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  1. Everyone will have a different opinion on this, so she may have to try several until she finds one that suits her style. I never went to Guad for a cut or color, so can't offer opinions on that. I tried many Lakeside and, for me, the most consistent was Dario at Ocampo 185A in West Ajijic. 376-766-4908
  2. I totally get your points made above and I am going to drop this after making a few final points here. This was not a personal conversation between friends or acquaintances. This was an exchange between a business owner and a frustrated prospect. I see nothing wrong in making that exchange public in order to warn others of what they might be in for when dealing with this business owner. Being called a horrible human being and told to go f**k off was so way beyond any level of rudeness contained within my responses that it put me into revenge mode. So yes, sometimes in life, one gets back what one gives out.
  3. I've been thinking about your question, Tingting. Most likely, she purchases lists from outside sources. I haven't checked the privacy policies of this webboard yet, but obtaining the email addresses of its members would be like striking gold for her target market.
  4. @Dostortas I can appreciate your position, but I disagree with it, except for the part of it not being funny at all. It's not meant to be funny, and it's no joke. How is it that you came to the decision to avoid her and her ventures? My goal in spreading this around was to inform others of what lurks beneath the façade. The only tool I have to cast a wider net is social media. I wasn't hoping to make her look bad; she took care of doing that herself. If my posts have spared even one person from purchasing a subscription from her, then I'm fine with being considered the bully and the one who looks bad here.
  5. @Bisbee GalActually, one of her newsletters is called "Guadalajara Reporter." It has no connection with the weekly, The Guadalajara Reporter, that most of you pick up at a store or subscribe to online. Hers is guadalajarareporter.mx whereas the reputable one is theguadalajarareporter.net.
  6. After receiving unsolicited emails over the past week from the latter 2 media outlets and finding that the "unsubscribe" links within them led to "page not found" errors, I had the following email exchange with the "staff" there: I'm just reporting the facts as they appear in black and white and you all can draw your own conclusions. Funny, I just tried the "unsubscribe" links again and they are now working.
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