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  1. You should check out some of the more popular the lakeside Facebook accounts. Some of them talk about you in great detail. You might want to go there and depend yourself against some of the not so nice comments. Oh there are nice comments too.
  2. Thanks for the post, Frijoles. Those are the numbers I would use, if I only had Telmex and not a internet US or Canadian number down here. The problem is, and it is a small one, the problem is that Telmex charges its Telmex customers long distance when dialing up north this way.
  3. All I know is that when phoning a telephone number in the US or Canada using Telmex, that I simply dial 001 followed by the 3 digit area code, followed by the 7 digit local number. The only problem with this system is that it only works with standard numbers, but does not work when trying to phone one of those toll free 800 numbers. So, it is easy phoning friends who have a standard number up north, but does not work when trying to phone a toll free number up north.
  4. I build my first satellite dish for TV in 1986. In those days my 10 foot dish came in kit form and I had to build the darn thing. And I have been getting most of my TV via satellite ever since. Up north, our condo provides DirecTV, Down here the best provider is Shaw Direct. Yes I stream, but most of my TV comes via one of my satellite dishes, here lakeside.
  5. Good for you. That is great speed. All I have is Telmex. Luckily I only live a few blocks from Telmex and the telephone lines are OK so I get up to 45 Mb/sec down by about 2 up with a ping of close to 17 . It aint as fast, but the price is right, less than $500 pesos per month
  6. My full time gardener of many years makes $63.75 pesos per hour. $240 pesos or about $12 US per hour to walk a dog seems way out of line.
  7. I couldn't agree more . 😒 . .🤐
  8. YES iNFINITUM is down again. It has been happening quite a bit lately at my home in upper Ajijic, at the top of Calle Juarez. Thank goodness I have kept the cable company as a backup.
  9. Although I find what Doctor Haro and/or his staff charges to be very high, I do like their work; very high quality.
  10. They took a two week Easter Vacation. If I remember correctly, the next issue comes out at the end of this weekl Sure hope I'm correct. I miss the publication
  11. I built in kit form, my first satellite dish in 1986 and have been watching satellite TV ever since. And I only stream, when I have to. I also have DirecTV up north and down here, DirecTV is not a good choice for down here, because so few stations make it this far south. But I have it up north at my condo in Seattle, so I have an extra receiver down here. Streaming is OK, but takes a little longer, when going from channel to channel to channel, when looking for whatever
  12. My Shaw Direct Satellite system just went dead, I sure hope it's just me and that the old satellite didn't just die. I know it was getting old but I didn't know how old EDIT: It must have been just me. Because it's working again
  13. I thought it was only legal to smoke weed here, if you had a doctor's RX. Am I wrong?
  14. There is a third option, Sol Y Luna which is located in Ajijic, 1/2 a block south of Scallions Restaurant. I have used them for years, because of the convenience of their location and where I often go for breakfast, Scallions. Sorry, I do not remember what they charge, but it is much less than Ishop.
  15. I've been hearing them for several days now in upper Ajijic.
  16. We miss you Captain Naselli. Wish you the best up there in Florida
  17. Where is the fire? I live in upper Ajijic at the top of Juarez and I can't see any fire
  18. In upper Ajijic, at the top of Juarez, it started going on and off somewhat later, more like 6 or 7PM
  19. Just had 3 minutes of almost heavy rain, and maybe small hail balls. At least that is what it sounded like. The rain cloud was quite small. I could see dry areas in most every direction. I guess we are just having a little more crazy weather, which I like
  20. I too, am in upper Ajijic at the top of Juarez. I heard one or two maybe a week ago. But not for long. I am looking forward to hearing them in force soon
  21. Telmex internet is still down here in upper Ajijic as well. Their phoneline is up and running. And I was able, to phone up north for free, as usual.
  22. I hope I am wrong, but I understand that there is only one MRI location "Lakeside". And it is the one mentioned above at the San Antonio Hospital. Oh, I recently had an MRI there, and everything went well. What did they charge me? Well I had both a sonogram and an MRI and the total cost was $11,550 pesos. And sadly they did not break the cost down for each, just the total combined cost.
  23. I had the same problem at the top of Juarez in upper, slightly west Ajijic. It stopped doing so several hours ago. And things are back to normal, now. Luckily, I have a battery backup system that kept the electricity going to some of my more important appliances and lights.
  24. I was taught in school that learning Spanish for an English speaking person was one of the easier languages to learn. And I found it easier to learn than other European languages I was exposed to in the 1960s. Do I speak Spanish well? God gracious NO 😃. But I found it easier to learn than Dutch or German, the other two languages I was exposed to in the '60s
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