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  1. Tonight, Tuesday, 29 August, I was walking home from the Mariachi Concert in Chapala when I was alerted to the sound of a poor dog caged in a small kennel in the back seat of a silver Honda parked on Cinco de Mayo. A group including the original Mexican and a couple of foreigners had gathered to try and figure out how to solve the poor creature´s plight. What kind of people would be so cruel as to do such a thing to a little animal? I noted that the car had an I LOVE RIBA (Riberas??) decal and had an SSS Auto identification on it and I took a photo of the small dog kennel in the car´s back seat as well as the license plate of the vehicle. The one American suggested that I take a video to record the poor dog´s constant plaintiff barking but that is beyond my technical ability. I just cannot figure out what people like these must be thinking and I am certain that they can come up with lots of excuses for treating an animal that way but shame on them for causing that kind of distress. If they don´t believe it was stressful they should ask the crowd that gathered at the site what THEY thought of that type of behavior.
  2. Thanks to those who responded to my request. We will contact Ernesto this week.
  3. I really need a good, knowledgeable gardener for 2 to 4-hours once a week. I have had good companies but after the first month or so they send young guys who do not have the proper skills or who would rather take smoke breaks or play on the phone. When I complain the owner shows up and does a magnificent job only to be followed up by the young guys again. This service has been experienced five or six times in the past 11-years and I pay more than the going rate. The garden is small and my partner works on it as well. The two best gardeners I had quit to start a different business or go into drug rehab and never returned to the gift they had for making gardens beautiful. How I miss their gardening skills.
  4. A black and white cat with a short tail and a heart shaped figure on its right hip is in need of a home. He was found abandoned and in need of a double herniorrhaphy, had infected eyes and wasn't spayed. He is very friendly toward humans and follows you around but he is very aggressive towards other cats and dogs. He wants to be an only "child". I would love to keep him but I have 5 rescues and he won't share the territory with any of them. He spends a lot of time sleeping and lives on a front enclosed porch with access to a beautiful garden. He wants to be a house cat but he will not tolerate 5 other cats and they have been with me for a long time. He had used a litter box but now he uses the garden which has posed no smell or other problems. He is devoted to humans. He has had all of his shots, a double herniorrhaphy and he has been neutered. The vet thinks that he is about 2 years old. He is perfect for someone who lives in a place without animals who wants a laid back pet. He is very sweet and does not want to leave his territory so the vet thinks that he was just abandoned. I want him to find someone who will give him personal attention. I hope someone will love this poor creature and take him into their care. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE A BIG HEART LIKE THIS CAT AT trinitas03@gmail.com
  5. I ate lunch at a new Indian Restaurant at # 226 Hidalgo near the Santander Bank. Simple and clean atmosphere--nothing fancy. The chef is really from India and both he and his Mexican wife are very friendly. The menu and more information can be found on their Facebook page. Magnolia's Restaurant. They served the Indian food at 2 pm. Open from 9 am to 7:30 pm. Soft drinks and alcohol was also available. I really enjoyed the spicy (not super spicy) food with an iced beverage on the side.
  6. Hi,I read your story, and your update. Some people on social media are real asses. I wanted to ask you for your partner's lawyer friend in GDL. I have a problem and need a lawyer ASAP.  

  7. My split air conditioner is leaking "big time". I cannot use it at present. Does anyone know of a good, honest repair service here? I called a Mexican who claims to do that work and he asked me where I was from originally. I answered honestly and then asked him if he was a local person and he exhibited a real "attitude" asking what business was it of mine. I pointed out that I answered his question which could be construed as a "what business is it of yours..." but all the bells and lights went off in my head. I told him to forget the job. It was as if he was hiding something or afraid to reveal if he was a local or not. It would not have even been an issue if he hadn't asked me my place of origin. Now I want to make sure I get someone who will do the job well at a fair price. I looked at You Tube videos but fixing it requires a few tools that I do not have. I would rather have it done professionally.
  8. Thanks for the door bell info. I have one and I use it. I also have three cameras; one pointed to the front gate. To access the cameras I must turn on the TV and turn it to camcorder which takes too long so I depend on my front door camera bell which is, of course, activated as soon as the bell is pushed. I never answer the gate unless I recognize the person ringing the bell. My partner always answers the gate when he is home. Mostly the bell ringers are children running up and down the street ringing people's bells. 😊 This morning we went to INE (Instituto Nacional Electoral) in Jocotepec to see if we couldn't get the perpetrator's National ID Card cancelled. A very friendly gentleman at the desk said that their office could not do that but after he heard about the problem he gave my partner a phone number to connect with someone higher than the local office who might be empowered to act. That number sends us to FEPADE (Fiscalia Especializada En Delitos Electorales). Fingers crossed. Thanks to the poster for the bank info. Indeed I recognized that the "bank" in question was one of the non-banks that he mentioned--though bank is in its name. I added the minutiae about the INE and FEPADE for the poster who questioned my veracity. A big thanks to my friends who posted and to all who called out the poster who called this all into question. There is no fake news here!
  9. Geringohombre, you are absolutely WRONG. It is a TRUE and ONGOING FACT. I am insulted by your rash judgement. The only thing fake is your response.
  10. For those who asked me for more information about what has happened I can report that a few more things are now in play. Today a burly, tall man appeared at the gate and spoke to my Mexican partner and said that he was here and was going to take the TV. My TV is quite old so it is obviously not the one that they are looking for. I had heard the front gate bell so I went to a window to see what was going on. I could tell from the loud voices and gesturing that they were arguing. After about 10 minutes the gate was slammed shut but not before the man threw a piece of paper inside the gate. We had already gone to speak to the manager of the bank that made the loan and he suggested that we flag down a postal employee to return the bill as being sent to the wrong address. Sure, that worked! I reminded the bank that THEY were sending the bill to be collected so that they should contact the postal service. In any event, the postal service did nothing for me. The bank manager, in my opinion, was just too lazy to follow up on anything. It was all my fault as far as he was concerned. After today's episode it was off to the Ministerio Publico where a lawyer said that there was nothing that they could do unless a crime had been committed. Hmmm. Falsifying your National ID card, fraudulently obtaining a loan using someone else's address and submitting them to threats isn't a crime in Mexico? Now my Mexican partner was furious. He contacted a very connected Mexican lawyer in Guadalajara who he had gone to school with and he took the case. He was angry that everyone was passing the buck. We sent pictures of the person who got the loan and gave him her phone number (she won't answer the phone at this point) and also her daughter's phone number and where the daughter works. She is protecting her mother and her mother's information. The lawyer is "going over the heads" of the local people and is delivering some sort of legal papers to the bank manager. The lawyer said that this has been outrageous and that the local "powers that be" need to be held responsible for their inaction. Well, we will see. So, the problem is moving on. Tomorrow we must visit the office in Jocotepec to get the ID card cancelled (they told us on the phone that it won't be cancelled until 2021). We hope to see if that can be expedited. I hope to have good news if this is updated again.
  11. I have tried other products but found them all to be this side of useless. I get all the silly shows you mentioned and more and SHAW has been the only real TV that has worked for me. The other gadgets were long on promise but short on delivery. Remember, we don't have the fastest WIFI in the land here and I live in downtown Chapala so getting a million channels with products that depend on WUFI have just left me frustrated. I get NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC and though I have never tuned it in--FOX. There are local shows from various American and Canadian cities and No, I do not get SHAW for free nor do I sell it as a product. I am only telling you of the fruits of my long search through many other methods of getting the channels I want. I would be happy to get even a better list of channels but SHAW has been the best I have found so far (I am still on the hunt). This has been my opinion after 8 years of searching.
  12. I was minding my own business this afternoon hanging out with my sister when the doorbell at the front gate rang. My Mexican partner answered it to find 2 local police officers standing in front of the gate. They said that they had come to find a former Mexican acquaintance of his who lived at our address. He told them that he had known her in the past but that she had never lived at this address nor did he ever know her address. The police showed him a copy of her Mexican identity card and, sure enough, she had put our address. My partner insisted that he had no idea where she was or what happened to the money. The police told him that the bank would be coming next week to confiscate household items to repay a loan if it wasn't paid in full by then. Needless to say, my partner was beside himself with anger. He told them they would not be permitted on the property or in the house. They told him that it was his problem--pay the loan back in full or they will be back for furniture and other household goods. My partner knows where the woman's minor daughter works and after he punched a cement wall near the front gate he went up to find her at work. She told him that her mother went to Michuacan without an address. He told her that she had better tell her mother that he was getting a good local lawyer and having her arrested for falsely using our address on her Mexican ID card and taking out a loan using our address. I keep reminding him that it CAN'T be legal to hold us responsible for her loan. We signed nothing for her to get her loan and that she used a falsified ID card. On the other hand I have been trying to get rid of an old couch that the cats have destroyed and I would be glad to let them have it. He didn't see the humor. If I had been able to speak Spanish better than I can I would have intervened to ask the police if I was able to get a loan on a false ID using their address would my default be "their problem". I am sure that it would have been a different answer. I also suspect that the bank cannot legally do anything to us in this case and that the police were encouraged to scare us into paying her loan off by next week. I had another Mexican friend who legitimately used my address and the loan wasn't granted until a bank representative actually showed up at the front gate to verify the address and information with me. What a business model this case is--give someone a large loan without verifying the address first.
  13. Thanks for the info, APACHEWOMAN. I knew about it as I taught nursing for 21 years and have had personal experience with it. Almost all articles focus on RLS when you are trying to sleep but mine will occur while I am seated in an airplane for 12 hours. I will be able to stand up at times and I have a lot of experience doing leg exercises (I used to fly to West Africa from the U.S. with only a stop in Paris) but I rarely experienced relief. I don't have Diabetes and my diet is good. RLS is one of those terrible syndromes that lack research funding to find treatments. I appreciate your research on my behalf. 😉
  14. Thanks for the responses. I have tried all other RLS meds with the help of the Neurologist and my cardiac physician (Dr. Briseño) at Quality Care. I will ask him about using Rivotril. I only need it for the 12 hour trips to and from Europe with a dose two days prior to the trip to make sure that I do not have an allergic reaction on the plane. Recently I have met so many people down here with RLS and I knew many in the U.S. when I worked in health care there. There really are / were only 4 drugs recommended for RLS and now that Requip is no longer available it is down to 3. I dread the flight going to Europe but I have no choice and the individual I am accompanying was refused a transit visa to take a shorter flight from the U.S. I guess that they view him as a danger to life and limb 😠.
  15. I am on a slew of cardiac meds and, of course, frequently hear from the pharmacy I normally use that "they don't make that anymore". Usually I find that to be false and after I buy it at another pharmacy and show it to my usual pharmacy (I do not say Pharmacist because I often doubt that the person waiting on me is truly a Pharm D. or has much training in the field of pharmacy) the guy suddenly discovers that they really do still make the drug I need. I know that a physician has to own the pharmacy but they do not have to personally staff it here. Now I really need help. I need to buy about 20 tabs of REQUIP GO (aka ROPINIROLE WINTHROP EFG (o.25 mg). The Internet says that you can get it in Mexico but every pharmacy I go to locally and in Guadalajara says that they no longer manufacture it. I need it because I will be travelling 12 hours each way on a plane (OMG) and I have RLS. Yes, I know that there are three other drugs to treat the condition--I have tried them and had an allergic reaction to them. Yes, I have tried various OTC preparations from the U.S. that friends have brought me but they have done nothing to help. I can live with Restless Leg Syndrome at home where I can walk, run and jump it off but to be in a metal tube for 12 hours each way will be agony--and I don't want to end up on You Tube being carried off a flight raving like a lunatic. It is a flight over the Atlantic Ocean and I don't swim. 😉 Does anyone know where I can get this? No one is coming back from NOB before my trip or I would ask them to just get a script for the Requip (I know of no physician who would refuse a script to anyone complaining of RLS) and buy a box. Now I am getting desperate.
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