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  1. My phone and internet is fine in Chula Vista....
  2. Tickets are selling well but still available. Message me or email Shriner Lonnie at lrodgers at me.com
  3. That's 8 AM "MEXICO time" ! ! ! Still worth the time in crossing at Laredo - Colombia Solidarity. Here is a link to Border Wait Times to check yourself: https://bwt.cbp.gov/ For the Colombia Solidarity Crossing - be sure to click on the "READY" tab! https://bwt.cbp.gov/details/07230403/POV
  4. Does anyone have a phone number for Rosie the tailor on Ocampo in Ajijic?
  5. I few years ago in Canada I bought some "New Zealand Lamb" at the grocery store. At home, I read the fine print. The lamb was from Ontario and packaged and sold by the New Zealand Lamb Company of Toronto......
  6. When I went to the OXXO, east of SuperLake, they would only take cash. When I recharged in person at the OXXO, east of SuperLake, they would only take cash.
  7. I want to recharge my Mexican Pase Toll transponder but the online recharge web page won't accept my Canadian Visa cad or my PayPal account. Can I recharge it in person, somewhere? OXXO ? How?
  8. My internet is out in Chula Vista. Anyone else?
  9. Hola Market in West Ajijic will order whatever you want from Costco and keep it for you to pick up...... for a service charge of course.
  10. If you mean the hotel that was on the airport property, the answer is no. It is being rebuilt and the taxi driver that picked us up at the airport yesterday said it will be done in 2 years. He jokingly said 2 Mexican years... probably 4 years. If you mean the Hanger Inn, adjacent to the airport cut-off, here is their web page: https://hoteles-hangarinn.com/
  11. Which corner, in case I have to take it in?
  12. I have a Pelonis Superser Portable Propane heater that won't stay lit. Yes, the propane tank is full. Any recommendation for a propane repair person, preferably that speaks English and makes house calls?
  13. If they both get TEXT NOW -a FREE Canadian phone number (Text Now) AND they have wireless coverage - free in most hotels, restaurants etc. they can phone each other - and any other phone number in Canada and the USA.
  14. Here is an official Mexican Gov;t toll road calculator: Mexico Toll Rd Calculator
  15. Just to be sure... is "Ana near Alex's Pasta" located on the side street opposite the entrance to the indoor parking lot of Bugambillia Plaza, or on the lakeside lateral/service road of the Carretera, in the first block west of Plaza Bugambillias (Juan Alvarez) ?
  16. I do know that this has been asked and answered before but I need the UP TO DATE info. When flying out of Guadalajara, does a Temporary Resident need to go to Immigration and complete the form to hand in at the airline (American Air)? I do know that Immigration don't want the part of the form that they used to collect, only your Temporary Resident card.
  17. This won't help you in PV but the same thing happened to me in Chula Vista - S.A. Tlay. on Tuesday morning. I called Michael Merryman of Ajijic Electronics and he worked his magic and had to reprogram the receiver. It worked as good as new after.
  18. I have several security cameras around my home in Ontario. I can view them from anywhere - especially here in Lakeside - with my cell phone, laptop, or tablet. They are set to send me a message when any movement takes place and the cameras will automatically record a video for later viewing. They also allow me to hear and speak over the camera with whoever is there... all from my cell phone, computer or tablet. The system is easy to set up and works with a long lasting battery. The cameras are from Blink - an Amazon company and I am very, very pleased with it. They are available on Amazon Mexico and I see that they may be available from Walmart too. Links below: If you want to know more, send me a private/direct message. Blink Cameras Blink Cameras - Amazon Mexico Cameras from Walmart
  19. Tepehua will take them and have a Dr. check them and then distribute to locals who can't afford them. I have some that I brought down from Canada to donate. I will pick yours up and deliver if you wish. Send me a Direct - Private message if you want.
  20. The Lake Chapala Shrine Club is pleased to confirm that we are having our RibFest in the afternoon of Wednesday, March 1st., 2023. It will be very similar to our pre-covid ribfests and will be at the Villa Encantada in Chapala. Looking forward to getting back to normal with this great event!
  21. Is this owned/run by the same people that have the Tomahawk Steak House restaurant on the way to Vista del Lago, east of Chapala?
  22. Were you seated in the back - remodeled dining area?
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