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  1. Prying myself out of the recliner in the evening didn't get it done. I'm more energetic early in the morning and it's a pleasant start for the day. Afternoons are reserved for playing ball with the dogs and relaxing watching Netflix with a well earned beverage or two.
  2. Absolutely not. I've been using this machine for 10 years. That's why I recognized the new software. First screen tells you the bank fee. Then continuing you get the screen with the conversion rate. The new software has a lot of red. The screens are basically the same but slightly different. Usually upon hitting the decline button the cash pops out and the screen asks if you want to terminate or make another transaction. I'll repeat...my card popped out as soon as I hit decline. Screen stated transaction cancelled. I suspect that if I had hit accept then my pesos would have been delivered.
  3. Yes, I tried a different machine the second time with exactly the same result. When I hit "decline" my card was returned instantly.
  4. I noticed the new software in the ATM at HSBC but initially there was no difference. Then when I declined the conversion rate it immediately returned my card and canceled the transaction. I tried again with same result. My bank statement showed the two transactions and both reversals. Anyone else with this experience?
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed lunch. My friend's Sushi and my Salmon were well prepared and delicious. Staff was friendly and attentive. Previously had the vegetable tempura that we shared and was very good. Hamburgers are a specialty. We were there at noon but sign out front said breakfast 80 pesos. This restaurant is in Riberas, west of San Mateo and the garden shops.
  6. I was using the wood slat baskets with coco coir and redwood chips. Now I've switched to the baskets with the molded coco coir liners. They will also hold soil as well. I have two large fiberglass bowls filled with orchids and shredded coco coir. This year they produced 10 to 12 stems with blooms each. Last year I wrapped PVC pipe with the coco coir and attached the plants. These hung from the railing of an upstairs balcony. They did well but required daily watering. In Florida I visited an orchid nursery. The shade house was filled with baskets mounted 15 feet high and the roots hung down almost to the floor. The watering system misted the room every half hour without warning. The vanilla bean comes from an orchid and each bloom lasts for 24 hours. It must be pollinated by a particular bee to produce one bean. Now they are in shade houses and women with very small hands do the pollination. Originally they worked with the orchids in the trees on the mountain. This was where they were discovered in Papantla, Veracruz, Mexico.
  7. The Vivero just west of Mom's restaurant and nextdoor to the Wizz office in Riberas usually has Vandas and several other orchids. Doesn't open until 11 or 11 30.
  8. Never again. She said it was a food allergy and let my Abby suffer for a year while I struggled to determine which food it was. Dra. Bernice took one sniff, diagnosed an ear infection and the meds cured it in a week. I still kick myself for not getting a second opinion.
  9. I have a small yard. I mow with a push mower, edge, trim the bougainvillea, weed, spray fungicide, fertilize and the lime tree rewards me everyday with its fruit. Ernesto says he appreciates my desire to do it myself and is happy to do what I can't or would rather not do. I hope someday he's too busy for me, but until then I'm glad he comes when I call.
  10. Ernesto is coming to trim a ficus tree for me. He seems happy to do it. I just make it at his convenience and he works me in. 331 267 9364
  11. I also recommend Ernesto. He worked for a large landscaping company and was educated in the States. He made very good suggestions and was quite knowledgeable.
  12. 331 267 9364 Ernesto speaks perfect English. Trained and educated in the States. Very reliable and knowledgeable. He listened to my requests and made suggestions, then worked expediently to achieve the results I was hoping for in my garden.
  13. My experience with Ernesto could not have been better. Arrived on time, worked efficiently with his tools. Accomplished all that I asked and more in the 3 hours he estimated. His cost included the 150ps for the dump.
  14. I doubt we're talking about the same one. Ernesto has been punctual with every phone call and appointment. He made knowledgeable suggestions to my requests, gave me an approximate time to complete the work and a fair cost. I'm expecting him at noon tomorrow. He related to me that he was working at a large landscaping company in Kansas and attending college when his father had a heartattach and he moved his family here. Very professional.
  15. Healthy and blooming in all sizes. Great attraction for hummingbirds. Too many. Must go. I'm in Riberas behind the Catholic church. 331 319 1012
  16. I called him yesterday. He returned my call as promised in the afternoon. He will be coming by today to see what I want done. This is just work as needed. Stuff I can't or don't want to do. His English is perfect and says he has all necessary tools plus truck. So far, so good.
  17. Yes, the Garden Shop in Riberas has them. I prefer the ones with a single probe but it doesn't really matter. Word of caution...don't drop it or it's done for and you'll be wondering why all your plants are dry.
  18. And I thank you too Ibarra for the added effort. I know the dogs will enjoy the toys. I'm sure Jake (aka Murphy) would love sharing a little of his forever home with the cared for dogs still awaiting theirs.
  19. Thank you New Mountain Mama for making the effort. After moving I have no effort left and still much to do.
  20. I've moved to a house with small yard and have many more toys than needed now. Two lg balls, sm hard rubber ones and a launcher with ball. Any volunteer is welcome to pick them up. I'm in Riberas. 331 319 1012
  21. Start by going to the websites for Lucky Dog and The Ranch. Look at the photos. That's how I got Jake.
  22. First be sure they are bed bugs. I know someone who thought she had them, but actually she had fleas. A friend was visiting with her dog and when she left some fleas didn't. This lady didn't have a pet and woke up with bites. With no animal blood source, she was the only available meal. Boric acid brushed into area carpets, under furniture cushions and pet beds will work to eradicate fleas. I have treated area rugs in every room. My three dogs have never had fleas, play outside and are not treated with anything. Which reminds me...I bought a new rug recently and it needs to be powdered.
  23. Yesterday I watched the cook upstairs at Pancho's light up and smoke in the kitchen. But nobody tells the cook what to do.
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