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  1. I have lived in Chapala Haciendas for 17 years, been on the board in the earlier years, and feel pretty comfortable adding my 2 pesos to this topic.

    There have been tremendous improvements to our fracc in that time. While things aren't perfect, I know that the folks who serve on the board are doing their best to get things straightened out. It takes time. It takes patience. More importantly, it takes residents who actually want to HELP the board rather than be an armchair critic. Is this the case with you, Nikolas? I don't know and I'm not judging, but if you feel so strongly about things, then run for the board. Who knows? You may even be elected and then you can dodge all of the shit that is thrown at them. 

     I've seen many, many questionable moves by past boards and yet we're still standing. We have lots of remodeling and new construction going on and the place is looking better than I've ever seen it. Our property values are really rising. Our location is great...far enough from the noise and close enough for all of the conveniences. Yes, we have a well problem and yes, it's going to cost us, but the value of our own well (without government interference) is one worth fighting for.

    This is the first board and President (I hope Mr. Edwards is still the President) who are actually putting teeth in the efforts to go after the morosos. Most of us know that the law is tricky and it's not just a case of pointing a finger, plonking down some money at the municipality for a form,and then being able to get the leeches. Every "t" has to be crossed and every "i" dotted or the paperwork will hang in limbo forever. For the last few years, I've actually seen a difference in our workers and the office.  We've had some relatively small issues (ie, water line clogged as we're at the end of the street) that were addressed immediately after I reported them. The workers actually work now and you don't have to hunt them down. Truthfully, they bust their asses for us, only to be constantly criticized by those who think they can do better. I won't go into detail because that's not really the issue here, but a few years ago I reported a recurring problem following bad rainstorms. I was blown off each time. A couple of weeks ago, I reported it to David (office) who relayed it to Mr. Edwards who PERSONALLY came to our house to see the issue for himself. 

    Being on the board is a thankless, no-win, and UNPAID position. Folks do it because they care. It takes a special person to volunteer for the task, take the abuse that residents heap on them, and continue to do their best for very, very little in return. 

    FWIW, this is just my personal opinion. No one asked me to write this, nor do I expect special treatment for writing it. I'm just one of many residents who actually appreciates the challenges that a board faces. Sorry so long...guess it was more than my 2 pesos.

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  2. On 6/21/2022 at 8:48 PM, artsnob said:

    How about their plants do they have the unusual, or just ordinary stuff...

    They have more than most and a better variety, but I didn't see anything too exotic the last time I was there BUT the prices were good and it was nice to have some choice. 

    We just saw the firetruck's new location and I laughed my a** off. I don't know how safe it is but it sure was an innovative solution! 

  3. Every time I go to Wally's World (and sometimes Soriana), TotalPlay wants to sign me up. I just respond with a smile, "Chapala Haciendas" and they immediately understand. I'm really grateful that we were able to get the Starlink satellite. While it's a bit of an energy eater, we have enough solar panels that we're still making more than we use and the speed, etc, make it all worth it. YMMV

  4. 29 minutes ago, mudgirl said:

    I've brought seeds down for years, too. I just take them out of the original packages, make little plain paper packets or them and tuck them into a manila envelope with paperwork. Never been a problem. They never look through an open envelope full of papers.

    ...they just might now... ;)


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  5. As always, the info is good to have. I'm taking the "ok now, but down the road.." approach to all of this. If there's some form that should have been issued years ago when we first got our RFCs, then it won't hurt to make sure we have a copy of file. Is it needed now? Probably not, but who knows what tomorrow will bring? Regardless, this is all great info to know. If it hadn't been for this site, I wouldn't have known about CFE requiring our RFC...since we get our bills online and I rarely look at it (solar, bill is always min, so why bother...errr... just found out). So, a bit of a scare, but an informative one!

  6.  FWIW, I think it's safe to say that we all need to get this document as soon as possible if we don't already have it. We have RFCs, but were never given anything else. It's only after this whole CFE brouhaha happened that I started digging a bit. While things may be loosey-goosey now (something on paper from SAT being accepted by CFE), you just know that eventually things will tighten up and "official" documents will be required. Why wait? Save yourself a headache and get whatever documents you're missing. 

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  7. Long story short, Jim Bowie's link was fantastic for information and made me realize we didn't have everything we needed that CFE was going to demand. We have old copies of SAT-issued RFC info, but not a CIF. If you go directly to the SAT site (sat.gob.mx), you'll find that you get into a never ending circle trying to gain access. When you try links for "forgot my password" or to even sign up for one, you just get redirected back to a page that requires...yes, you guessed it...a password or e-sig. On Youtube, I found a SAT site that actually will let you get your CIF online. There is one big caveat:  you have to understand Spanish. If you don't, get a friend who does. The info is also transcribed at the bottom of the page (in Spanish) if you read better than you hear. You don't need a password, just your RFC number. 

    Before you go to the site, download a front and back (on the same page) copy of your RP or temp card. If you're using your passport, then a one page copy of the information (photo, pp #). Make sure you have a valid (not made up on the spot) RFC number. If you're comfortable enough with your Spanish, then go directly to http://www.satid.sat.gob.mx. It's really very easy. You'll punch in your info, download your id proof and then have to record a video of you saying a phrase. You have plenty of time to practice and can always write it down and hold it out of camera range. 

    Once you've finished, you'll be e-mail the CIF within 5 days. Hey, it sure beats the heck out of travelling to Guad!

    If you want the youtube video that walks you through it, here it is: 


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  8. I found a link that actually works with SAT and doesn't require the circle jerk that I mentioned above. I hate to be posting so many different things, but it worked and hopefully others will see it. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!

    (btw, I used Jim Bowie's posting and that's what took me down the rabbit hole...the need for the CIF)

  9. Could someone who has actually gone to CFE please answer some questions? Here is the situation:

    Both of us have RFC numbers. We have an old internet print out that does NOT have the CIF info. I have gone to the SAT site more times than I'm going to admit to here but yes, I do read Spanish, etc. Unless you know your password, you will not get into the site. Period. I don't know what our passwords are or even if we ever had one. We can't get an e-firma. If you go to the "forgot your password," it will ask for your e-signature. It's basically a circle jerk (yes, I'm feeling frustrated right now, sorry).

    So, will CFE accept our RFC numbers if they're printed on what was clearly from an SAT site even though an older version? Is there anything else that we need? Can this be done online or do we have to go in person.

    A very big TIA and I hope others aren't having such a hard time of this. We just found out about this requirement...grrrr

  10. Zeb, if you're still looking, I think ours is looking for more work. She's as honest as they come and has been with us for about 15 years. She doesn't speak English but if you speak Spanish, even badly, she's pretty quick to catch on. If interested, she'll be here Monday and I can talk to her. We're also in CH.

  11. Ha, ha! No, CFE doesn't pay for excess power generation. We make it, they get it. It's like a yearly bank account. We build it during the year so that we can use the excess during rainy season or whenever else we might use more than we make (with 20 panels, it's never happened, but...). They also wipe the slate at the end of the year, so we have to start fresh which is why we want to put on two more panels. 

    For us, during the day, we're making way more than we're using so that our usage at night is covered.

    I know that wasn't the tech term, but I hope I made sense. 

    (ETA:  to show how much of a technodino I am, I had to look up "smart outlet")

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  12. I'm with Ferret. Heck, we have a "dumb" house since technology has long passed us after tap dancing on our bodies.

    On a more serious note, I agree that it seems like a high number for kw in a day for just one item (albeit a major one),  so I will keep monitoring for a full week to be sure. Everything I've read made me think that it would be a worst-case scenario of around 2.4kw max, but numbers don't lie.  I know we can turn it off at night, but first I wanted to do a relatively controlled check of pre- and post-usage. I'll have a more definite idea by Tuesday.

    Since we still make more power than we use, this isn't a major cause of concern. We may put in a couple more solar panels just to give us the "breathing room" that we had in the past. I know some won't agree but we'd rather feed CFE our extra power than risk going into DAC (been there, done that, bought solar). Most everything we have is electric/electronic and we like having that safety net. In the past, we made about 50kw extra/week or a rough average of 7/day  (over and above usage) and now it's about 2.67/day. I'm not complaining because in spite of Starlink's high kw, it's effing fast and more reliable (so far) than you-know-who. 

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