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  1. I have a lot in San Antonio that someone is building two spec houses on and he is telling me that he has to pay $100,000p for IMSS. I was shocked!!!! He says it is based on the square meters of the project. Can someone verify this for me. I've never heard of this before. I thought IMSS was paid for individuals. I'm needing some facts here if anyone can help me.
  2. Yes, Gonzalez Sr. sees patients two days a week there and does surgeries there also. His son Gonzalez-Ross who is the back/spine specialist sees patients two days a week there also and does surgeries there as well.
  3. What the ever loving hell is this about? Please email me...I'm near tears
  4. I would really appreciate some clarification on this. This is insane. My husband has to go to Guadalajara for radiation treatments soon and we are both over 60 years of age. Who am I supposed to trust with my debit card to get money out of the bank to pay someone else to go the drug store, grocery store, etc.? Please Intercasa/Spencer join in this discussion.
  5. I'm guessing that Dr. Ramon Garcia Garcia wants US Dollars because the peso is so low compared to dollars. He also doesn't have to declare it to the government and pay Mexican taxes on that $$ when it is in US dollars. He probably also may have a bank account somewhere in the US that he can forward those US checks to for deposit. Just for reference purposes, he is also my husband's cardiologist and I am in no way bashing him for doing this. It is a new practice for him, I agree and a sign of the current economy.
  6. If you are not Canadian and have a direct account with Canada and a Canadian network ID - DO NOT CALL SHAW DIRECTLY. If you are Canadian and are using your own account then go fot it. Contact the person who hooked up your Shaw/Direct account in the first place and ask then what to do.
  7. No. They will stand at our door and ask you questions and enter their answers on their electronic devices. They are very nice. They have and show plenty of identification. And this census is done every 10 years as in the US. MIne took less then 15 minutes.
  8. I believe that this is Joel, the former chef at Gossip's and Avocado Club who is from NOLA, who has opened his own place. He is a very talented chef and has done a surprie private birthday dinner party for me once that was so special and creative. If I'm wrong, I know someone here will correct me.
  9. k2tog


    Just west (leaving Ajijic going towards Jocotopec) of the development called La Reserva. The first place in the little strip center is El Ancla, then Jitomate Gourmet, then the wonderful chocolate lady and then Nissa"s. There are quite a bit of great offerings for lunch and dinner and sweets in this one little strip.
  10. Are you confusing Morelia with Merida which is on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula and tropical and humid?
  11. RVGRINGO, Dr. Ramon Garcia Garcia is not retired. He has his office in the San Antonio Hospital. He is my husband's cardiologist and we are very happy to have him still practicing here. He also has a cardio lab not a stent lab. He has all the equipment to do cardio stress tests and doplar imaging of your heart carotid arteries.
  12. Mu husband got a simple and contrast CT Scan at Hospital San Antonio this week and we got the radiologist written report to our oncologist in Guadalajara later that same day. Our oncologist did not have any complaints about the scan. There were many views and they all looked pretty clear to me. Would highly recommend having it done here and not having to drive into and back home from Guadalajara if I didn't have to.
  13. No, he has a separate menu for lunch. Nachos, pastas, salads, soup of the day, fish of the day - smaller portions and a lower price. I love this place. He is such a talented young man who loves to cook and serves up beautiful plates of food visually. A group of us (8) were there last Friday and we all had a great experience. It was first time to go to lunch. I've been a regular dinner patron for a year or so. You get what you pay for at this restaurant. He's choices of proteins are interesting and well prepared and you are treated to a delightful evening or afternoon. It's a great place for a romantic dinner.
  14. What is the address for picking up your sticker? Thank you.
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