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  1. Problem solved. Yesterday a bank employee found a quick solution to my problem of not being able to open my BBVA account on my iPhone. She went to my App Store, opened the BBVA website and I got the access I needed. Now I hope this is a permanent solution.
  2. I buy $20 pesos worth of credit once a month. For a year, I didn't think I needed to pay Telcel, and they cancelled and I had to buy a new sim card.
  3. When I turn off wifi, I don't see any way to do a speed test.
  4. It's a brand new phone. I don't use it for anything except for accessing my bank accounts. No phone calls, nothing. What's the Telcel network? The website?
  5. If I disable the wifi connection on my iPhone, the speed test shows 1 mbps. So my wifi connection to my iPhone is working for everything except the BBVA website where I need to go to get the code that will let me access my account on my PC. The only reason I have an iPhone is because I have to have one to get the code to access my bank accounts. (I have a Mexican and German bank account)
  6. I can't see my BBVA accounts when the site is inaccessible because of lost wifi connection. When I take the phone to the bank they spend minutes reestablishing the connection and tell me it's because of wifi. It then works for a couple of days and then not any more.
  7. Here's where I'm lost. I added a speed test app to my iPhone. If I manage to get the Telcel website on my iPhone with wifi shut off, do I leave the website and go to my speed test? I'm guessing the speed test wouldn't be testing the Telcel website.
  8. Thank you, Mostly. I get websites on my iPhone using Chrome, for example. My speed test for my iPhone shows 4 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. My PC internet speed is 3.0
  9. Trouble is, when I lose the connection I take it to BBVA there's no connection there either, and the bank clerk spends minutes in settings until she solves the problem. My real question, I guess, is not how to fix it, but whether a faster internet connection via fiber optics, for example, would improve things.
  10. I go to the BBVA website on my PC. I enter my account number and password and am told the code has been sent to my iPhone. I enter the code and can now access my account. This works nicely for a few days until I can't open the bank app on my iPhone and thus cannot get the code. The bank clerks tell me it's because my phone is not getting a wifi signal.
  11. Low-tech guy responds: my cellular carrier? Would that be Telcel? How do I find its connection to the internet?
  12. Yes, my bank sends the code to my cell phone, but I can't get access to my account on my cell phone because the wifi connection is lost just for my cell phone, not for my computer.
  13. Thanks, Brian. Your solution didn't work for me. Even my tech guy has to go thru a bunch of configurations to get my wifi working again for my iPhone. He tells me it has to do with location, but I can't figure it out.
  14. Nothing wrong with the modem. It works just fine for my PC and my iPhone except when the connection to the iPhone is lost.
  15. I use my iPhone only because I have to in order to get a code to access my Bancomer account on my PC. My iPhone sits next to my Telmex PC modem and works fine with a good WiFi connection most of the time. Every few days, however, it stops working when I need it for the access code. I go to settings and check the location and everything looks good but there's no WiFi for Bancomer. I go to my bank and they spend five minutes resetting everything entering their passwords, etc. and it works again for a few days. My question: if I ever get fiber optic here in Villa Nova, Ajijic, will that make a difference?
  16. Where do we go now to get a Covid test when flying back to the US? I think the Walmart tent is gone now.
  17. Thank you both for your help. Will check number with friend.
  18. A friend gave me a phone number to call somebody, but I can't figure out what prefix I need. The number is +602 followed by a seven digit number. I tried 01 and got an error message from a Telmex robot. I'm calling on a landline. Help appreciated.
  19. Thank you. At the Hospital Clinica Ajijic on the Carretera too?
  20. Any word on when flu shots will be available in Ajijic this year?
  21. I'm very sorry to disappoint you, sunny, but I now have some guppies and won't be able to drive to Jocotepec. Thank you again for the snails.
  22. Thank you, Fred. I'm going to contact sunnyvmx about the snails. And then I'll call you about the guppies next week. I can't put fish in the pond until I have the pump running.
  23. Thank you, Fred. Where can I pick some up? I guess 30 would do.
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