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  1. Fred, I am so sorry for your loss. Please remember that you're human. You were bound to have days that were less "wine and roses" and more "vinegar and crabgrass." We're human and we're going to experience all sorts of moods when someone we love is suffering. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into the journey you traveled. I think you've helped many of us realize we need to plan ahead and not take anything for granted. As for Mexican culture...I couldn't agree more. Again, I am truly sorry for your loss.
  2. I found myself at odds many times with Lakeside7, but I'm sorry to hear he's passed. Heck, differences on this board are what keeps things interesting. I'm very sorry for the family's loss.
  3. I got a ticket when the (temporary) speed camera was actually operational on bridge by Itxlahuacan. I took it to an Oxxo to pay...to the great delight of the clerk. I got a big smile and a "tsk, tsk." I believe the cost was somewhere on the ticket.
  4. I know I'm very late to this topic, but I would recommend Dra. Lulu. While she isn't my regular vet, I went to her for a second opinion on an issue one of my dogs had. She was very honest and said that the care was beyond that of a general vet and he needed a specialist. She was right. She gave a recommendation and we trudged up to Guad for several appointments until our bow$er wa$ fine (lol). I really appreciated her honesty instead of making the dog suffer through worthless treatments that would only allow the condition to worsen. I have gone to her other times for regular care and was always pleased with her services.
  5. I don't know either you or Barbara, Fred, but it sounds like you are doing everything and more for your wife. You sound like an amazing man and I wish both of you all the best during this difficult time.
  6. With sincere respect to John (and it was very informative), that was in the 90s...this is 30 years later and I think it's safe to assume that things have advanced a bit. Whipstock made some very valid points and THERE ARE CAMERAS EVERYWHERE. Plus...if their cameras weren't operational on that day, whose fault is that? Unfortunately, we live in times where it's necessary to use ATMs, but that doesn't mean it's necessary for us to prove to them that they're not working properly. God, this one just has me pounding my poor keyboard. Get 'em, Lexy!
  7. My work here is done (insert evil cackle).
  8. If you're a vet, don't forget that you can get Fox Nation free for a year. Forget the political side of things, they offer a tremendous number of really interesting crime shows, documentaries, etc. We're binge watching Cops right now...bet you're already humming the theme song! lol You do need a VPN, though.
  9. It really sounds like they didn't investigate and just hoped you'd go away. The beauty of writing to the federal agencies is not that they'll actually resolve things in your favor, they're usually pretty powerless, BUT it forces the bank to investigate and document why it made the decision it did-- and that involves time and work. It also puts them on notice that you're not going away quietly.
  10. YVW, Lexy. I'm so mad on your behalf and even more so since it's USAA. I didn't want to go too far into this (time/space/don't want to bore readers), but here's something else to consider, based on our experiences w/HSBC: EVERYTHING is computerized. HSBC was our nemesis when it came to ATMs. I kept using them because the location was convenient (and clearly I wasn't the brightest bulb in this pack). Here's our story: We had been ETrade clients for over 20 years and loved them. Anytime I went to the ATM and received no money, I took the $0 receipt and went home to do a dispute...except I didn't have to because....ready?...computers! (ok, digital banking) It takes me about 15 minutes to get home from HSBC and by the time I pulled things up on the computer, the withdrawal was credited back to my account already because the machines/digital thingies would self-correct. Then, about 2 years ago, ETrade was acquired by Morgan Stanley (may they rot in hell). From that point on, whenever the machines failed to dispense the cash, it took a phone call, an upload of the receipt, a "provisional" credit and then at least a week before they graciously decided to give us back our own money. I'm not even exaggerating about the gracious part...the letter that they'd send made it sound like they were doing us a favor, us being poor peasants and all. Then, the day before Hubs was scheduled to be hospitalized and I wanted some cash for incidentals, the machine took my card. No warning, just CHOMP! I called to cancel the card and they FEDEXed a new one to our US address. When I tried to activate it, I couldn't. I called and was told that "due to the numerous disputes...blah, blah, blah." We had no access to our money other than online payments (credit cards). Morgan Stanley (may they rot in hell) didn't give a damn. I actually had a rep tell me that we should just wire money to our local bank every so often to access cash. Uh, what? Fortunately, I'm a retired vet, so we've moved nearly everything to Navy Federal Credit Union. We;re just waiting to ensure deposits have been transferred before I close the accounts with Morgan Stanley (may they rot in hell). I am soooooo looking forward to writing THAT letter🤗 ETA: the bank I've found the most reliable is the Banorte on the corner in Chapala. I've never had a problem w/them and the screen always shows what denominations are available.
  11. First, Lexy I'm so, so sorry this happened to you. Fixed income or not, NO ONE should lose money to an ATM/bank/thief. There are cameras everywhere in the ATM bank sites. If the machine's didn't work, then there are also ones in the ceiling. I guarantee that they know, but either someone has his hand in the cookie jar, or the bank just doesn't give a damn...or both. Don't drop it. FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE FEDERAL RESERVE: https://forms.federalreserveconsumerhelp.gov/secure/complaint/formComplaintIntro.html Will it make a difference? Hopefully, but even if you lose again, at least you will force your bank to scramble to respond to a federal entity. It's amazing how often this last stand works. More importantly, it's your money; fight for it! Write reviews on Yelp and anywhere else you can. Don't go quietly. (okay, hurrah speech over) BTW -- The machines at HSBC (next to Black Coffee) are also notorious.
  12. Hulu will eventually break the vpn. We had it and lost it several times and gave up. The programs on tvmob and livenet are good, but not reliable. Finally, we just got youtube tv because it works well with Express vpn. The vast majority of shows are there. It's not perfect, but it's definitely worth a look.
  13. pappy, you did a MUCH better job than I ever could at explaining what I meant. I know we can vote (and thanks for posting the link, Ibarra!) and all of that, but I was trying to explain why we wanted to stay linked with the US and didn't do such a hot job. The original point of the topic was trying to get a virtual phone and text, if possible, but it really branched out into some very interesting points. Again, I want to thank everyone for their help and I'm definitely stealing your lines about text, Lou!
  14. Of course you're right, Lou, and I realize that the party won't be forever. We once had Dish and didn't think twice about it...until it was an issue and we found out that the address used was questionable. These were early days and we honestly thought it was a regular Dish setup since we were still paying the company directly. It didn't take too long to find out otherwise, however. I have to take (a small) issue with your comment about the trend. My point wasn't about the media (we know better), but simply that the noose is really tightening for expats. It's very hard to open up accounts if you're no longer a US resident. When we decided to switch our brokerage because of the acquisition, it was hell trying to find someone that would TAKE our money! No state driver's license? It's a hard nope. Keeping a small toehold in the US is important because we want to vote in federal elections, bank in the US because our of our savings and pensions, and medical. I have no intention of leaving Mexico, ever. We're fortunate enough that we have insurance that will always cover us so heading back because of medical isn't an issue for us. BUT I never say never because I don't know what's around the corner...and should that day ever come, it won't be the day to scramble and try to get accounts established. My point is that they ARE tightening the noose...or you can call it enforcing rules that have always been there, whatever floats your boat, but just don't assume that because something is working now that it always will. JMHO, of course. I only make this claim because I've lived it...and I was very open and honest will all of the companies I dealt with about our residency, hence the issues.
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