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  1. Regarding the use of the word "must" in reports of the need to acquire an RFC #... ...does anyone happen to know how this new tax law (which apparently requires folks to acquire an RFC #) and, specifically, the July 1 registration deadline, applies to a Residente Permanente who a) doesn't currently own or rent a home or land in Mexico (so can't produce any utility bills or a rental lease in their name), b) doesn't own a car, c) doesn't work or otherwise receive income in Mexico and d) doesn't have any Mexican bank accounts? Said another way, what happens if the July 1st deadline passes and a residente permanente who falls under the above set of categories hasn't sought out an RFC? IOW if someone doesn't currently have a need to acquire an RFC (because they don't own or rent, don't have Mexican bank account(s), don't work in Mexico and don't own a car) or otherwise can't produce a required document (like a lease or utility bill) can they essentially put-off/delay the process of acquiring an RFC until such time as they do have the need and/or can produce a required document? Just tying to ascertain if some sort of penalty will be imposed and/or if not having an RFC by the July 1 deadline will in any way jeopardize someone's residency status, particularly their permanent residency status. I envision car-free, full- or part-time permanent resident housesitters and anyone else who, say, lives with someone else who is themselves the listed party on a home or lease and on all utility accounts, car ownership documents, bank accounts, etc., as being particularly interested in the answer to the questions I've posed.
  2. Hi All, Is anyone able to recommend someone who is able to transport two people, two touring bicycles and twelve bags from Ajijic to the new central bus station in Tlaquepaque/Tonala (or nearby) next week? Given the particulars, a truck or empty van would be ideal. Both bikes are fitted with fenders and front and rear racks so even if we remove the wheels they still take up about the same amount of room. A sturdy, externally-mounted bike rack might also work - willing to discuss the options. We're experienced with all kinds of people transport options but have never looked around for someone able to transport bulky items. Please IM me. Thanks!
  3. 2.5 X 0.7mm Male Coaxial Connector

  4. Need replacement fan.

  5. I need a permanent family!

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