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  1. I may be interested. Call me 331-298-8962 Am in Chapala. Where can I see the car?
  2. Took our 18 year old Mexican twin Goddaughters to get their drivers licenses in Chapala Friday. All paperwork walk good and they passed the written test. We watched the guy observing the driving part. He did not pass even one person on the parallel parking. Nor did he watch as the drivers drove the course in the parking lot. ALL he watched was an episode in futility as everyone tried to park in a space that was so small most of us would not even attempt to park in on the street. They get one more free try next Friday.
  3. Since they changed the entrance/exit at Walmart it feels like I’m taking my l’m taking my life in my hands, especially exiting Wally's. Does anyone know if there are plans to redo the lights at the intersection of the Carreterra and the Libramento? There is no light for those leaving Walmart. How many accidents or fatalities will it take?
  4. Does anyone have the latest formula for a maids termination pay?
  5. We have had Sol y Luna for 10 years. Used to be good, but since the pandemic they cannot be counted on. They are having trouble getting mail and packages from the U.S. I had a credit card Fedexed to their Laredo address and told them locally to please get it here ASAP. It took a month. They are only getting one to two boxes of mail per week. Another piece of mail I was waiting for I finally got 2 weeks ago. It took 3 months!!! I think these mail forwarding companies have to have someone that is considered “essential” in order to go back and forth across the border. It’s time for me to have a chat with them. I have only received mail 3-4 times since the pandemic started.
  6. This one year old female Yorkie she is almost 2 years old and weights 9.2 lbs. Send me a personal message
  7. Yes, both of you should download What’s App and you can text or use voice messaging. Check to see if the person in the US is on What’s App
  8. According to the CDC chlorinated pools are okay. ” There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools, hot tubs or spas, or water playgrounds. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools, hot tubs or spas, and water playgrounds should inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19. “While there is ongoing community spread of COVID-19, there should be appropriate care taken both in and outside the pool, to protect yourself and others. Owners and operators of community pools, hot tubs, or spas should follow the interim guidance for businesses and employers to plan and respond to COVID-The World Health Organisation recommended chlorination level of 15mg.min/litre is sufficient to kill non-enveloped viruses such as poliovirus, rotavirus and coxsackievirus, and an enveloped virus such as Covid-19 would be inactivated at even lower levels, the document says.”
  9. I do know Dental Express has been open
  10. There may be a water truck that waters once the flowers are planted. Notice I said “once” as that will be the first and last time the truck will show. I do not say this in a mean or condescending way...ea93105, how long have you lived in this area?
  11. We have lived here over 10 years and Wayne has been doing our taxes most of that time. He is very knowledgeable and has saved us a lot of $$$. Some of our stuff is a bit complicated. FYI Wayne...been lazy this year. Will make an appointment soon.
  12. Use Google Maps...easy peasy. Shows the Macrolibramiento and will take you on all the roads you need
  13. If you Google that name you will find a Stephen Lurie Gibson.
  14. Wholeheartedly agree. We carry Best Doctors for catastrophic medical events. Otherwise self pay. I would love to have free medical care but the Mexican community gives us so much. I just cannot in good conscience take money out of their medical care. This is a very poor country
  15. I flew a small dog to Seattle on Volaris in the cabin...along with 7 In cargo for Bone Voyage. Volaris is very strict on paperwork, you have to sit in a window seat, not much room for your feet as the carrier will not go all the way under the seat in front of you. I was fortunate that the middle seat was empty so I moved over. The flight attendants are really good about letting you move.
  16. Had liner done on my upper lid about 5-6 years ago. Hurt like a mother f——r. Never again. Now it’s kind of red as all the dark brown has faded. BIG mistake on my part
  17. What a wonderful thing for The Ranch to offer this dog. After all these years to take her back. Bless you
  18. So glad to hear his family has been found. Thank you so much for bringing him back to the area you found him. I love happy endings 😊
  19. Leave him where you found him. He belongs to someone. Many Mexicans let their dogs out for the day. I see you Re a newbie to this site. You may not know how to deal with what may be considered “street dogs.” If you see a dog on the street that looks healthy, leave it there as they likely belong to someone, especially in Ajijic. There are few real street dogs here. if you see a dog like this one you picked up who has long matted hair, fleas, ticks and is malnourished they are most likely homeless and need help. Street dogs are a HUGE problem in some of the villages...there are just not enough resources to help them all. Help the ones who most need it. Take a healthy street dog and have them spayed or neutered and if you can keep them put them back where you found them. These dogs know how to survive. It’s the unhealthy and malnourished that need to be picked up, bathed, spayed/neutered and found homes for. PLEASE bring THIS dog back to where you found him. He will know how to get home. It’s dinner time.
  20. The phone number I have is for Leticia the owner (331) 042-8449
  21. Charlie was always smiling and happy. He had the absolute best attitude about life. He told me he made the decision early in life to be happy everyday. Our entire village will miss you Charlie. ❤️
  22. Amazon US sells a little t the f them that ship to Mexico
  23. There are 2 phone stores on the west side of the main street , I think Madero. I want to say across from the bus station. I was advised by a friend to go to the one furthest south. Got mine there a few months ago for 1280p. Had to leave the phone for a few hours and they gave me a receipt. Works great
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