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  1. If the transitos are starting to take plates, perhaps tamper proof screws would be a good investment. Here are some from Amazon Canada, but probably available at Amazon Mexico or even AutoZone..... Tamper proof number plate screws
  2. Gee... I missed what ACD posted. I chose to IGNORE Him - Her.
  3. We're snow birds who are in Mexico for 5 winter months. We have an Ontario plated car that we leave in MX, so need Temp. Redid visa to legalize the car.
  4. I can tell you the routine when we (wife and I) flew from Guadalajara to Toronto with a 3 hr. stop in Dallas, on April 19th, 2023 I'm a "Tourist" and wife is a "Temporary Resident". FIRST - arrival in Guadalajara - When we arrived at Guadalajara on Dec 29th 2022, we presented our passports at arrival Immigration. I said I was a tourist and my wife presented her Temporary Resident Visa card. Both passports were stamped, no paper issued. DEPARTING Guadalajara - As soon as we arrived at the airport at 3 AM, on April 19th., this year... 2023, she went to the INM window near the international arrival area. The window WAS manned at that early time. She showed her Temporary Resident visa and passport - NO boarding pass. The attendant stamped her passport and sent her on her way. We then went to the American Airlines booth to check in. The AA person checked both her and my passport, plus our proof of Covid vaccinations since we were arriving in the USA, issued our boarding pass and sent us to the security check-in area. That went without a hitch and we were on our way. Hope this helps.....
  5. This receiver can be used as a receiver for Shaw Direct. https://www.amazon.ca/Shaw-Direct-Arris-DSR800-DSR/dp/B078GC3JMS
  6. Here is their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063700712798
  7. ....and a 40% discount at the hot springs in San Juan Cosala.....
  8. For those searching for a reliable refrigerator repair person, I was more than pleased with the many recommendations of Real Refrigeration. I WhatsApp'd them last night and Gualberto (the father - Spanish only) replied and sent his English speaking son over at 11.AM. He was quick and very reasonable. I wouldn't hesitate in using them again! Sorry that the below card is so big......
  9. Looking for a refrigerator repair person... English speaking. Using the "search" option rings up hundreds of every type of repair person.
  10. Nope... but guaranteed to sleep on the plane....
  11. Were booked on American Airlines for a 5.15 AM departure from GDL. I'm wondering if the INM booth is now open earlier than 4 AM to accommodate this early departure? Anyone actually have experience getting their passport stamped for this flight's departure ?
  12. is from the Mediterreano's Facebook page today: "We inform our clients, we will take a few days off from April 6, returning to our activities on Tuesday, April 18. We appreciate your understanding."
  13. Not sure of Cruz Roja but Tepehua certainly will. You can drop it off at their thrift store - Tepehua Treasures on the lake side of the Carrettera in Riberas,,,just 4 - 5 stores west of Huerta Cafe or Kinda Bazar. If you can't make it I could pick it up and deliver it. I have some recent expired meds to drop of too.... PM - DM me......
  14. Several years ago the police were parked outside a property in Lower Chula Vista. It was the location of a drug lab and a homicide victim was found inside. They were parked there for several months, but I never did find out why. Perhaps guarding the scene, but why for so long? Who knows. We would drop cokes and bags of chips off to them regularly.
  15. When we make the drive, we stay at the City Express - Monterrey North. It is at the north end of Monterrey on the main highway to Nuevo Laredo - Columbia. There is a Carl's Jr. and another restaurant in the same parking lot There is a free American breakfast and it's nice to be past the Monterrey traffic for a fresh start of the day. 3 1/2 hours to Colombia crossing. City Express Monterrey North
  16. Here is a YouTube video explaining that Mama Cleo's Boy's home is: Mama Cleo's
  17. I can't recommend a brand, but get a large one with a square cooker pot. It's difficult to fit 2 grilled cheese sandwiches in a round pot.
  18. The address is.... C. Degollado 323, Chapala Centro, 45901 Chapala, Jal. Here is a link to Google maps with a visual location. Chapala Post Office
  19. Someone could make a lot of money by opening one here in Gringo - Canada !
  20. So Chic Boutique 5A Ramon Corona, Ajijic, Mexico Women's New & Consignment Clothing Store https://www.facebook.com/people/So-Chic-Boutique/100063856310206/
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