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  1. Alan Mexicali seems to think he knows what's going on, but I don't think he does. In the other thread that Intercasa started, it clearly states that if you are Permanente, you can no longer Nationalize a car. And if you drive it AFTER you are Permanente, you are doing so illegaly and your car will become impounded and you'll go to jail.
  2. Why go to Guadalajara to see an Orthopedic Doctor when one of the best comes here on Friday to Mascaras Clinic, unless you really like driving to Guad, Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Uzur has his office at Mascaras Clinic on Friday (765 4805) and his regular office in Guadaladara on 3432 Tarascos directly across from Del Carmen Hospital. His Cell phone is 045 333 808 7440. He operates at all hospitals including a Clinic called Clinica del Ribera very near Del Carmen Hospital. You will not find a nicer, qualified Doctor who speaks excellent English, so you don't need a Translator. I had the opportunity to see him yesterday as he operated on my friends Carpel Tunnel at the above Clinic to save money. A really nice, clean Clinic.
  3. Locally at Mascaras Clinic is Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Uzur. He has his regular office in GDL on Tarascos across from Del Carmen Hospital. He comes to Mascaras Clinic on Friday. Make appointment at Clinic. phone is 765 4805.
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