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  1. What is the current cost of installing a 5.0 kw system with micro inverters? Ballpark is good.
  2. Check out Motel Los Arcos. Mom and Pop place right on the beach. Look on Expedia.
  3. I found some lump charcoal by asking the roadside chicken folks where they got theirs.
  4. Ditto Sanborns. They used to have really good travel books.
  5. The issue is not that the source of the water is "pure". It is the delivery infrastructure that is poorly maintained and allows for all kinds of bad stuff to enter the water supply. How many times do you see SIMAPA digging up a street to fix a water leak?
  6. If you have a pressure system, you will be fine with a UV light and 2 filters, a 5" sediment filter and a 2 1/2" carbon filter. Jackie at H2Ole can do this. He can probably test your water but realize that if you are on municipal water, quality will vary and your test result will only be for a short window of time. You do need purification. Bad stuff gets into the water lines because of breakage.
  7. Try to get a key lime tree, the ones that turn yellow when ripe. I remember fondly the margaritas at Super Burrito and they used key limes.
  8. The dollar isn't going down, it is going up. That is why you get almost 21 pesos to the dollar vs 20 a couple weeks ago. The Euro is also collapsing, today closing at 1.002 to the USD.
  9. Earwax is water soluble. Just turn your ears into the shower.
  10. USD vs Euro yesterday's close, 1.0043
  11. You might try S&S but last I knew they only brokered relatively newer cars. The good used car dealerships in Guadalajara, many on Ave Patria, could be tried but $60,000mxp is pretty cheap for those guys.
  12. Let's see, as of last Thursday, the USD was up 2.6% vs Canada, unchanged against the MXN, up 11.9% vs Euro, up 18.1% vs Yen and up 12.5% vs UK pound.
  13. We always had homeowners insurance, mainly for any instance of a employee being injured on the job.
  14. Make sure you have a good GPS, like Garmin, that has maps of "north america" which means Canada, US and Mexico.
  15. Make sure you have the a/c on. That is what removes moisture from the car. Also, it is best to run the a/c at least twice a week, cool in summer and warm in winter, to make sure the internal parts of the compressor stay lubricated.
  16. Why don't you look at the posts about cartel activity in that area. Not exactly appropriate for a "single senior female". IMHO
  17. 12 years ago when we had a US plated car, this car was totaled in an accident by a truck owned by Galvez Construction. Our insurance agent was Parker. The claim was professionally handled and we had our money within 30 days. We also got our import sticker back along with a letter from the insurance company taking responsibility for owning the car. When we first drove down to Ajijic in 2008, we took out insurance with Sanborn.
  18. We got ours via iShop for a brief while. The problem we had was financial in nature. Most all my prescriptions were generic and the invoice showed zero cost to me however, Mexican customs applied some kind of value to them and I had to pay duty on them. We quit doing that and went back to what we were doing prior, that is, ordering refills to be sent to our daughters house in the US and letting them accumulate there until we visited or she visited us.
  19. I see you have been drinking Biden's coolaid.
  20. Then you will have to go to somewhere in the US to get it notarized.
  21. For 2 years when we were in Ajijic, I jumped through all the hoops to be a driver with Uber. The only ride I accepted was all over Ajijic's cobblestones for the whopping fare of $60p, a little over $2us(17 exchange rate). Wasn't worth beating up my new car. A fare to the airport was about $250p. I suspect that is why after 4 years when I was doing it, there are still no Uber drivers lakeside. The driver had to have a car less than 3 years old. Proof of insurance, etc etc. The compensation isn't worth it.
  22. We always bought appliances from Tio Sam's. LG has some of the highest rated washers and dryers and refrigerators. Samsung not so much. GE in the middle. This from Consumer's Reports. Newer LG french door refrigerators have "craft ice" ice makers that make round ice cubes.
  23. Up until two years ago, we always parked on the 3rd level, roof, of the main garage and it was a little over $100p per 24 hrs.
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