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  1. I have to separate land lines. One has no dial tone since this AM and the other line is ok. Telmex...go figure?
  2. Florida Dude...I live in Ajijic and have Medicare Part B via a California HMO. I think we all know that Medicare B service is available only in the US by US providers. I’m simply looking for a reference to a part B network in Houston.
  3. I know that. I’m looking for a Medicare Part B medical service provider in Houston that someone who lives here and travels to Texas to use it can reference.
  4. I’m looking for a reference from a Part B user that’s lakeside
  5. I’m looking for a Medicare Part B medical services provider in Houston.
  6. Is there a store in Ajijic that carries butane canisters?
  7. Has anyone in Upper Chula Vista had Ilox service installed?
  8. Ajijic...the land of fruits and nuts!
  9. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/03/global_cooling_the_real_climate_threat.html Global cooling is likely the real long term trend to earths climate. The deep freeze is a normal period of the climate cycle.
  10. So El Niño is climate or weather? Look at the sun spot count for the last five hundred years and you’ll find that climate and weather are related.
  11. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Record breaking snow pack in the Sierrra Nevada. https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-sierra-snowpack-20190217-story.html
  12. If you don’t enroll in Medicare Part B at the age of 65, SS penalizes 10% of your premium ($100) for every year you don’t enroll. It’s costing me $1200 per year in SS penalty because I didn’t sign up until I was 70.
  13. The Milankovitch Cycle is one theory to account for cyclical global temperature variations. https://z-p3-lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/truth about climate change.docx?token=AWwEoa9LpKUv327RZJQgxjvgOJJCyWfyf-8raAaNFUumdqtIOoCCj_qEFJ80AOhc7Z7zG2D0-nxUM6N-tcqaJ_VDCzYkG2Nea99n3ZNGNSSsMVyCVNyN1h_pttNCgksTwwmVoijUrtqH9QFUG6aQXYCM-QV8CUoZJ7FczLn7l7vFgyiWt5iHfa8g60_qNWDEGeOXElYEp_qIp81DjP50uqDPtSz9Rq1DAXoSAMwPDoBfAw
  14. No sunspots, equal global cooling. We are at the bottom of the lowest sunspot count in decades (Cycle 25) and many of the solar weather experts are predicting that the global climate will be cooler not hotter. That prediction is based on the solarsunspot count and recorded temperatures for the last thousand years. Tree rings also tell the tale It’s also a fact that CO2 is making the earth greener so why all of the of doom and gloom?
  15. Tony’s restaurant has great Quac to go.
  16. ....so it’s a FO cable install for Iliox. My understanding was they were only wiring up to the Walmart cross road. If they are in SAT, then the question is will they wire Upper Chula Vista and all the way to Chapala?
  17. If the wires are being strung on the Telmex wooden poles, I’d say that it’s 100% that it’s a Telmex contractor installing FO cables. I thought the Iliox wasn’t installing their cable beyond the WalMart cross roads?
  18. What neighborhood are you in. Maybe they are looking for the unlicensed FM radio station that broadcasts in Ajijic?
  19. The Mexican FCC is the SCT. Did you get a business card or see any ID from the people in the monitoring truck?
  20. I just bought a solar water heater unit from STI. Professional installation and follow up. Ron is honest and his prices are competitive. Thumbs up for STI.
  21. Chapala Highlands ten minutes ago. Filled up. Riberas nada!
  22. Filled up with Verde yesterday at the BP station....no lines.
  23. No problems because of the gas shortage?
  24. Are the airport taxis operating to Ajijic ?
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