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  1. Well, the guy who asked me to post this is from India, and I posted what he asked me to post.
  2. A friend heard a rumor that one is opening in the Chapala area. Anyone know?
  3. Try Jose Martinez--not the cheapest, but he is quite good (gets it right the first time) AND he has a crew to help 765-3279, 333-174-1282
  4. I forwarded your post to neighbors I know in La Canacinta. We will be on the lookout for Mike!
  5. Jose Martinez, electrician and plumber, has the equipment to snake out an underground system, including a camera to find blockages --765-3297, 333-174-1282
  6. I've been getting calls from a lady who is crying and asking for help in Spanish. Since the exact same call has been made at varying times to more than one of our phones in quick succession, and since I don't know any Mexican ladies who are at all likely to be distressed and think I could be of help, I hang up. This scheme seems to have replaced the one where a man calls and says "you know who this is, it's your neighbor" and says he is stranded and needs cash deposited to his account right away.
  7. Anyone know? And the MRI is operational, do you need to bring your doctor's order to get one?
  8. Note that you do not have to be an LCS member to use Luz. You sign up in advance for appts. on Fridays. She is good but has a limited selection of frames.
  9. Thank you! Just sent it to my friends in Chicago!
  10. One of the first things I learned when I moved to Mexico over 13 years ago was to NEVER tell banks or credit card companies that I lived in Mexico--I am "a happy retiree who enjoys traveling."
  11. The restaurant is now called Janelle's. We go there regularly, have been very pleased with the food including the new items they have added to the menu.
  12. The phone # listed for Dra. Candy Ugalde's office is 376-106-0826. Hope this helps!
  13. Jose Martinez, electrician and plumber, whom I have known for over 10 years, has a special camera that can pass thru the pipe and relay back the image so as to find the problem. He used it at my condo about a year ago. He has assistants to help. Not cheap, but does an excellent job. He's at 333-174-1282.
  14. I went to renew my IMSS with Beatriz de la Garza on Tues. so I know she is still around and working--she mentioned something about having been too busy to respond to an inquiry she had received, until it was too late to be of help.
  15. Thanks for all the info, y'all! I've been addicted to Shaw Direct for many years (I'm a prisoner of PBS, as they say!) (not to mention CNN so I won't!) I have been concerned about how I get a new receiver! I know I should modernize and view programs online, but I like the old way and a regular TV screen across from the sofa! So, I will pursue this! Would someone clue me in on how expensive this is here?
  16. Attorney #2 in lower Chula Vista does DNR's and he is quite good at talking you thru the ins and outs. I hear that some hospitals do them also, as part of admission procedures. You'll need to name a couple of friends willing to pull the plug on you.
  17. Using a rental agent when you first move here can be useful, especially if your Spanish is not good. When you run into a problem (plumbing, electrical, whatever), one phone call takes care of the problem and you are using vetted workers.
  18. We've been there twice, and the menu is the same as Bobby's old menu, but even better!!! Owners are an accountant (he) and a chef (her), which should be a great combo for success! It is a nice cool spot for these warm days--shade and a breeze!
  19. No. But one must maintain faith. We might be rescued;) Or at the very least, we might make new friends! And if not? One never knows, do one? Life is uncertain--go out to lunch while you can!
  20. It is easy to get to know people here at Lake Chapala if you get involved volunteering with one of the many charities here. (This is how many expats spend their lives here.) There are many single people here of all types and persuasions. In fact, the Ajijic area is known as a great place to retire for singles. There is SO much to do! That being said, if you are single and wish to meet an appropriate person, that can be harder. But that is another post!
  21. Thank you for sharing your results and recommendations. Glad you found a good solution to your needs. Your homework obviously paid off!
  22. There is a water exercise group that meets at The Purple Door spa (La Puerta Violeta) in San Juan Cosala M-W-F from 3 to 4. Cost is 30 pesos per person per class. HOWEVER, we are not meeting until the weather improves! PM me for more info and I will put you on our email list so you will know when we are starting again, which will NOT be until the sun shines!
  23. www.plentyoffish.com www.ourtime.com No, I am not on either of those, but I have a friend who has been successful in finding someone via one of those sites. PM me for more info.
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