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  1. Healthy and blooming in all sizes. Great attraction for hummingbirds. Too many. Must go. I'm in Riberas behind the Catholic church. 331 319 1012
  2. I called him yesterday. He returned my call as promised in the afternoon. He will be coming by today to see what I want done. This is just work as needed. Stuff I can't or don't want to do. His English is perfect and says he has all necessary tools plus truck. So far, so good.
  3. Yes, the Garden Shop in Riberas has them. I prefer the ones with a single probe but it doesn't really matter. Word of caution...don't drop it or it's done for and you'll be wondering why all your plants are dry.
  4. And I thank you too Ibarra for the added effort. I know the dogs will enjoy the toys. I'm sure Jake (aka Murphy) would love sharing a little of his forever home with the cared for dogs still awaiting theirs.
  5. Thank you New Mountain Mama for making the effort. After moving I have no effort left and still much to do.
  6. I've moved to a house with small yard and have many more toys than needed now. Two lg balls, sm hard rubber ones and a launcher with ball. Any volunteer is welcome to pick them up. I'm in Riberas. 331 319 1012
  7. Start by going to the websites for Lucky Dog and The Ranch. Look at the photos. That's how I got Jake.
  8. If you don't find what you're looking for...maybe you would like this? New. 500 pesos. Comes with rubber resistance bands. 331 319 1012
  9. Used for plant room only. Filtered water, no oils. FREE to good home. 331 319 1012 ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser, 400ml Oil Diffuser Ultra-Silent Humidifier, Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Diffuser for Home and Office, Elegant Lights and Waterless Auto-Off
  10. First be sure they are bed bugs. I know someone who thought she had them, but actually she had fleas. A friend was visiting with her dog and when she left some fleas didn't. This lady didn't have a pet and woke up with bites. With no animal blood source, she was the only available meal. Boric acid brushed into area carpets, under furniture cushions and pet beds will work to eradicate fleas. I have treated area rugs in every room. My three dogs have never had fleas, play outside and are not treated with anything. Which reminds me...I bought a new rug recently and it needs to be powdered.
  11. Yesterday I watched the cook upstairs at Pancho's light up and smoke in the kitchen. But nobody tells the cook what to do.
  12. And many thanks to ibarra. Problem solved.
  13. Accidentally tore a bill in half. Is it possible to get it replaced?
  14. I tried to search but didn't find name with phone number that is recommended. New house needs bars on one set of windows and a gate. I seemed to recall an ironworker south of Adelitas that was liked. I'm open to suggestions and please give phone number or location. Possibly in San Antonio or Riberas.
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