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  1. FTR, the board didn't say that they "screwed up and need more money" when it comes to the new well. It appears that the first contractor did a dirty and screwed us over. I believe a lawsuit is pending. While I'm not thrilled with this (duh), I am enough of a realist to realize that it could have happened to any of us. God knows we've hired workers for our home who did some of the worst work ever that we had to have another fix. So...no, I'm not happy, but I'm also not judging.
  2. Congrats, Nikolas. You are doing everything you can to destroy the reputation of good people who are trying their damnedest to get things done, despite an annoying know-it-all who feels that the Chapala web board is the place to air EVERY SINGLE GRIEVANCE that he has...which appear to be many. This is not snark; this is a resident who is sick to death of reading your every complaint. Do you have nothing better to do? Do you honestly believe most of the readers of this board give a hoot about your latest complaint? Do you honestly believe most of the residents of CH give a crap about a letter that you're going to send out where you just reiterate your latest beef? Go to the meetings. Give your opinions. Listen to the response. Don't like it? Then either run for a seat (election is upcoming, I believe) or volunteer to do some of the dirtier work that you're such an expert at. God knows there are plenty of things that could be done. Don't like the way things are going? Here's a novel suggestion: MOVE.
  3. LOL. I know this will be corrected, but I'd love to see the $13,000mxn specialist! On a more serious note, don't forget about http://www.doctoralia.com.mx. You can pick your specialist and set the filter for language, etc. It's nice to read the reviews of others. Also, for more choice, check out the list of doctors associated with RMC. While most of the specialists are from Guad, they come here for appointments and can also perform surgery here, too. Some more specialized procedures have to be done in Guad.
  4. It can be very reasonable, but an important suggestion for you: GET THE PRICE UPFRONT IN WRITING. If you're told something and then wait until the procedure is over, you may find yourself in for a --cough, cough -- surprise. Most of the docs/hospitals are quite honest, but some just looooooooove adding a "gringo tax."
  5. One suggestion, regardless of where, GET THE PRICE UPFRONT. If you wait until after a procedure is done, well...there is the blatant "gringo tax" by some. Most are quite honest, but... (sorry, this is a duplicate response due to another of your postings)
  6. I had to look up the procedure and then which doctor would you need to see...a urologist. I'm not making any recommendations, but there are 7 listed under Ribera Medical Center: https://www.hospitalrmc.com/copia-de-medical-directory 376.765.8200 Just a guess, but you may find that you have consultations locally but still have to go to Guad for the actual procedure. At any rate, hope this helps!
  7. and this is your hill to die on...smh BTW, I'm so happy you have your cardio's cell #...that really helped hubby when he was being ignored in their ER and had crap treatment. But, hey, all of those great reviews would have revived him, right? Right?
  8. WHAT??? Seriously, I haven't a clue what you're trying to say. FWIW, this isn't a pissing contest to find a winning hospital; it's just a place where folks post their experiences. The difference is that you don't seem to accept that many folks have had bad experiences there. You've had good ones, terrific; however, I stand by the fact that if I hadn't ignored their indifference to my hubby's condition and gone elsewhere, he would be dead now. I took him to the HSAT ER and he was given nothing more than a drip and placed on a monitor (BP, etc) that kept fritzing out. He had bloodwork but it wasn't interpreted, nor did anyone say "Oh, shit!" when looking at the results that were so red flag that Ray Charles could have interpreted them. That isn't a fake posting or a promotion for RMC (they weren't involved), but a fact. You can continue to use them and power to you. As for me, I wouldn't risk it.
  9. Major apologies for not remembering Victor's name. 🤪 It's no excuse, but I was so upset when it all happened and then so absolutely over the moon with the workmanship when I went to pick it up that you could have told me I'd won the Lotto and I would have smiled and driven off.
  10. And how much are YOU paid, happy, to keep defending HSAT when others have had genuinely bad experiences? Unless Zeb is a professional linguist, it's pretty hard to fake two totally separate types of writing styles.
  11. Happy, I could get lost in a paper sack, but no, it's very close to Chopo (unfortunately, have had to use the lab more times than I want to count).
  12. Glad to hear you had a happy experience. I honestly didn't want one when we first got here because I couldn't see the need. Now, having lived here for 17 years of who-know-how-many power outages, it's been a godsend and has paid for itself many times over.
  13. Just because you had a good experience doesn't change that of others. I call BS on your "knowledge" of others' experiences. I DO speak from personal experiences and do not doubt Zeb.
  14. I've posted at least twice on RMC. My experiences were good and excellent. It would be nice to hear from others.
  15. I had a guy crunch my poor car this Wednesday and it was just the topper to a totally crap month (don't ask)😱. Anyway, I drove the lateral road near Chopo labs where there is a gym and 2 car repair shops. I stopped and got a quote from Roberts, found it fair and had my car in on Thursday. I also decided to get a little paint work done on the back bumper from a minor collision with a fountain (it was the fountain's fault...I know it moved!). The owner (I'm so sorry I forgot his name) called me and said it would be ready this afternoon instead of the original Saturday. I went, was absolutely impressed as hell by the quality work, and drove home a very happy camper! Even with the extra work, it was still less than my deductible would have been if I'd gone that route. I just wanted to give a shout-out to a shop that does quality work at a very fair (ie, no gringo-gouging) price. The owner speaks excellent English and is extremely personable. I drove in on Thursday convinced that the world had painted a huge target on my back and came home today feeling like a sandbag or two had been lifted off of my shoulders. On a more serious note, if you need auto body work, I absolutely recommend this shop.
  16. I truly respect Pete, but this is one time that I disagree. I can accept that he's had good experiences there, but I also know why. I can't be specific about any one doctor - for all of the obvious legal reasons - but I will say that what certain doctors believe you have ($$!!)/or don't have (-$) will make a HUGE difference in how they treat you. Yes, this is true anywhere, but more so here. I don't say this lightly but from direct, personal experiences (Note: plural). And in many cases, "first time" posters aren't, but they choose to use a 2nd name because they get attacked if they don't goose step along with the popular opinion. I've had several folks tell me their own horror stories, but they will never post here for that very reason. Quite frankly, some of the stories are scary as hell. I grew up in a medical family; I understand that not everyone is going to get well or have a perfect ending but there is a huge difference between health care and health scare. While I take some of the "newbie" comments with a large grain of salt, I also believe that sometimes people are so incensed that they come to this forum in frustration to write of their own experiences. And I will take my own experiences, but YMMV.
  17. Well, it's safe to say that I've been around quite a while and I've already told the hubster that I would rather potentially risk my health by going ANYWHERE other than SAH than to definitely risk it there. This is based on several experiences, not just one...and had I not ignored their indifference, spouse would be dead. Is that junk enough for you? I also need to add that recently he was hospitalized at RMC for 6 days and the care was outstanding. Yes, we're very lucky to have choices and after trying others, RMC and Hospital Ajijic (love the father, Dr. Rodriguez) are mine.
  18. It amazes me how desperate you must be for attention, regardless of whether it's good, bad, or indifferent.
  19. Not real estate, just a lot of electrical lighting (security), appliances, etc. I'd do whole-house electric if we could. While it's not for everyone, it really paid for itself super-quick. Oh, and I heartily recommend a solar heater, too.
  20. Mainecoons beat me to it, but if you think you're going to stay here, then the investment in solar is so, so worth it. We had the same problems with DAC, etc, and finally decided it was a case of fewer toys for less electricity or going solar. Our toys won and we put in 20 panels. We're probably going to do a few more even though we still make a bit over what we use. I'd rather give the extra to CFE than have to always wonder how much higher the bill is going to go. $52/month works for me. FWIW, the panels have more than paid for themselves.
  21. Again, there is nothing wrong with being frustrated by the morosos...this has been an ongoing issues for years. As I've stated in the past, it appears that our current BOD has finally managed to unlock the legal code for action ro be taken. It isn't a case of giving a free ride, but you have to do it legally or the consequences could be severe. Are YOU willing to risk money and/or your property because you jumped the gun? I've walked the walk (served on the board) and I know just how difficult and frustrating it can be.. Just because NT is frustrated doesn't mean that most of us aren't. It's his presumption that only he has the answer and the other 200+ residents must be either ignorant or willingly sucking it up and paying for deadbeats. Obviously, this is not the case. What else is not the case is that this forum is a place to vent EVERY SINGLE DAY because he didn't get his way. One last item to note: I'm not saying that a certain website is his, but it ran very close to slander. I am also going to assume that the "anonymous" note (how brave!) that was put in mailboxes was by the same author. Someone is not too bright.
  22. I'm going to be very basic here because what I really want to say would be the equivalent of bringing a cannon to a water fight. Quite simply: enough already! You go on and on and on and keep dragging your personal fight against the BOD of Chapala Haciendas to a public forum because your financial brilliance hasn't been recognized. Instead of acting like a spoiled brat, try telling us what you've actually done to make a difference. No, I'm not talking about your supposed sure-fire method of saving our financial world, but actual deeds. The only thing I've seen you do so far is to bitch every day about "X" injustice. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help for legitimate concerns, you have beaten this to death. You are one SMALL house out of over 200 in this fraccionamiento. Doesn't it ever occur to you that there is a reason why the vast majority aren't marching to your drum? Maybe it's because they understand that you have to work within the system to make changes, not act like you're on a crusade. Don Quixote you ain't. As one of my favorite judges (get 'em, Judy!) always likes to say: "if you're not happy, MOVE."
  23. Oh, I love a happy ending! Good for your friend Marcos for giving the pup a home.
  24. And that added what, happy? We have one resident who likes to air all of his grievances on this site, and then wonders why he's not a highly respected member of the local community, and we have you adding your opinion when you have nothing of value to offer. As for me, I'm happy here and hope others are just as happy where they're at. As a TV judge often says, "Stick a fork in me, I'm done."
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