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  1. Please take note that no one has mentioned how good service is from E2 (now SmartPV). That's because I and everyone I know that purchased from them has never needed service! Also, I highly recommend getting proposals from 2 or more vendors. Pay particular attention to the manufacturers of the panels and the inverter. Personally, I wanted US, Japan, or European brands. Those vendors have stayed in business for many years. Many others e.g. Chinese have failed. Your 10 or 20 year warranty is useless when a maker is out of business. Finally, insist that your proposal shows the make and model number of every component. Without that information your warranty will be useless if the local company goes out of business.
  2. I know nothing about import procedures. You will note above that Intercasa is working on that. Contact him. However, should your special item suddenly find itself in Mexico you can (and should) register it and make it legal.
  3. You go your way and I'll go mine. Take Av. Vallarta north towards Tequila. After you cross a large elevated bridge turn right at the first signal. it's a km or so on your left.
  4. First, it is now an "outpost." it's the Army base in CDMX. The prices are great because they're not in business to make a profit. Any gun can and should be registered with with the Army at their base just north of Guadalajara. It's an easy process and they don't care where or how you got the firearm.
  5. Finding a good car 1-3 years old is easy, just visit the dealers. For anything older you're on your own, dealers don't carry anything beyond 3 model years old. Your best local options are Rafa at the Moyoyo car wash and Spencer at S&S.
  6. Rafa at the Car Wash is solid. You might get more info if you stated what vehicle you're looking for.
  7. All the major dealers in Guadalajara are easy to deal with and provide warranties. If you're looking for a specific brand then visit the dealer.
  8. Talk to Denise at Spencer's office, they solved a similar problem for me. 765-7553
  9. I heartily disagree. I'd had good service from them for a couple of years. Then when my engine started making a strange noise they wanted to tear the engine down and wanted a $2,000 Pesos deposit. I went to Pablo's Garage where they found a loose spark plug and charged me nothing. Escalera was off my list forever.
  10. Pablo certainly does. BTW, I've always been satisfied with Dalton. Escalera not to much. They wanted to tear my engine apart due to a strange noise. I said no and went to Pablo. He found a loose spark plug, tightened it, noise gone, No Charge! Never went to Escalera again. Pablo many times, always satisfied. Dalton only because my Rav is still in warranty. After it expires it will go to Pablo.
  11. What kind of problem are you referring to? There are several options at the airport and many off-airport.
  12. Amazon US ships to Mexico, no duties and low shipping charges. No need to have someone schlep the stuff down.
  13. Pretty much every gym has personal trainers. There are couple of trainers that advertize in the GR and Ojo.
  14. Ask in the Bakery department. It's not not but they will get some for you.
  15. Many folks lakeside got to the Costco on Lopez Mateos Sur, making the Superama on LMS the easiest to find. Look for the big Burger King sign on your way to Costco, it's easier to spot than the Superama sign.
  16. Jara and Amutio both have them. RV, the electric ones are not nearly as loud as the gas powered ones, they make as much noise as a vacuum.
  17. Why not talk to one of the reputable companies that install solar hot water? Regardless of which type of water system you have there are appropriate water heaters for you.
  18. I've had inaccurate results from Chopo. More than one Doc has told me CARE is better. Who knows? I've had to be retested twice at Chopo because of questionable results. I don't go there any longer.
  19. It's a better coastal climate then PV or Manzanillo. Never the less it will be hot and humid. Google may lead you to a web board there. Or, you could try Mexconnet which covers all of Mexico.
  20. My wire transfers cost nothing to send and only $100Pesos charge to receive by my MX bank.
  21. Yes, it's absolutely the best way. Talk to your bank, on large amounts mine gives me better than their posted rate that day. If you know a better way please share it.
  22. Have your bank transfer the $$ directly to your Mexican bank via wire transfer.
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