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  1. Lewis & Lewis provides excellent coverage at a fair price and they are easy to sigh up with on line.
  2. This is terrible news. For the seven and a half years we lived in Ajijic we always used Mike's services. Over the years we got to know him as a friend! He was a wonderful person.
  3. I will be going to the U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara to renew my passport and was wondering what I can bring in since security is so tight. I was planning on bringing my application, my wallet with credit cards and identification and currency for FedEx. Is there anything I am forgetting and will these items pass security? If you have gone through this procedure I would appreciate your advice! Thanks
  4. Yesterday my wife and I returned to GDL and went to the bank of machines to pay. All machines on both banks were shut down and indicated so by a big red light. There was an indigenous woman and her child there and she said that parking was free today. I doubted her but there was no way I could pay since the machines were shut down. As we drove towards the ext gates they were all in a raised position and another indigenous male was sitting there. Anyway, everyone was simply driving through the gates and we ended up doing the same. I felt badly about not paying but am confused as to what is going on. Does anyone on the board have a clue as to what was/is happening ??
  5. According to an article in the Guadalajara Reporter the emissions testing program has been suspended until July when they will have new equipment on line and a new list of accredited garages. I keep this article in my glove box for those police that aren't aware of this. Also, cars that are one or two years new don't require testing. Since the cops have been targeting nortenos ( in my opinion ) I have done my own research at Walmart and other places where there are a great deal of cars and it would appear that about five percent of all cars have the smog hologram. I'm just saying !!
  6. I have a very good friend who ws forced to move from here to Florida because his copd was getting so bad he literally could not breathe
  7. can't help you with calls back to the U.S. as we never did that. Regarding email, we used local wifi so it did not use our 4g data. I recommend you go to Telcel and discuss these questions as they might depend on whether you are on a plan or not. As I mentioned, we just load pesos as we need them and heavily load up before we leave the U.S.
  8. We were in Basil, Switzerland last September and used our Telcel card and it worked just fine. It automatically switched from Telcel to T Mobil. Then as we moved up the Rhine and Mosel rivers it automatically switched to Orange and we used it as far as Amsterdam. We have UNLOCKED smart phones with no Telcel plan. We just load about 500 pesos on each phone prior to leaving.
  9. Mike Riley ( Ajijic Computing ). We have used him for years and he does excellent work at a fair price. Comes to your home. and does work there. Phone: 765 4156
  10. I plan on leaving my car at the GDL airport for five days and was wondering if anyone out there knows what the recent per day costs are for on site parking. I do not want to use off site parking so if you have any recent experience with this I would appreciate the information. Thanks
  11. You are right. The one they gave me says Passport application and the one I printed says passport renewal application! Thanks
  12. Tiny, Thanks for the reply. Do you know how much the FedEx fee is ?
  13. Spencer, do you do passports(i.e.) take people to the consulate ?
  14. Hi Tiny, Tried to send you a pm but it wouldn't let me. I just want to verify that I can use my credit card at the Consulate for my passport renewal. Also, I don't understand about the FedEx portion of your message. I did not plan to use FedEx just have the passport sent to my mailing address in the US. Can you clarify ?
  15. I was finally able to print DS-82. I will go to the consulate so I can use my credit card. Thanks for your help!
  16. This message is to those of you that have renewed your U.S. passport at LCS. I went there the other day to get the forms to renew both mine and my wife's U.S. passports and they gave me form DS-11 which has the golden outlines on the front of the form. Later on I read that this form is for those people for whom this is a first time adult renewal or is a child and that I should use form DS-82. Has anyone had previous experience with passport renewal at LCS and did you use the form with the golden outlines on the front of the form. Will the consulate accept this even though I have had previous renewals ? Thanks
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