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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your condition. My heart genuinely goes out to you during such a difficult time. Right now, Mexico has a serious problem with a shortage/lack of certain controlled substances and opiates (methadone, ketamine and others that require a certain ingredient that cannot be obtained for whatever reason.) The pharmacists are frustrated as well, and have no idea when those meds will become available. However, other opiates (such as oxycontin) are available. Every drug works differently on every person, so I hope one can be found for you. May I offer my suggestions based on personal experience: Sam Thelin: he is not a pain management specialist and has absolutely no meaningful training in that area. He is capable of administering an IV with morphine, but is not capable of avoiding elementary errors as he has made catastrophic error(s) in the past with a patient by prescribing conflicting opiates which sent that patient to hell. Last I heard, he does have a license to prescribe opiates. Proceed with caution. Dr Maytorena: Very well trained and compassionate, but does NOT have the license to prescribe opiates. He studies a lot in how to manage pain and can prescribe non-controlled substances and could be worth speaking to. Dr. Garcia at Maskaras: he is an internist and not a pain specialist, but has been a physician for several decades and is quite compassionate; he has a license to prescribe controlled substances and appear to have a good foundation, and knows better than to mix certain opiates. He is a compassionate person and so far I have been very happy with his knowledge and service (knowing he is not a pain specialist, but is in town which makes things convenient.) The Lakeside pain management doc is one that comes to town once a week and while I don't know much about her training, she does have the license to prescribe opiates, but demonstrated to be very unreliable (canceling appts w/no notice to a patient, thus leaving the patient out of meds.) Dr Lastra is very compassionate and I know he does home visits. However, last I heard he does NOT have the license to legally prescribe opiates. His method is to buy them himself and sell them to you at a markup. That is not legal (although given your situation, that might not be something you understandably care about right now). Maybe he has a license now, but I would ask him first, as w/o a valid prescription on your person, you could get into some trouble, which is the last thing you need. Again, I'm so very sorry you find yourself in the position you are in. Please contact Dr. Garcia at Maskaras. He has the license, compassion, and there is always a doc on call there. There does not appear to be a decent pain management specialist located here in Ajijic w/the license to prescribe controlled substances, but I hope you can find a doc knowledgeable (and legal) to assist you. A lot will depend on what you need, such as just pills you can take on your own right now, or someone to come to your home and administer an IV? And of course your needs may change over time. I wish you good luck in finding someone that can assist you.
  2. Mainecoons and BCDoug, thank you. Your input is very helpful. As appealing as a little 150cc dirtbike may sound, the reality is my back cannot handle it. A dual sport, however, is something I believe I can handle (pain-wise) so long as I avoid any jumps and prolonged riding on really bumpy roads. As you say, my best bet is to start visiting dealerships. Its a relief to know they retain their value somewhat. Would the Suzuki dealership in Guad be the best place to start? I am very, very wary of buying a used bike. I have zero tools, I do not trust myself to work on my bike aside from very basic stuff, and as I don't know how long I'll be living here, I don't want to invest in tools beyond a basic kit and other costly items that I'll just have to sell if I need to pick up and move. Do they actually allow demo rides? Or do they hold on to your credit card in case you do some damage to the bike, your fault or someone else's?
  3. Mainecoons, I've been advised that with my back being the mess it is, if I were to buy a little dirt bike, I'd be ready to turn the thing around and go straight home by the time I reach the trails. It will be a small bike, but much harder on my body. Someone who knows me, my skills and my back issue well says I'd be more comfortable on a dual sport. I feel strongly that anything above a 600cc is just too much bike for me, particularly as I lost a lot of upper body strength. I could have fun with a DRZ400 (I think there is also an SM and enduro model). Solid engine, it can be lowered if I need, and a more comfortable ride. The comfort is a big, big issue. Also a dual sport gives me the option of riding around on the "paved" goat trails with potholes and that would be excellent practice to improve my skills. Any thoughts? Do they even exist in MX? Edit: http://moto.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-531419157-honda-xr-150l-modelo-2016-nueva--_JM http://moto.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-528812473-honda-crf-230-m-modelo-2009-_JM Or, perhaps one of these? A nice price, and since I am a beginner, I don't need anything fancy, just something that can handle both street and dirt and is lightweight.
  4. Mainecoons: looks like its time for me to make a visit to the Suzuki dealership in Guad, and contact the others you mentioned. I did have the "baby" Duke II years ago, but never got a chance to ride it as my whole spine issue started right about then. What a waste! It was a perfect bike to learn on and it was heartbreaking to sell it, but I made sure it got a good owner. Its a bit strange that I actually become emotionally attached to my bikes.
  5. Huh? Did Rubia say something "wrong" by asking for info if I find a trail or is there something going on between you two that I missed? Why can't there just be one thread without a snide comment? Or maybe I am just mis-interpreting this remark by Ned Small, as I hope. Ned: Thank your friend for giving me the ok to "run with scissors". Relieved to know I have his permission.
  6. Those are beautiful bikes. And yes, totally out of my class since I am a runt and a novice. My ex is 6'4 and has a KTM 990 Adventure. One day I proclaimed I was going to "push it into the garage." He just smiled and said, "ok" and had a good laugh as I could not even get it off the side stand. That thing was a monster to look at, but as a passenger, it was just incredible.
  7. Anyone who does ride or knows the types of small, street legal dirt bikes available here, if you have suggestions for a good bike for a 5'3 woman who is an experienced roadracer but novice dirt rider, please let me know. This is new territory for me as there are plenty of models and brands of which I have no familiarity. I'd rather buy brand new, or lightly used, nothing fancy but something that is street legal and a good learning bike. I will not be taking any huge jumps. I just need lots and lots of time to learn all the dirt skills which are quite often the very opposite of road skills. So, a light enough bike that I can pick up over and over again. I have all the gear. I suppose I'll start by checking out what is even available at dealerships. The ADVRider forum might have some good info as my Spanish is too weak to participate in an actual Mexican off-road forum, and as many of the ADV riders know enough about bikes made outside the US. And per cbviajero, its good to know that there is some sort of assistance if a person is able to get the message out that help is needed. Rubia: If I am able to get a bike and find some good places, I'll let you know immediately. If you have any ideas of a good bike for my needs, I'd appreciate any input.
  8. Mainecoons, what do you ride? I would be miserable on a street bike down here, but a dual sport could be pretty comfortable. A regular sport bike though - I'd be worried of falling over going slowly on the cobblestone as my legs are so short. I imagine there has to be some incredible off-road trails and the park rangers won't come out with either decibel meters or speed guns. But, like you say, neither will they come out with a search and rescue team or air ambulance should something go awry.
  9. You are right. There are just too many things that can go wrong and being stranded out there, or worst yet, being accosted by some men as a lone female, is not a situation I'd like to get in to. I'll research if there are local groups that can tolerate a novice dirt rider. But it is good to know that there are trails that don't require a 2-hour drive on a freeway on a little 150cc bike, or for me to borrow a trailer any time I want to ride. I suppose I also need to do some research on an affordable bike that would work well for my needs.
  10. Wow! This is fantastic! For the Mazamitla to La Manzanilla de la Paz route, is it completely desolate or are people around? My concern is since i'd most likely go alone, I need to be prepared if I get injured or the bike dies. Do cell phones get a signal up there?
  11. Are there any places close by, which would not require a long freeway drive, where it would be legal to take a small (let's say 150cc) dirt bike and do a bit of learning and playing? I would never ride by the lake, even if the water receded as that is a place meant for people to enjoy walking their dogs and for kids to play. I've seen too many jerks on ATVs or dirtbikes flying around that area. I need a place where I need not worry about kids running around or dogs, or getting kidnapped and sold into slavery. I brought all my gear down upon moving here, but of course sold my dual sport and street bike. The other day I realized that it would be possible to buy a small dirt bike that is also street legal, and maybe have a bit of fun learning some dirt skills on a bike small enough for me to control and pick up on my own. Anyone here dirt ride or know of any places? I wouldn't want to go alone if I could avoid it. I used to roadrace, but my only dirt experience was when I went off the tarmac and was crashing. So at best I have unintentional dirt experience.
  12. Chamenlo: You posted nothing factual and that sort of makes you look unreliable with your accusations of that doctor doing "bad things". If you have factual knowledge of a doctor, or any professional, really messing up, and you feel that other people should know this, then that is different. How you want to present that on a public forum is your choice, but it sounds unreliable and childish for you to just throw out what is at most, gossip, rumor and supposition. I can't figure out if you were being sarcastic with your "Look lady!" and "I know more than you think!" But what do I know. I'll just stay here in my lair.
  13. Yes, I'd also like that flyer!! If you care to share more about your lasik/refractory surgery, I would love to hear. She comes well recommended and I desperately need vision improvement and perhaps a 2nd round of lasik if i am a candidate. Thank you for sharing.
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