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  1. Thanks Russ, I just didn't scroll all the way to the bottom!
  2. Up until today we have always been able to access walmart.com Now for what ever reason we are redirected to www.walmart.com.mx I have tried it on several browsers and several different computers all with no luck. Any of you techies have a solution?
  3. I just spoke with James Lewis of Lewis and Lewis Mexican Insurance. He assures me that as long as I have tourist tags on my vehicle (US or Canadian) and have a Tourist Policy with Lewis and Lewis that my insurance is still good in Mexico even though the TIP may be void when I become Permanente. He also stated that if the vehicle was nationalized the insurance is immediately null and void. My plan is to obtain the 5 day permit to take the vehicle out of Mexico after having the TIP removed. My wife and I are both on the title and she will FM3 for one more year. I would then return the vehicle to MX and obtain a new TIP in my wife's name. From what I think I understand I would then be legal to drive the vehicle. At least I hope so!
  4. Simple question, would like a simple answer. I am in the process of going Permanente and was fingerprinted yesterday. Due to the fact that INM made a mistake on her FM3 she had prorroga 2 where I had a 4. She is renewing her FM3. Both of our names appear as owners on the title to our SD plated vehicle but the TIP is in my name. If I take the vehicle back to TX and turn in the TIP and when we return to MX we get a new TIP in her name. Can I drive the vehicle legally in MX being Permanente?
  5. Floradude, thanks so much and as it turns out I was asking about the wrong medication. Actually I need to know if Lisinopril 25mg. is avaiable.
  6. We are in the US and the doctor prescribed Metoprolol Tartrate 50 mg. This is a blood pressure medication and is working perfectly. My question, is it available in Mexico. I have been online but can not find the answer. I would really appreciate knowing and if possible the cost. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi

    Thanks for adding me to your friends list. I look forward to seeing your picture and about me page when you get it all filled out.


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