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  1. I'll try TelCel first but doubt my Spanish or hearing is good enough to sort this out there. Is there a particular person I should look for who might be able to work with those limitations? New chip is 50 pesos but I'd lose a whole bunch of accumulated minutes. I only probably make or receive less than 4 calls per month, always brief. I like the cheap and also only have to re-up every 2 months. You all have been super helpful, thanks so much!
  2. Well, that didn't work. I went into Oxxo in Riberas next to the gas station, specifically asked to recarga Amigo por segundo and ended up with only 15 days of Amigo Sin Limite which is specifically what I don't want or need. Am I going to have to get a new SIM chip to get rid of Amigo Sin Limite?
  3. That's what I'm looking for but when I went to Oxxo they didn't seem to understand what I wanted. It really is all I need. My wife has the plan with all the bells and whistles for her IPhone 11 and we use that when we travel anywhere. We even use the wifi hot spot up north when we are traveling in our RV and it works great practically everywhere. I'll try telling them this and see what happens. Thanks to all for the responses!
  4. Could have been an aggressive panhandler too. You handled very well IMO.
  5. I have a flip phone that I use on rare occasions to call someone locally or to call my wife about something when either of us are out. I don't need to call the U.S., I can't use data and don't need it. In total I probably use this phone 2-3 times per month. Supposedly there are bare bones options in a case like this. I'm finding it difficult to get those. Could someone here who might be using their phone in a similar manner let me know what such a plan is called and the cost? Gracias!
  6. Me neither. Ours is four times that much on an only somewhat more expensive house. I'm skeptical of that number. Percentage wise the Chapala government is the most inflationary thing around here, they have been escalating taxes at rates considerably higher than the general rate of inflatiion. OTOH they are great at deflating the services rendered such as street repair and keeping the trash swept up.
  7. Well it used to be that buyer paid all closing costs. Since it has been some years since we bought, not sure that is still the case. Seller is stuck with very high VAT charge on real estate commission.
  8. Anyone who actually follows Mexican news knows there is a vigorous anti-noise movement in this country initiated and driven wholly by Mexicans who also don't find loud music at 3 AM acceptable. In GDL and Zapopan many venues are being fined and/or closed for exactly what the OP brought up. Are these actions only by Mexicans who have no respect for their own culture or is that love of late night racket not nearly as "Mexican" as some expats seem to believe? Is it possible it is more about a few profiting from the ill manners and thug behavior of a minority? The Chapala government chooses to ignore and not enforce already enacted state noise laws. That being the case, you may as well get used to it. But let's stop pretending that only expats hate the racket and all Mexicans love it. The awareness of the deleterious nature of late night noise is widespread in this country to the point that Mexicans are insisting on, and other Mexicans are carrying out crackdowns on it. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/jalisco-community-fights-noise-pollution/ https://yucatanmagazine.com/prominent-speakers-add-credence-to-anti-noise-campaign/
  9. No water on 16 de Septiembre out by La Floresta even though we aren't on the list. Checked to make sure our line wasn't plugged with silt as it has been twice in the previous 2 weeks. Nope, there's just no water in the line. Masterful timing again, like blocking off accrss to the east side of Chapala during the Feria, and now no water in much of Ajijic just as the Fiesta de San Andreas kicks into high gear.
  10. It may not be the best restaurant in town but, damn, we're sure happy this is back after all those years.
  11. Saw a report on Facebook this morning that INM is actively checking people for valid immigration documents and some arrests have been made. Probably a good idea even if picking up someone from there to have your original of your Tourist Visa, Temporal or Permanente with you.
  12. Maybe it will cool things off a bit and take some of the craziness out of both purchase prices and rents. https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/housing-market-obliterated-pending-home-sales-post-record-drop-deal-cancelations-price Always happens when interest rates take a big jump, no surprise to me.
  13. Just came back from picking up some stuff there and it was no problem in either direction. They have cops at the intersection directing traffic and keeping things moving.
  14. Pictures here: http://semanariolaguna.com/70336/
  15. Does anyone have a schedule of the festivities yet? I'm particularly interested in the day of the construction workers as they seem to do the best fireworks and castillos.
  16. Yup, got our ear plugs! 🤣 Our two Mexican cats just ignore it for the most part but when the cojetes get bad, they come inside. Going to try and catch more of the festivities this year, particularly the Castillos.
  17. How so? It is their responsibility to police traffic, no?
  18. Do you think she could also carefully launder, starch, iron and repleat a set of drapes well?
  19. Yup, he's getting pretty rich for a still noisy location. I think that is like a 100 peso increase for the beisbol fillet. Eating out in Riberas and Chapala looking better all the time.
  20. I wonder how much the prices have gone up? For sure, the last time we were there the generous wine pour was just a memory. https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=1314983952604921 May only be viewable if you are on Facebook, sorry. Looks pretty nice. Whoever gets there first, please let us know what other changes including prices. Seems every restaurant in Ajijic has gone expensive except for Cocinart.
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