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  1. I have the Amigo Por Segundo option - not a plan. I pay less than 1 peso per minute, charged by the second. I put $100 pesos on my number at Oxxo and it lasts 60 days. When you go to Oxxo you have to tell them it's a "Recarga Normal, no de Plan." Don't know if you can get anything cheaper than that.
  2. Hi, does anyone know? When I cross into the US it automatically changes to T-Mobile. I don't have a plan, I just pay as I go.
  3. Good morning, does anyone know how much long-term parking costs at GDL or one of the parking lots nearby? Thanks.
  4. Sounds inviting. What's the cost of living like in San Carlos? Thanks.
  5. These are photos of the emergency lights sm1mx purchased. Sent to my email at my request.
  6. Also, don't forget the flashlight on your phone if you have nothing else.
  7. Thanks for the info but I bought a used car several years ago and, yes, I did check and I don't have an RFC.
  8. So, what if we can't get an appointment at SAT to get an RFC by then? My insurance expires early in July.
  9. The following was posted a while ago. Calling from Mexico to US or Canadian Toll Free numbers: For 800 numbers: Dial 001-880 & the seven digit number For 866 numbers: Dial 001-883 & the seven digit number For 877 numbers: Dial 001-882 & the seven digit number For 888 numbers: Dial 001-881 & the seven digit number
  10. I use activated charcoal. I open a capsule into my mouth - gotta do it carefully because that black powder will go everywhere. Then I swish it around in my mouth for 5 or more minutes, carefully spit it out into the sink, and then brush my teeth. Can do it every week or so. Not gonna get the fake white that chemicals provide, but I think it helps.
  11. Mea culpa, I just looked at the price labels again and you pay the same as cash price if you use the Costco card, so you'd have to spend 15,000 pesos to cover the annual fee. Lo siento mucho!
  12. I have a couple of photos of Costco price labels on my phone so I did a bit of math. To pay with a credit card as opposed to cash costs 2.3% more, so you're really getting 0.7% back on your purchases. In order to pay for the $450 annual fee, you'd have to spend 64,285 pesos per year or 5,357 per month - just to pay for the annual fee. Edit: Mea culpa, I just looked at the price labels again and you pay the same as cash price if you use the Costco card, so you'd have to spend 15,000 pesos to cover the annual fee. Lo siento mucho!
  13. You can also look at these. https://www.americanvisitorinsurance.com/blog/visitors/temporary-health-insurance-for-usa.asp https://www.sevencorners.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwoduRBhA4EiwACL5RPxNmdqX1vL03tL-PQMGgVtg3xp3wy4wz8_O-ep3aRLPUbXh88WC53hoCBQgQAvD_BwE#start?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=SW_BR_Branded_All_US&utm_term=seven%20corners%20travel%20insurance&utm_content=Seven+Corners+-+Exact https://www.squaremouth.com https://www.worldnomads.com/row/travel-insurance
  14. So, I used Wise to transfer the rent from my Canadian bank into my landlord's account. I needed his full name, email address and CLABE. I didn't need his address. He received the money about 4 hours after I did the transfer.
  15. I've looked at World Nomads and Square Mouth. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  16. Hi, do you mind telling us which bridge you crossed at and how it went? Thanks.
  17. Thanks. That link also mentions a SWIFT number. Is that required as well, or just the CLABE?
  18. Hi, if I want to transfer money from my Canadian bank account into a Mexican one, what bank/account information is required for the Mexican account? Thanks.
  19. The new saying is "What doesn't kill you comes back later and tries again."
  20. So, the Mexican vaccine certificate has only one identifier - the person's name. The birthdate is within the CURP number, but isn't listed separately. Hopefully they will accept that.
  21. If you go up soon, will you please let us know what happens? Thanks.
  22. That's great to know. Thanks so much.
  23. So, I could just get the Sin Limite for the time that I'm in Texas and then go back to my normal usage when I return to Mexico? I do have WhatsApp, but I may have to make long non-WhatsApp calls to Canada while in Texas, so roaming charges would really add up.
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