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  1. https://www.walmart.com.mx/computadoras/accesorios-para-computadoras/reguladores-y-no-breaks/ups-cyberpower-cp685avrlcd-8-contactos-685va-390w-cyberpower-cp685avrlcd_00064953200687?msclkid=3bdb4252b7c9160898ea20ea37f1907c&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=mg_lf_bing_ecomm_pla_1p_3p&utm_term=4581115210520314&utm_content=mg_sem_pla_1p_3p Or something similar
  2. I just use UnDosTres.com.mx. I understand people's desire to pay in person, but I'm lazy and prefer to pay all of my bill online.
  3. Anybody else? I've been using my Telcel Android phone as a wifi hotspot for about 7 hours. Works great. I get about 50Mbps download speeds.
  4. You're right, $250 is not a lot, but compared to a $40 streaming device...it is. Another plus for the Android device is they are designed just for streaming and not much else, so the graphics chips are optimized for current HDR offerings, such as Dolby Vision etc....which as far as I know, the Intel 500 graphics controller doesn't support. And there is an app on Google Play for BBC IPlayer, so I assume you can sign up on a streaming device. All streaming devices support browsers, so anything you can do on a PC (browsing wise) you can do on a streamer. It just seems odd to me to spend an extra $200 just to watch content over the internet, but hey, if it works for you....................
  5. I can do all of that (and more) on a $40 Android TV device.
  6. If you want legitimate sources, you can access almost all the mainstream IPTV sources with ExpressVPN. YouTube TV, Fubo, Sling, Hulu Live etc..............They are all about $65 to $70 a month, except Sling which is about $35 to $50 depending on the package. Also check out Directv Go Mexico. Most channels in English and less than $20 a month. https://www.directvgo.com/mx/
  7. I have a good provider, but you can only pay with Bitcoin or Paypal.
  8. Is it recommended to have a Mexican will for Mexican assets and a U.S. will for U.S assets? If so, how do you probate a US will if you don't have legal residency in the U.S? Thanks
  9. At your age I would advise you to re-evaluate that position.
  10. Instead of waiting and chiming in on every TotalPlay thread, why don't you just install Totalplay, run it concurrently with your existing service for 3-6 months and then make a decision . For god's sake, it's only about a $100 US investment. Put your big boy pants on and live dangerously. I've had ILOX for 2 years and it's been great. I get between 440Mbps - 470Mbps download speeds and 75Mbps upload speed for a little over $1000 pesos per month. Which, by the way, is about $500 pesos less than the similar TotalPlay package. I realize there's been a lot of negative reviews concerning ILOX, but for me (and 7 or 8 friends who have ILOX) the service has been fantastic. Plus, if you have your CC on file at ILOX, you don't have to worry about billing issues, and they give you faster download speeds for the same price. And for the people who claim that TotalPlay is "smoother" than ILOX, I would be curious to know if they have ever run a traceroute program such as PingPlotter. It will tell you where packet loss is occuring and you can send the results to ILOX support. https://www.pingplotter.com/download
  11. This thread really didn't answer your question, did it? First of all, what kind of device are you using. Fire TV Stick, Roku, Android Box.......?
  12. I loved Windows 7. I've never tried Syncler on Windows. You would have to run it in an android emulator, like NOX Emulator). I've used android emulators before and, at least for me, Android apps running on an emulator feel very sluggish compared to running the apps on an Android device (and I'm running a fairly fast Win 10 laptop). Here's a link if you want to mess around with it: Syncler for PC Windows 10/8.1/7 & Mac [APK Download] If it doesn't work for you, all you've lost is a little time
  13. You have everything you need. The provider packages are just a tool used to find content on the internet servers. What you need is the Syncler+ app (with a Syncler+ subscription, and an account with Real-Debrid). Then you're good to go. Here's a link to installing the Kosmos provider package. How to Set up Syncler, Use Subtitles & Install Syncler Provider Packages - UniTopTen
  14. The benefits are solid streams with no freezing or buffering. The streams you pick from also show bitrates, so it's easy to pick a stream based on your download speeds. You say you have 40mbps at the TV. So you would choose links that are 30mbps or less (rough estimate). It's pretty technical to setup, so if you have a tech guy I would have him install both Syncler+ and Real Debrid. Try it for a couple of months. If it doesn't work for you you're only out a couple of bucks. Here's a link for setup: Syncler Setup
  15. These are not Live TV services. They are for streaming Movies and TV series, but not in real time. Real-Debrid is a service you sign-up for to make these free streaming services a lot more useful. It provides very stable links to stream content with no buffering.
  16. We're arguing semantics. You're talking about "source content". I'm talking about "source device". When you plug the stick into the HDMI port, you have to choose it as the source device on your TV inputs. A Firestick doesn't have a receiver in the technical sense of the term.
  17. Source device = Firestick. Do you have Real-Debrid?
  18. Why would you assume I've never used Tea or Morpheus. I've used Tea, CinemaHD, CatMouse, BeeTV and countless others. I know what he/she is talking about when it comes to 4K streaming issues, but it has nothing to do with the type of Firestick one uses. It has to do with file size and internet speeds. The only reason 4K movies and shows are difficult to stream is if you don't have the download speed to handle the bitrates. It has nothing to do with the resolution capabilities of the source device. Also, check out Syncler+. It's the best streaming service I've found. It costs $1.25 per month US for 5 devices, but it's the best of all the services if you have a Real-Debrid account.
  19. You concur? Let me give you an example. Someone goes to Costco, sees a TV (let's say a 65" LG C1) playing "Our Planet" on Netflix, and are so impressed they spend the $54,000, take the TV home, plug in TelsZ4 recommended Firestick and start watching the same show at home. But it looks awful, and they don't know why. Here is why. Because the recommended Firestick can only output 1080p resolution, and the show is shot in 4K and Dolby Vision, which the Firestick doesn't support. So the TV has to upscale all of the content, which means it has to artificially create about 6 million pixels using AI and algorithms. So now your $54,000 TV is really just a TV with 10 year old technology. And chances are the buyers won't know why the picture looked so much better in the showroom. But if they had spent 100 more pesos, they could have purchased the Firestick 4K which supports Dolby Vision, and the picture would look just like it did in the showroom. This is why it is such horrible advice.
  20. You "don't claim to be an expert", yet here you are, making recommendations on a web board based upon personal anecdotal evidence. Recommending a HD device for people with UHD displays is still horrible advice, regardless of firmware. If you don't understand the terminology, or understand that the resolution of the source device has nothing to do with streaming issues, that's not my problem, but I will try to warn others before they make a purchase they later will regret based upon your recommendations.
  21. It's limited to 10/100 downloads and uploads.
  22. Sorry, but this is horrible advice. "I think it’s better than the 4K version because the 4K one doesn’t have 2021 firmware." Amazon updates their firmware for all devices regularly. If you're unsure if your Fire Stick has the latest update, just go to Settings, My Fire TV, About, Check for Updates. "...and it’s really difficult to stream 4K video" This has nothing to do with the Firestick being 4K or not. It has to do with connectivity and download speeds. If you purchased a TV in the last 4 or 5 years, most likely it is a 4K set. If you are planning to purchase a TV, it will be either 4K or 8K. Why on earth would you connect a device that outputs 1080p and force the TV to upscale all content. Most mid-range and cheap TVs do not do upscaling well, so you're sacrificing quite a bit in picture quality. This makes no sense. If you have an internet connection that gets 40-50mbps downloads, you should have no problems with 4K content. If I were purchasing an internet account I would get at least 100mbps, just for the added headroom.
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