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  1. INM is not present leaving Mexico or entering Mexico by car. This is for Mexican plated cars.
  2. You have to be careful with pressure washers. On masonry walls, the water will penetrate the brick and then impossible to paint over it. Better to use a wire brush to remove loose paint and then just paint over it.
  3. In the 15 years we owned a house in Ajijic, we used Chapala Realty to manage the pay for our gardener, maid and pool guy. Well worth the $900mp monthly charge.
  4. There was no difference in the 2 locations previously so I wouldn't expect any with this new location. Why not just go try it?
  5. We always like the food. From their original location out west by the French bakery, then across from SuperLake on the east end of that string of businesses. We always brought our own salad dressing as we aren't fans of balsamic vinegar in salad dressings.
  6. Those are I Bonds, must hold 5 yrs or penalties. There is a $20,000 limit too.
  7. All the Real Estate offices can fax stuff. You can also "scan and email" from your computer and printer that has that capability.
  8. We had our solar installed in May 2010. At that time we were spending half the year in Ajijic and half NOB. We built up a sizable surplus and despite a lot of people saying CFE would take it away, that never happened. That surplus lasted up until we sold the home in June 2020. We never paid CFE a cent in those 10 years!
  9. Any updates on his new store on the west side of Ajijic?
  10. Put in a solar electric system and run the a/c to your heart’s content!
  11. If you enter from Nogales, and you get an early start, you can make it to Navojoa the first stop. There is a Best Western Del Rio on the north side of town on your right. Second night in the Mazatlan area. You will always be on 15 or 15D all the way to Guadalajara. Just after Tequila, there is the liberamento that will take you around Guadalajara to the Chapala highway where you will exit and take that to Lakeside. Make sure you have a GPS that has maps of Mexico. Make sure the maps are updated. Just after crossing the border, make sure you stop at the stop sign or else you will pay a hefty fine!
  12. If Idaho, then definitely Columbia Bridge. Make sure you have about $3000 pesos for tolls and gas.
  13. Evie doesn't say where they are beginning in the US. When we were starting out in WA, the milage difference is almost zero, Laredo vs Nogales.
  14. Nogales route to Lakeside involves at least 2 nights in hotels. Laredo has none. If you were to remain in the US and travel to Laredo, actually the Columbia bridge crossing north of Laredo, that opens at 8am, you can make it to Lakeside in 11 hrs. Get a good GPS that has "North American" maps that include Mexico.
  15. Parking on the 3rd level (roof) of the parking garage is about 100p a day. Enter the parking area and get a ticket. Enter the garage and go to the second level. Then approach the entrance to the 3rd level and show the ticket to the reader. Then go park.
  16. I think AT&T can serve both countries with one plan.
  17. A Google search provided this info: People age 60 and above should not have this vaccine because the side effects can be severe and the chance of getting yellow fever are extremely low. We lived there 12 years and never knew anyone who contacted it or heard about anyone contracting it.
  18. I recently got the new SE model, 5-G capable. $350us
  19. Something wrong with the Lagos-SLP route? As noted, too much 2-lane Cuota on the AGS-Zactecas route.
  20. Escellera has handled everything we have thrown at Carlos.
  21. There are several places west of Riberas on the mountain side and one place near the bbq restaurant west of Ajijic.
  22. I would have to pass by the bacon sandwich prior.
  23. Also serving them at Eleana's in Ajijic, corner of Zaragoza and Aquiles Serdan.
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