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  1. Well, the guy who asked me to post this is from India, and I posted what he asked me to post.
  2. A friend heard a rumor that one is opening in the Chapala area. Anyone know?
  3. Try Jose Martinez--not the cheapest, but he is quite good (gets it right the first time) AND he has a crew to help 765-3279, 333-174-1282
  4. I forwarded your post to neighbors I know in La Canacinta. We will be on the lookout for Mike!
  5. Jose Martinez, electrician and plumber, has the equipment to snake out an underground system, including a camera to find blockages --765-3297, 333-174-1282
  6. I've been getting calls from a lady who is crying and asking for help in Spanish. Since the exact same call has been made at varying times to more than one of our phones in quick succession, and since I don't know any Mexican ladies who are at all likely to be distressed and think I could be of help, I hang up. This scheme seems to have replaced the one where a man calls and says "you know who this is, it's your neighbor" and says he is stranded and needs cash deposited to his account right away.
  7. Anyone know? And the MRI is operational, do you need to bring your doctor's order to get one?
  8. Note that you do not have to be an LCS member to use Luz. You sign up in advance for appts. on Fridays. She is good but has a limited selection of frames.
  9. I appreciate your giving us your thoughts. That being said, I would appreciate you more if you would refrain from posting on every topic and if you would confine your posts to helpful comments on the topic. If you are not willing to do this, you are reducing the value of this board to me and others, and I think you should be permanently banned.
  10. My understanding (from talking with the property manager for the condos where I live) is that , as of Jan. 1, there is no private trash pickup allowed--all trash must be picked up by the municipal trash trucks. Of course, this has resulted in the municipal service having more work to do! At our condos, I am told they are scheduled to be picking up Tue-Th-Sat between 1 and 5. Judging from the late hour at which they are picking up our trash (6 p.m. in the dark last night), I surmise they are overworked.
  11. I re-enrolled in IMSS about a month ago--my 12th year. I use a facilitator in GDL who meets me at IMSS. Here's what I brought: - current iMSS card - passport and copy of main page - permanente (or whatever you have) and copy of both sides - CURP and copy of both sides - electric or other utility bill in your name - my IMSS file to prove past years' enrollment (I forgot that, but they kindly looked up their file on me). They take your photo--you do not need to bring one.
  12. Does anyone know where I can buy Easy Off oven cleaner or equivalent?
  13. The fact that he posted in answer to nearly everything posted suggested to me that he had a problem of some sort. Hope he is addressing it.
  14. Back to the original post on the men from AT&T: a couple of years ago, we had 2 guys wearing AT&T gear show up at our gate saying that they were going around the neighborhood replacing outdated equipment and they had noticed that our transformer was outdated. For 1000 pesos they could install a new one on the spot. So, I gave them the money and when I mentioned this at the AT&T office, they said it was a scam--it either wasn't "real" AT&T employees, or they had 2 employees out scamming people. The supervisor at AT&T showed me employee photos but I was unable to identify the culprits. (The supervisor asked me if they were wearing shirts with the AT&T insignia like his shirt, and I said yes, but that their shirts looked newer than his.)
  15. Both my husband and I recently had cataract surgery done by Dra. Claudia Camacho and we are very happy--she is very professional and poised, very thorough, she carefully explains everything, pleasantly answers all questions, takes an interest in you, and she speaks perfect English. She maintains an office above INM in Chapala but the surgery is done at her private clinic in Guadalajara.
  16. Yup--Luz Zepeda is great. You have to go to LCS and sign up in advance on the back patio. She comes to LCS on Thursdays but is always fully booked by then, so go sign up earlier in the week.
  17. Here are a few thoughts: Think in layers of protection. With me, that includes an outer wall heavily covered in thorny bougainvillea, iron bars on the doors and windows (these were put on by the first owner about 20 years ago, which implies to me that crime is not just a recent problem), 2 medium size dogs that bark like giants, and a safe concealed in a closet (good luck trying to remove and carry THAT!).
  18. Thank you! Just sent it to my friends in Chicago!
  19. Examples of proposed development that was stopped: Above the libramiento on the west side, opposite the shopping center area, there is a zigzag road that was going to go to a proposed development on the hill--that was stopped many years ago, altho sadly the scar is still there. Also, there was interest expressed in developing the site of the old plant nursery on that side of the road, but that has not happened either.
  20. BP by the Oxxo in La Canacinta (west of Ajijic) does not have much of a line right now, if you need gas.
  21. happening in the eastern sky right now--10:00 p.m.
  22. Thanks! Any idea what area of the sky this will be in?
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