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  1. I appreciate the confirmation that it's a New Balance belt, but I already mentioned that...still, it's nice to be right when guessing what something is . The bit in the back is for a battery so that's why I asked if maybe it was part of a pedometer (older style)or something. There is absolutely nothing on their website and it's probably been quite a few years since he passed (and to be honest, he was not exactly young so doubt it had been used for a very long time), so this may end up staying in the "???" category (after the dumpster). ETA: I checked out the stretchy belts, too, but they were more for carrying things and/or with illumination. This reminds me more of a counter (like the little "button" on my bike wheel that measures the number of times my wheel turns and sends that info to a counter to determine the distance) that sends information to the "base."
  2. Hi, all. Hope someone here can help identify this thing. My friend is clearing some things of her deceased spouse and came upon this. I know it's a New Balance belt, but that's about it. Is it a pedometer that "communicated" with a set of shoes or...? I've tried going online w/NB, but nothing close. TIA.
  3. Yes, it does explain a lot! It appears that the hospital has partnered with a group that overcharges US hospitals and MEDICARE. It explains why the normal billing has doubled and then some at that hospital (gotta get some of that lovely gringo cash!). What a pity as that hospital started out so promisingly. Another hospital used to use them and then booted them out (about the only good thing I can say for it). Just to give a personal example: when hubs had to see a specialist, they charged our insurance TWELVE times the going rate for a specialist. I am not exaggerating when I say that it was approximately $9600mxn for a normal $800mxn appointment. We immediately submitted letters stating that we no longer wished to be a part of their plan. Of course, our insurance never queried it because it was either cheaper than or close to what they would pay in a US facility. Of course, they also appeared to be using US addresses, so... FWIW, we did NOT know any of this until I one day happened to actually open up an Explanation of Benefits online and saw what was occurring. Yes, my fault for not bothering to check, but it never dawned on me that they were that bold.
  4. At one time, there was a company that "accepted" MEDICARE here, but let's just say that the methods were questionable (for obvious reasons, I can't say any more). Since MEDICARE outside of the US is a flat "no," I would love to hear how these seminars would suggest how they could LEGALLY pull off this juggling act. Below is taken directly from the MEDICARE site: Medicare may pay for inpatient hospital, doctor, and ambulance services you get in a foreign country in these rare cases: You're in the U.S. when a medical emergency occurs, and the foreign hospital is closer than the nearest U.S. hospital that can treat your medical condition. You're traveling through Canada without unreasonable delay by the most direct route between Alaska and another U.S state when a medical emergency occurs, and the Canadian hospital is closer than the nearest U.S. hospital that can treat the emergency. You live in the U.S. and the foreign hospital is closer to your home than the nearest U.S. hospital that can treat your medical condition, regardless of whether an emergency exists.
  5. I don't hold out much hope for it. I did a couple of speed tests and still showing around 30...then the last one was 38.26 download and 48.52 upload. I'm glad we have a backup because this is underwhelming.
  6. First of all, despite our many, many differences, I'm really sorry to read your story. I can't even begin to imagine the pain and anger you must be feeling. Based on a truly bad experience hubby had at what was probably the same hospital, I don't doubt your story. There is something a bit frightening to me and how readily some will dismiss legitimate experiences because they happened to get "lucky," ie, didn't die.
  7. I know BisbeeGal is still around. She sent me a very nice PM to answer a question I had posted. Hope the same is true of the others mentioned.
  8. Mixed bag is definitely accurate. Due to several medical conditions, we've had to "sample" many of the local docs and hospitals, also several in Guad. In a nutshell, locally, there is one hospital that I would never again cross the threshhold unless I wanted the patient to suffer. After giving it several chances, I honestly believe that they "size you up" and determine whether or not they think you can pay their fees. You can have all the insurance in the world that covers everything, but if you like to dress casual, you clearly aren't for them. Another is overly priced (gringo gouging), but gets the job done as long as you stay with the patient. While the docs are great, the nursing staff leaves a LOT to be desired. The third, Hospital Ajijic is a terrific option for general practice, bloodwork, and diagnoses. If you need specialized treatment, you'll be referred to the appropriate doc. You won't walk away feeling like someone's hand is in your cash. Of course, others have had different experiences, so you just have to decide what works for you. Due to an emergency, hubby was taken to Hospital Real San Jose in Guad for treatment that was unavailable locally. It was incredible. Everything was top-notch from the specialists to the four star hospital room to the staff. Everything was geared for the patient's comfort. The total charges probably had our insurance company dancing a jig. Since we pay first and then are reimbursed, I know I did a little tap dance 😏. We've also used other specialists in Guad (the joys of getting older...more than one issue). The care and attention is everything you would want at a price that is fair. So, I guess my basic and long-winded answer to your question is yes, the care can be better and cheaper, but you have to do your homework. I've mentioned this before, but http://www.doctoralia.com.mx is a great place to go if you need a specialist. You can see if there are any extra training/specialties, the qualifications obtained, schools, real reviews, languages spoken and more. If you don't speak Spanish, grab a friend who does; it's worth it.
  9. Considering the PM you sent me, you really have zero room to talk.
  10. While the OP may have his moments, he simply asked a question. Your response was ugly and uncalled for.
  11. Does anyone have any information on this place? I don't often go into Ajijic or beyond because of the traffic, but I was scooting along and saw this place for the first time. TIA.
  12. I'm really sorry to hear that. We didn't agree on almost anything, but he was often quite entertaining. RIP, Senor Snork.
  13. THE FINAL UPDATE: I checked the speeds just a few minutes ago and got this: TELMEX (fiber optics) 26.14 download 8.41 upload Starlink satellite 143.08 " 2.03 " Starlink/w range ex. 79.57 " 3.39 " While 26.14 is a definite improvement over the original circus, it's still pales in comparison to the satellite. The nice thing is that it's fast enough for most streaming, so we'll probably keep it for a bit longer as a backup. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but it's always nice to have choices. My take on all of this is that for those of you about to have fiber optics installed, be sure to check EVERYTHING before the guys leave and that you're comfortable with the answers. I don't think they're bad people or were trying to set us up or anything like that, but they're definitely on the clock for the time that they spend at each place and you might be the one where they accidentally forget something. JMHO
  14. And how many will lose their jobs because the employer can't/won't pay? It sounds like a good idea on paper, but reality may be very different (I'm not taking a stand on this, just an observation).
  15. The last I checked, it was about 30, so someone must have toggled something or whatever they do. It's really strange because we got the SMS that said they couldn't provide fiber optics yet it was there (barely). Today, it came in at a respectable speed, yet no SMS. For now, we'll keep it as a backup, but Starlink has my loyalty.
  16. Mine are androids and when I'm asked if I want Google to recognize the device, I say yes, but it still happens. I have to be fair and say that I'm clueless, so there may be something that I'm missing. It's a pita, but better safe than sorry and all of the other cliches.
  17. THE UPDATE: First, a big THANK YOU! to Ibarra. The installers left without connecting our phone line to the modem (or much else if I'm honest) and so we tried the direct connect. It worked. Whoo hoo, we have telephones again. There are still a few problems to be ironed out, but the main one is gone. I'm still of the opinion that I'd rather stick with Starlink (waaaaaay faster) and cells but we'll keep it for now as a backup. So, once again Chapala.com came through with help - thank you all!
  18. Thanks all for the suggestions, but right now we don't have a fiber optics line as evidenced by the non-existent speed and conflicts.The installation was poorly done because the reps had been here a while and wanted to go to their next job. Meanwhile, we are far worse off than we were before they got here. Thank goodness it was free because I'd hate to think we paid for this crap. Hubby is going to try the above suggestions, along with a few others, but this is pushing me more to cancel TE,LMEX permanently. Starlink is fantastic and we have cell phones, so why bother? ETA: we do have cordless phones. BTW, has TELMEX opened back up for customer service?
  19. I get hit every single time with the 2 step process and have passwords (PIN) on every single device. Obviously, I'm a technodino, so I'll just grumble a bit and realize that technology has not only knocked me down and run over me, it's backing up and reversing on my a** a few more times.
  20. Well, it finally happened. I received probably half a dozen SMS messages on my phone to tell me that fiber optic was now available, but when I got to the calendar to make an appointment, nothing was available (so why bother sending a message?). Anyway, yesterday came the knock on the door as a very courteous TELMEX installer asked me if we wanted the fiber optic installed as they were doing it for two of our neighbors. Of course, we did! Even though we have satellite, why not as a backup, right? Whoo boy, was that a big mistake. Installation was...hmmm...interesting, but I won't go into all of the details because most are small things. Let's just say that they were here a lot longer than they expected to be. For the longest time, the signal wasn't there. Finally, it was, but we couldn't connect. Then, we could connect, but not our range extender. One of two computers had problems but we figured it was a problem with that particular one since the other one was working. The guys leave. About this same time, I get an SMS from TELMEX apologizing and saying that they were unable to provide the fiber optic to us (??????). So, if we try to connect using it (because it's there), the speed is...ready?...3.11 download and .93 upload. Wow, what amazing speed. I'm blinded by the rushing wind! I just did another one and got 9.06 and 3.35 -- still less than the old modem. Then, I tested using our range extender and the satellite... for 135.13 download and and 7.61 upload. Oh, and after the guys left, we lost phone service and it still isn't back. So..TELMEX???
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