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  1. When I flew to Seattle from lakeside Saturday, the 17th, apparently, I was exposed to the Covid virus. Why do I say that? Because I came down with a fever Monday and Tuesday, I tested positive for Covid 19. And the only folks I was exposed to were when travelling. I'm almost well now. But my scheduled Covid shot for last week, has been delayed. Apparently, a person who just gets well from Covid 19, has to wait an additional three months, before getting a Covid booster or shot.  Oh well. :) Time to pack and come back home to Ajijic.

  2. As I posted on this board, I flew from GDL to Seattle on Saturday, and the AA ticket agent wouldn't give me my ticket until I filled out and completed as much as I could on the IMM or INM card or whatever it is called. Now will I need the upper part of the card which they gave back to me to use when returning? I don't know.

  3. I left GDL yesterday, Sep 20th for Seattle, and was required to have the form and get it stamped by the immigration guy in that office who also looked at my green card (Immigration Permanente card). This is all so weird. I wonder if when I return, I will be told this form is no longer required.

    All I know is that at the ticket agent who took my bag wouldn't give me my tickets until I had properly filled out my IMM form, and they took the bottom part and gave me the top half to use when returning. And again, that was yesterday.

  4. Shaw gives me my Seattle ABC, CBS, NBC, & PBS stations. Also, the same from Detroit. And FOX, CNN, MSNBC, and a few more channels that I don't remember. However, once the satellite dies that carries these channels, it will not be replaced. What's the expected life expectancy? Maybe 5 to 10 years, or maybe a week. No one knows.

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  5. Your answer had me even more confused, Pedro, until I remembered that at one time you were allowed to be a Millet Oiler fan :) 

    .                                                                                                :)


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  6. I am not allowed to go to the link you posted, David77, but as I remember, if in our area, we use more than 3000 KW in a year, our rates then to the $6.884 peso rate for each and every kilowatt used. That is called the DAC rate and was the motivation for many of us to invest in electrical solar panels to ensure that during any one year period we would never to get close to being charged the DAC rate.

    How many KW do I use per month? it varies by the time of the year. But right now, I am purchasing less than 25 KW per month, which is next to nothing.

  7. Gosh, I thought that the cost per KWH went up lightly every 3 months or so. I did not know that it went up every month. Thank God that since I put in solar panels more than 10 years ago, I no longer use enough KWH per month to reach the DAC rate anymore.

  8. The troll referred to above has stated that he has been posting on this board for many years, he posted nearly two decades.

    It would appear that he must have been banned several times, because he has been posting under his present name since May 10th and has  so far made some 98 posts under his newest name. I have no idea what names he has used in the past.

  9. I have had solar panels since the first year they arrived lakeside.  I too would highly recommend Opiere Solar. The last time they came out to determine whether I had a problem or not, they discovered that everything was fine.  And didn't charge me for their visit.  The problem turned out to be several outdoor lights that were on 24/7, that I hadn't noticed. I have heard other good things about other companies as well. But to me, the best lakeside is Opiere Solar.

    By the way, their offices have just moved and are just West of Mom's Deli

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  10. I have been going to Doctor Haro's office for teeth cleaning for years and have noticed he is getting quite expensive. I phoned today and was quoted a price of 1000 pesos for teeth cleaning. Everyone I talk to, says that is very very expensive. So I checked with the Dr. Candy A Ugalde Mecado office and they said the price for cleaning there is 300 pesos.

    What am I missing here. If I remember correctly, there have been many good posts about Dr. Candy and her office.

    I would love some good advise about getting teeth cleaned and where to go. Thanks in advance for any advise you might post

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