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  1. I have a small yard. I mow with a push mower, edge, trim the bougainvillea, weed, spray fungicide, fertilize and the lime tree rewards me everyday with its fruit. Ernesto says he appreciates my desire to do it myself and is happy to do what I can't or would rather not do. I hope someday he's too busy for me, but until then I'm glad he comes when I call.

  2. 331 267 9364 Ernesto speaks perfect English.  Trained and educated in the States. Very reliable and knowledgeable.  He listened to my requests and made suggestions, then worked expediently to achieve the results I was hoping for in my garden. 

  3. I doubt we're talking about the same one. Ernesto has been punctual with every phone call and appointment. He made knowledgeable suggestions to my requests, gave me an approximate time to complete the work and a fair cost. I'm expecting him at noon tomorrow. 

    He related to me that he was working at a large landscaping company in Kansas and attending college when his father had a heartattach and he moved his family here. Very professional. 

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  4. 411YP-b12jL._AC_US100_.jpg.5c909b08a571a12ab409148ec9f9226e.jpgUsed for plant room only. Filtered water, no oils. FREE to good home. 331 319 1012 

    ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser, 400ml Oil Diffuser Ultra-Silent Humidifier, Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Diffuser for Home and Office, Elegant Lights and Waterless Auto-Off


  5. First be sure they are bed bugs.  I know someone who thought she had them, but actually she had fleas. A friend was visiting with her dog and when she left some fleas didn't. This lady didn't have a pet and woke up with bites. With no animal blood source, she was the only available meal. 

    Boric acid brushed into area carpets, under furniture cushions and pet beds will work to eradicate fleas. I have treated area rugs in every room. My three dogs have never had fleas, play outside and are not treated with anything. Which reminds me...I bought a new rug recently and it needs to be powdered.



  6. I tried to search but didn't find name with phone number that is recommended. New house needs bars on one set of windows and a gate. I seemed to recall an ironworker south of Adelitas that was liked. I'm open to suggestions and please give phone number or location. Possibly in San Antonio or Riberas. 

  7. Cleans my house top to bottom and sideways. Efficient and thorough. Dependable and honest. She cleans things I don't even think of like bleaching the drain protectors. My friend has her iron, wash dishes and clean the fridge. She's moving and will miss Ellie I'm sure. She loves dogs. She has never broken anything or asked to borrow money. Chief complaint is I sometimes have to straighten paintings when she cleans the frames.


    Doesn't speak English but we manage to communicate easily. 

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