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  1. Or, go to http://www.rollybrook.com and you can do your own finquito. Don't try to take shortcuts. If you're not sure, use a pro. We had to "temporarily" terminate our maid (exact same hours/days as yours) when she needed hip replacement surgery. We did the calculations, paid her an extra couple of months to support her and were pretty liberal on the final amount. We had her sign a termination letter (in Spanish) and made sure she understood where the calculations came from. She got a copy of that, too. After a few months to recover, we rehired her. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, RickS said:

    These days this is the norm everywhere I shop, both in Colorado and also where I am in Florida. But I haven't run across any 'angry' staff. Just doing their job seems to me. 

    I'm glad your experiences have been different, but mine have been about 50/50. A lot of the stockers get that "bored/disinterested/angsty-teen" look on their faces when you actually try to go down an aisle where they're stocking--always during business hours and always with crap spread out all over the place.  I'm polite. I say "excuse me," etc, but it doesn't matter. I get the impression that many are unhappy working there. Then again, it's Wally's World, so enough said. 

    I will give WM one big "attaboy" for bringing in new items on test runs. There is a particular item that showed up one the shelves one day (four or five) and I bought them all. The next time I went, there were none, but just a few days later, the item was fully stocked and at a very competitive price. I've noticed this with a couple of other items. So, I have to be fair and say it's not all doom and gloom. 

    FWIW, I prefer to go to Soriana's whenever possible. The biggest downside is that the selection is so much less. The upside is the folks there are friendly. 

  3. And the verdict is...

    I'm not sure.

    I've gone to LLCh twice. The first time was with a friend and it was phenomenal. The food was great, the prices were reasonable, and the service was good. I liked it so much that I decided to bring hubs to try it. Well, it wasn't good. While it wasn't exactly bad, if it had been my first time, I would never have returned. The waiter tried, but he seemed flustered. There weren't so many patrons that he couldn't keep up; he just couldn't handle our order. Why? I have no idea. It wasn't complicated. Our soup was barely lukewarm. Hubs's meat dish was tough and he had to really saw to cut it up. My dish arrived with fries when I asked for a salad. The fries that they brought were a mix of fresh and refried -- a major no-no (the refrieds always make me wonder if they were taken off of someone else's plate, recooked, and then tossed onto ours). My order was clearly forgotten as hubs got his and mine didn't show up for another 10 mins or so and the waiter couldn't look at me as he delivered it. He knew he screwed up and forgot to put my order in. It was a basic dish, nothing special, but our meals should have been together. FWIW, mine was actually quite tasty. I had ordered a dish for takeaway and that never came. There were other problems, but these were the worst.

    I'm keeping the specifics a bit vague because I'd like to give the place another chance without it being too obvious. Hopefully, our experience just happened on an off day, but if my next visit is as bad, then I'll know my first amazing meal was a miracle, not the norm.

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  4. 1 hour ago, RickS said:

    Yes, I know that "we/I" have forever stated that that would be fraudulent, but I for one have never verified with Medicare or my Advantage insurance company as to the issue. Have you? Incidentally all MA policies are issued by private companies, not Medicare themselves. As such they get to have some different "rules" from/than Medicare. Maybe this is one that they "allow" but just don't advertise to the masses.

    I am asking Jeff Goble to provide me with some "proof" that what he is saying has been vetted by MA company (s) or is he just winging it and just hasn't been caught....yet!?


    Through the magic that is the internet, I took 5 seconds and found this:  https://www.medicareinsurance.com/can-i-use-my-medicare-coverage-overseas/#:~:text=Just the Essentials… 1 Original Medicare plans (Parts,allow you to use your Medicare coverage overseas

    Obviously, nothing is set in stone, but it still appears that you can only use Medicare overseas in special instances. Anything else still appears to be fraud. If you're so sure that this guy is the answer, then why not go straight to a Medicare rep (phone call or online chat) and get it straight from the source? Everything I've seen so far, whether Medicare, Medicare Advantage or a gap coverage says the same thing:  it may be possible for an emergency WHILE TRAVELING. It doesn't say you can live overseas and collect. 

    If anyone has proof otherwise, I'd love to be proven wrong. We pay for it; we should be able to use it.


    ETA:  QUOTE:  

    But those retiring overseas -- or travelers enrolled in the traditional Medicare program or whose Medicare Advantage plan does not cover foreign travel -- will need to purchase health insurance from another source.

    Medicare beneficiaries who are traveling and who have no other coverage must either buy short-term travel insurance or a Medigap policy that covers foreign emergencies. Medigap plans C through J offer travel emergency coverage, but the benefit applies only during the first 60 days of any trip.  UNQUOTE

    QUOTE:  Retirees who are moving to a foreign country cannot use Medicare to pay for health care while they are living overseas. The options for retirees are to buy private coverage, to pay into a government-sponsored system in their new country of residence, or to go without coverage. If the retiree is moving to a country with a strong national plan, he or she may be able to pay into the plan and receive coverage similar to that accorded residents of the country. If national insurance isn't an option, many companies offer "expatriate" health insurance plans. Choosing the right plan depends on where the retiree is moving. For example, if a retiree is traveling somewhere remote or with poor local health care, evacuation coverage may be important. Another country may offer excellent health care, but each doctor visit may cost a lot of money, so a plan that covers outpatient doctor visits may be necessary there. No matter where the retiree is moving, another consideration is whether the plan covers pre-existing conditions. UNQUOTE

    Both of these were taken from the site http://www.elderlawanswers.com



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  5. You're absolutely right. I unintentionally tied two posts together. Hopefully, everyone got the main gist of my posting. At the end of the day, I know that SuperDavid is just a very, very bitter old man whose life didn't turn out the way he expected it would. 

    BTW, you gave me my first belly laugh of the day with your comment about your dog! 

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  6. 29 minutes ago, RickS said:

    Well the jury is still out (for me!) on whether or not the info he is espousing is false or not. Plan C (Medicare Advantage) DOES cover emergency and urgent care situations outside of the US. On a repayment basis.  

    There are two things that he is saying that I am not personally sure are true... but I intend on finding out. One is whether or not one can actually live outside the US but then 'pick' a location in the US to 'call your residence' for Plan C coverage. The second thing is if it is true that Plan C coverages have NO 60-day limit as does Original Medicare. 

    Below is a link to video where a Panamanian hyper  has Jeff Goble on to discuss this use of  Medicare Plan C if one resides outside of the US. I don't know how 'old' the video is but it does have his phone # and email address given. 



    Unless you have an actual US residence and live there, you would be committing fraud. Whether or not you're caught is probably a roll of the dice. There is a group that did that here (and may be continuing to do so). Their billing is nearly the same as the US. Would you want to be responsible for those costs when/if they were investigated for fraud? 

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  7. Mod-2,

    I read what you wrote at the end of David's last posting and thought about it. I can't speak for others, but I can honestly say it's how I feel. So, here is my response:

    It's great to tell us not to respond to the trolls, but that's a bit simplistic. I can only speak for myself, but I see the damage he causes each and every time he posts about Chapala Haciendas. It's not perfect. We have good folks and bad folks, but each and every time he writes/posts, he goes on another rant about the rampant corruption/violations of Mexican law/fill-in-your-own-description that takes place  under our very noses and how no one, absolutely no one else except SuperDavid, sees it and is willing to fix it. If he only did this within our community, well, okay, every neighborhood has its Grinch, but he spews on this site where our words have real consequences. Telling us not to react is like telling the river not to flow. You can only dam so much. (yes, deliberate play on words)

    Even though I'm a technodino, I know how easy it is to just sign up with another name and continue on. Heck, Sr. Pedro had many over the years, but his "Snork!" always gave him away (not trying to compare the two). Obviously, it's your call whether or not to permanently ban him, but please don't dismiss our real concerns when we respond. 

    ETA:  I apologize if this comes across as a criticism as that is not my intention.


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  8. On 12/15/2022 at 4:48 PM, Lou Quillio said:

    Frankly, you needn't come to Mexico to find many entitled gringas imposing their darling, ornamental child-proxies on strangers, nervily daring someone to object, spleens ready to vent.

    Naturally, the same doesn't apply to my emotional-support gerbil Ernie, who mostly stays in my pocket. Mostly.



    Sadly, I'd rather deal with someone's proxy-child than most of the actual children whose parents seem to think their precious little num-nums is just so cutesy running around screaming at the top of hims widdle lungs.

    OK, that was MAINLY a joke, but yeah, as much of an animal lover as I am (and I am a HUGE one), there are just some places that a non-service animal shouldn't go. Except gerbils. Emotional support gerbils are welcome everywhere.

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  9. 9 hours ago, Eric Blair said:

    Just to put the record straight, I do not owe one peso to anyone in Mexico. 

    I believe that you are confusing me with an insurance company that pays for losses caused by the negligence and incompetence of some people. 

    Within the next 48 hours, I will be putting a page up on Facebook that will both inform and educate people with regard to not only  my thoughts, but the Mexican laws that apply to Chapala Haciendas.

     So before you decide to point fingers as someone, know the facts in the applicable laws and in a way common sense. With all due respect of course.

    I do have one final request, and that is directed to the moderator. Dear moderator:

    If you believe that I am a troll, and/or my posts have no merit or value, please do your job and ban me from this board. If you don't feel these ways, then why don't you say something to the people that are continually hijacking threads and being nasty. Do you know the impression that a lot of people get about what many people Lakeside are like? This board is a great place for getting information, it is also a showcase for people that I believe are a vocal minority, and that I would want to have nothing to do with them just as they would not want to have anything to do with me.

    Happy, healthy, and safe holidays and may God bless each and every one of you.

    Just to put the record straight, I once served on the board of Chapala Haciendas. Many good people are (and have been) trying to make things work as smoothly as possible for the benefit of the residents. You, on the other hand...

    I started to write more in-depth about this issue, but realized that I'd be sinking to your level. All I will say is that I can smile at my reflection in the mirror, imperfect though it is. I genuinely wonder how you face yours.

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  10. This probably won't help, but...when I had to return a purchase and received credit, I just used it on my next purchase. If I remember correctly, it was nearly automatic. Is there anything else you can purchase to use it?

    ETA:  wow, this hit nearly at the same time as MostlyLost. Guess great minds DO think alike! (lol) 

  11. On 12/10/2022 at 7:03 AM, timjwilson said:

    For what it's worth, we service my diesel 7 KW generator ourselves; buy the oil at Autozone and get the filter from Amazon. With a propane rig there may be more to servicing like spark plug/wire replacement. 

    Yeah, with the propane and the connection, neither of us feel comfortable enough to do it. Murphy's Law is almost guaranteed in this case!

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  12. OK, this is really beating the poor horse to death, but I did not say anything about an authorized service agent. PLEASE READ WHAT I ACTUALLY WROTE. I stated that the guy we used to use was no longer available. It is NOT an emergency, but I was asking if anyone had recommendations. Period. I would never recommend a car mechanic for a generator, especially for a whole house generator as the size alone would make that impossible...not to mention that it is also permanently in place and the size of a small pony. In fact, it IS larger than many Cummins engines (I looked them up). So...maybe you should leave the comments to those that are actually qualified to comment?

    I realize that when folks comment here, it's usually to help or offer ideas; however, they usually have a general understanding of the posting they're commenting on, or at least are familiar enough that their suggestion isn't too far off. In this case, no. I will go back to my vet recommendation and leave it at that.

    Oh, and not that it matters, but "he" (the OP) is a "she."



  13. OK, I know this is going to sound like a strange one, but when I got my Dolce Gusto machine, I just wanted pods to make espresso since I have a milk frother/steamer and only use plant milk. At the time of my purchase, the only DG pods available were in packages that had both espresso and milk pods (I was at Costco). I finally got my hands on refillable pods and can do my own espresso. So....now I have 34 milk pods that I will never use and just can't convince myself to throw them away because it seems so wasteful. If you're interested in free DG milk pods, please PM me and I'll be happy to give them/donate them to you.

  14. 2 hours ago, Ferret said:

    I nearly got creamed this morning turning left off the highway to go to iShop. Yes, I can turn left THERE because it's a one way street going SOUTH. The guy who nearly creamed me ROARED out at top speed from in front of Handy Mail to go east along the highway. Drive defensively always.


    Although most sane drivers will agree with Natasha's post, the fact is that there will always be the "I'm special" drivers and others who are long past their driving expiration date (sadly, they're the most clueless about their actual ability, but are still hell-bent to make it to wherever). Since Driver's Ed is NOT a part of the curriculum here and turn signals are used only when accidentally bumped, you have to watch out for yourself because no one else will. I always tell hubs that I expect something stupid by the other drivers and they never fail me. 

    FWIW, that drunken-frat-boy's-traffic-nightmare design at WM nearly got me on my scooter. I don't even blame the driver who nearly creamed me. The lights from Ajijic towards San Antonio are confusing as heck. Most don't know where to stop. And what genius thought it would make sense to put TWO stoplights nearly on top of each other, thus making it nearly impossible to turn into the side of WM because oncoming traffic doesn't know that it's the spot for libramiento traffic to turn into for the big blue box store?

  15. That is the location I went to, the phone number I called, and the e-mail was as listed in the GR. Sadly, I'm not impressed. I asked for a quote after they surveyed our current set-up to confirm that we could support more panels. It never happened. After waiting months, I sent out the e-mail, etc, etc, and have gotten nowhere. Guess it's time to give someone else a chance. Thanks all for your help!

  16. For Ferret who gave a solid response and a point-on comment:  unfortunately, Daniel Rodante is the one who let us down. Great guy, but instead of saying that he was no longer servicing generators in our area (he came in from Guad) or that he's moved, or has a new job or....he chose to just keep stringing us along. I still think very highly of him, but I'm truly disappointed. 

    For Bueno:  Thank you for the name! I'll give him a call. Even if he doesn't service B&S, he may know of someone. 

    For Rick:  I ran out of emojiis (again!), so thank you.

  17. 2 hours ago, lakeside7 said:

    Not quite sure why you should reply the way you did! You mentioned it was a  Gas engine, needing a Standard  filter and oil..I see no reason for a brain surgeon,  a regular  mechanic will do ok

    Sigh...as has been pointed out, I did NOT mention it was a gas engine just that it needed  a "standard" filter and oil. ETA:  By that, I mean for a GENERATOR. Next, this is a WHOLE HOUSE generator (which WAS mentioned) and now I will also add that since it's a WHOLE HOUSE generator, it's permanently attached and LARGE. Oh, and propane as someone with actual knowledge pointed out.

    For me, the snarky comment was well-deserved. When you insist on responding to a question that is clearly out of your depth, you continue head-first and look foolish. Perhaps the vet wasn't so off-target, after all?

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