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  1. But where can I find fresh dill weed (hierba de eneldo)?
  2. Contact Support at your VPN and tell them you are currently blocked. They should be able to tell you what server to use. In any case, it will likely be a temporary solution.
  3. Yes, but the Prime accounts are different costing much less here. Also the "free shipping" available in the US will not work for international shipments.
  4. I read from another poster that his ILOX telephone is not as good as his Telmex phone.
  5. I too am interested in any answer someone can provide. My USA Amazon Prime expires at the end of May which costs me $13 a month. I plan to "renew" here using a different email address, local mailing address, and pay about $99 mxn a month ($4 US). I'll report back my results.
  6. About once a year, I take a straight pin from my wife's sewing kit and push it up all the holes and it's as good as new. I also remove the showerhead and clean the screen of any loose debris.
  7. I recently downgraded my ILOX service and now pay about 330 pesos per month. I get 30 Mbps down which is quite adequate for our streaming needs. BTW, the ILOX office is still open in Ajijic, but closed for siesta time.
  8. I had "Sportz TV", another streaming service, but dropped it because of excessive streaming. Instead I install the app, e.g. PBS, directly on the Firestick and it runs much more smoothly. I've also had good success lately with Acorn TV.
  9. The point of buying a $100 SIM card is to check your AT&T connection where you live. If you already have AT&T, this will not be an issue. From what I've been told, you must have 4G connectivity with 4-5 bars. If you are in a cell phone shadow, you are out of luck. Telcel requires a 2 year contract whereas AT&T requires a 1 year contract. A question for those using this equipment. How is customer support?
  10. Telcel internet currently requires a 2 year contract. Must have a strong "4G" signal else the data speed is significantly reduced. AT&T also offers this service.
  11. A few years ago, someone commented about the great cinnamon rolls at a bakery near their home in San Antonio. Does anybody know of such a place? I like the ones sold by the deli on Colon, but they sell out quickly so I'm often out of luck. Any suggestions for other places I can try?
  12. Does anybody know where I can buy caladium bulbs at lakeside? If not here, in Guadalajara?
  13. I'm at Emiliano Zapata and Paseo del Tempalo in upper Ajijic and it's been about 15 hours at brownout. I measure 60 volts which surprisingly runs all of my LED ceiling lights and router, but nothing else. I logged a failure on line but have no idea when the problem will be fixed.
  14. Does anybody know where I can buy crushed ice or a hand ice crusher? I like smoothies and I fear the whole cubrs are damaging my blender.
  15. I've only had limited success with accessing Netflix via a VPN. Seems like sooner or later, Netflix gets wind of the VPN connection (due to multiple connection requests from multiple users) and blacklists the IP address of the VPN provider. I'm still looking for a good solution and will give Strong a try.
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