. What a shame and waste of time and money building that place. It was previously a yard for selling dirt and gravel for many years, I wonder if they were kicked out too
  17. Sounds like you weren't getting "litros completos " ! 😆
  18. Probably a small percentage of people ever saw it, but there was a vintage firetruck displayed beautifully in front of the new nursery in Riberas. It was on top of a 4ft high mound of dirt with plants inside of it and grass planted all around it I drove by it this morning and thought to myself how nice a job they did and how classy the new nursery was looking. Then my on next drive by, I saw two huge tow trucks parked with lights flashing....hmmmm Third time by they had hooked the firetruck up to one of the tow trucks and had already moved it the the edge of the mound while two men were lifting up the squares of the new grass Final pass, the firetruck is gone as well as the complete mound of dirt it was parked on. Sooo I'm guessing some government agency took exception to the firetruck and made them move it ? Which is a shame because it was well away from the bike path. And that's the short life of the vintage firetruck in Riberas...
  19. But I don't think they will buy it without signature on the back of the original owner even though they may not transfer it into their name .
  20. But the daughter won't be able to sell it without her mothers signature on the back of the Factura. Honestly she might want to write her mom's signature if it isn't there in order to avoid long legal process of inheriting the car the car first . ( yes, probably illegal ) but nobody is getting hurt
  21. Website wont accept it with cell number, so it must only work for land lines.
  22. Four calls this morning at 8 am, all different numbers.... Profeco asks for my number, first the "LADA" then the number.... What is "LADA" ?? is says that 045 and 044 are not "ladas"
  23. That sounds great ! I will check that out
  24. I will check that out, thanks
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